why email marketing is important

Why Email Marketing is Important for Your Business?

Even though newer methods of digital marketing have been introduced to the market, email marketing continues to be a crucial tool in every digital marketer’s toolbox.

Overview on why email marketing is important

why email marketing is important

1) Facts: As of 2021, there are 4.1 Billion Email users worldwide and about 95% of these users check their emails every day. These numbers are growing, teenagers in the age group of 12 – 17 years are more likely to check emails rather than check other social media apps such as Snapchat or Instagram according to Email is not dead. In the same report Email is not dead also states that 83% of consumers prefer email as a mode of brand communication, which completely overshadows Facebook, which is preferred by just 38% of the consumers.

This is why email marketing is important.

2) Pricing: Email marketing is one of the easiest ways to reach out to a broad range of customers. You don’t even need to spend too much energy on email marketing since email marketing has become fairly standard and you can use services that can send these emails to your customers on your behalf.

Acquiring new customers is also really easy as all you need to do is hire a company to send out emails to potential customers from their list of emails. You could even do this in-house by gathering emails from potential customers and sending them emails with incentives to use your product.

3) Personalization: You can personalize the emails based on the customer’s interests and previous purchase history, if available. Even if this information isn’t available to you at the time of sending the emails you can always attach discount coupons to entice the customer.

4) Improve your services: Apart from having full control over the content of the email, you can add tracker links that could tell you more about the customers’ behavior once they open the link to your website. This allows you to not only optimize your pitch to the next customer but also helps you understand more about how customers interact with your website in general.

5) Neutral medium of communication: Another plus point about email marketing is that it rarely ever reduces brand reputation, there is no class or stigma associated with email ads. You could send ads for luxury products as well as common products through emails.

6) Can be automated: In case all the points up till now sounded like busywork, don’t worry. You can automate this entire process. You can store customer data on a server and send out emails to all your customers whenever you feel the need to do so. You can even make sure that the emails sent to the customers are personalized with their names and interests integrated into the emails.

7) Targetting: You can very easily target potential customers and serve the ad to them. You can also check the existing customers and send ads to them based on their interests.

8) Accessibility: More people use email as compared to any single Social Media or medium.


Quickly going through some facts on email is not dead, internet live stats and Statista you can see how important email marketing is. As compared to billboards, emails have greater reach and are cheaper as well. Not only can you reach more eyeballs but also reduce the cost of advertising.

With the number of active email users going as far up as 95% of all users, you can imagine how effectively you can reach out to people. Doing email marketing right can not only increase your brand reach but also your brand reputation.

Most people are more than happy to receive advertisements in their inboxes since most advertisements include discount coupons or other incentives which are of great help for regular and even new customers.

The cost of sending 4 emails per month can come down to about $0.005 per customer and assuming that about one in four emails are opened every day you can start to see how you are almost guaranteed to reach one customer per month at the given rate of $0.005 which shows you exactly why email marketing is important.

Another important point to note is the other services that compete with email marketing. According to a survey done by emailmonday email is the most preferred form of brand communication (with 83% of people agreeing that email was the best mode of brand communication) while, the runner up on the list: Facebook, was a staggering 45% behind email marketing on the list.

This can very easily be explained; the total number of daily email users is far greater than the number of total people active on Facebook on a daily basis.


why email marketing is important

It is important for you as a business to reduce your cost when trying to reach out to customers both new and old.

With customer acquisition costs soaring higher everyday email is one of the easiest ways to reach out to new customers. You can find databases of customers who want to be contacted for promotional offers which means that they are willing to try out new products.

Trying to find new customers off of other targeted ads might be a bit more difficult since most of the users of platforms such as Facebook or youtube are on the platform when they want to consume content, not when they want to find new brands.

Apart from reducing costs for the acquisition of new customers, you can also reduce the cost of sending out branded messages to your existing customers. As talked above you can send out up to 4 emails per month at the rate of about $0.05 per customer which is much cheaper than other methods.

Another important factor in pricing is the privacy policies surrounding the advertisements. When advertising on other platforms such as Facebook and Google, you have to adhere to their privacy policies whether you like it or not. On the other hand, using email advertisements, you can follow your own privacy policies hence allowing you to promise full privacy to your customers. This is why email marketing is important.


Thanks to modern technology you can send highly personalized emails to your customers without having to write every one of them yourselves.

This personalization goes a long way, adding the customers’ names in the email makes the email that much more personal even though the customer knows that the message is a system-generated message.

Reading “Dear Ram” instead of “Dear customer” just automatically makes you a bit less apprehensive of the message. It feels like you’ve put a bit more effort which makes the customer feel more valued and more likely to check your business out.

You can even use multimedia formats to make the email a bit more interactive and impress your customer further. You can use videos and text together to make sure that your message goes across loud and clear.

Even though everyone understands that the emails are automated, personalizing the emails really adds the extra touch required to change a person from a potential customer to a customer.

Improve your services

why email marketing is important

Have you ever felt like you could be sending out better messages in your ads?

Thanks to tracking links in emails it is! You can collect information on how many people open your emails, who all are clicking the links in your email, who all are making purchases once they use the link in the email to visit your website, and also see what are they purchasing.

This kind of information is a goldmine that can be used by anyone familiar with buying trends. You could personalize the upcoming emails based on previous purchase history and even find buying patterns and offer discounts to the customer on those select items. This can help you win the customer’s trust.

You can write better titles for your emails based on information on how often your emails are opened. Master the art of clickbait with the perfect blend of reality and fiction.

Apart from this, you can also monitor the number of people unsubscribing per mail and understand what type of content your customers expect from the brand. Not only can these small things add up to form a molehill but also improve your customer relations.

You don’t have this level of control over other forms of advertisement which is why email marketing is important.

Can be automated

Thanks to modern technology, you can now use some coding to automate the entire process. You can automate this system to the extent where all you need to do is add a new email to the list of existing emails and the computer can do the rest.

In case you’re not interested in making a new system to help you in your marketing campaign, you can use existing services like Mailchimp or webFX to reduce your initial costs. After all, these guys are the pros who have been in the business for a long time and know-how to market through emails.

Although you can automate the entire system, I advise against it since no matter what having a bit of human touch on the ads make the ads all the more appealing. Unlike Facebook ads, you can automate the system to deliver personalized ads to every user which is why email marketing is important.

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When using emails as your medium for marketing you can easily target ads to match the person’s profile and preferences.

This would be much more difficult in billboards or other types of marketing. Targeting users based on their interests is made even easier with email ads being supported by google now. Google themselves will assess users and find your target demographic and send emails on your behalf to the user.

While Google ads can help you very easily identify your target demographic, personalizing the emails is a bit tougher on the format that google ads allow and hence feels less personal and people are less likely to click on it.

On the other hand, you can contact bigger companies that store user preferences and emails, in fact, you can store these emails yourself to serve existing customer ads when a new item drops or service needs to be renewed.

One of the problems of storing user preferences and emails yourself is the data and privacy policies around collecting user data. You should try reducing collecting user data as much as possible as nobody likes the fact that their personal data is being collected even though they are willing to pay for a service.

For this reason, you should contact the third party to do it for you so that you don’t have to directly deal with these laws and problems. Instead, the third party has to worry about it.

You can target existing customers based on previous purchases as well. This can give you an estimate of what they might buy next.


Even though not everyone has a Facebook account but everyone has an email account which goes to show how many people you can reach when using emails.

Everyone can access emails. Professionals are more likely to open emails as compared to Facebook ads or ads on any social media.

One of the only competitors to email marketing in terms of accessibility is search engine ads but search engine ads are not as attractive to the user as emails since the emails have interesting pictures and colors and more creative freedom.


Email marketing might sound lame at first but it is one of the best marketing strategies. Some companies have seen up to a 30% increase in business as a direct result of their email marketing. Email marketing is suitable for those products which are suited for businessmen or for commerce since these classes of people are more likely to check emails and actually try out the products. For businesses whose main focus is customers who shop offline email marketing could help you identify your popularity in different geographical locations hence providing invaluable data so as to where to open the next store.


How emails are sent daily?

3,462,108,804 emails are sent every hour, you can multiply by 24 to get an estimate of the number of emails sent daily

What is the average click-through rate on emails?

The average click-through rate for such emails sits close to 3.5%

How can I personalize my email ads?

Most email marketing companies use some standard markup language that allows you to query a database where the names are stored and send emails based on the data in the database. You might have to learn some basic programming to use this feature.

At what rate is the number of email users projected to grow?

The number of email users is expected to grow by about 7% between 2020 and 2025

What is the average cost of sending mail?

It is difficult to find a good average but during our research, we found prices as low as $0.00125 per email per customer

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