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Why Shared Hosting Is The Perfect Choice For Beginners

Birds have wings but they don’t fly instantly by birth. They need training. In fact everyone needs training and practice before one gets into the job.

Hello and welcome to my article where I will tell you about reasons why shared hosting is beneficial for those who are new to the web hosting field on the internet.

What is Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the process of using hosting services provided by your web hosting provider for creating and maintaining their website accessible to others using the same platform/server network which is shared by multiple users at an affordable price. 

The shared resources could be ram, CPU, bandwidth etc for proper functioning of your website, which are allotted to every user on a percentage basis.

For example, suppose you need to go to a place too far to walk and you don’t have any vehicle available. You either take a bus or an autorickshaw to go to that place, in which different people are allotted different seats to sit. You simply give the fair after reaching your destination and walk away.

Thus, If a user has built up a website and he is unable to find any host to present the website under his budget he should opt for shared web hosting services which are available at low costs in the digital market. With shared hosting you can host your website dynamically as well.

Benefit Of Shared Hosting

Shared web hosting is the digital platform service available for multiple users, hosting their websites for business and other services for using digital resources like ram, server etc on a shared basis on a single server. 

This service is for those users who feel that their requirement of resources is less needed than available in dedicated hosting, which can cost more than twice of shared web hosting service, so they can go for shared web hosting service.

5 Benefits of Shared Hosting for Beginners:

Shared hosting services are available to all users at surprisingly low costs to host their websites on the digital platform which is also easily manageable by users.

Let us know now how shared hosting service is beneficial as well as essential for beginners.

  1. Cost effective

Everyone’s expectations are high with the products they buy at high costs. They believe that high cost products will be highly productive and that they will have more importance than other products available in the market.

Shared web hosting services are available for low prices in the web market with more facilities and digital space. 

They are the best platforms for those users who want to take a test drive before bringing something to function, on a regular basis.

  1. Built-in cPanel for ease of control

With cPanel control service, you do not need to waste time clicking and stressing, for analysing the work process. 

You get a cPanel which lets you see all the important sections of your work under one window in the form of icons.

For example when you start your computer and suppose your audio configurations have changed. You simply go to the control panel of your computer system and make changes according to your need. 

Thus this cPanel manages all your working processes, collects data and maintains it in the drives sections. You can also choose to select a different drive to save your data.

In different sections you get to choose different options, like downloading any third party software, managing ram usage and monitoring bandwidth usage, etc.

  1. No technical expertise needed

Websites are easy to manage and you don’t have to be tech savvy, when using Shared hosting service. Same if you take Best and Cheap VPS Hosting then you need technical knowledge to handle it.

Many people find it difficult to work with the new technology and adapt themselves with the changes in those technologies.

In shared web hosting the shared resources are easy to manage and provide a user-friendly interface, adaptable website platform for stability and functioning. 

Users are boosted with enthusiasm with good networking facilities available at low costs, such that after its full utilisation they don’t hesitate to upgrade their services and that they don’t feel that they are novice.

  1. Easy to manage and scale

When you are looking for a Cheap Web Hosting service, be sure that your hosting service provider guarantees you 99% of uptime. Uptime is the measure of system working frequency which is the percentage of time.

The shared web hosting facility can be managed easily with. You simply have to purchase the shared hosting facility, which provides built-in authentication, works on ipv6 internet layer protocol for internetworking.

This lets users host their websites and enables them to make a high rank of their websites, which in a way creates immense traffic and generates leads with community support world wide.

  1. SSL security 

Last but not the least is security. All your fancy website and the efforts you put in before finally coming to the conclusion gets ineffective if the server security is not up to the mark. 

For instance, if you have a bank account and it doesn’t provide better security service, it will always be vulnerable to threats and attacks by thieves.

So, for your website to function properly, and make sure that your website will not be harmed, you will need a super fast network and tough and tight security. 

Companies keep a check on their product’s smooth functioning by regular security checks, server updates, data backups, against threats like malware attacks, ddos, viruses etc. 

Thus security plays an important role for proper functioning of your website.


Well, ends are not bad things, it’s just that something new is on its way or to begin with, always!

I have included all the necessary information regarding the shared web hosting facility. I hope I am able to help you.

If you still need any help then you know what to do!

Feel free to leave a reply.

Thank you!

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