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Video Marketing : A Successful Tool For Business Promotion

Are you planning to use online videography as your marketing tool for business promotion?

A clever decision, I must say. Owing to the statistical reports from digital marketing surveys, it is quite evident that video marketing is the most preferred tool for promotion.

From the reports we now know:-

  • More than 500 million views enjoy video over Facebook on daily basis.
  • 85% of the video, viewers watch at Facebook, run soundless.
  • 82% of users active on Twitter enjoy video based content over Twitter platform.
  • Snapchat has 10 billion video viewers on daily basis.

Clearly, if you have a content made into video and then released over social media, you are likely to get high viewer rate. Naturally, it can be considered as a good strategy for marketing.

However, one must have a clear idea of the business in order to create attractive contents for the video files.

If you want to use video for your marketing campaigns, you need to ensure high quality contents first. If your content is successful in seeking viewers attention, you can easily maximize your potential clientele.

We understand that you can make mistakes while take make your first video marketing attempt. Hence, we are here to provide you with best tips for marketing using videos for promotional purposes.

Top 10 Tips for Successful Video Marketing

Below we are going to discuss about the top 10 tips that can assure a successful video marketing campaign online. Follow the guideline carefully and absorb as much as you can for success.

1. Planning and tracking the campaign

Like any marketing campaign, video promotions also require thorough thoughtful planning. If you want your business growth to be consistent, you need a marketing plan that is effective and consistent too.

To make the plan work, its best to go ahead with a SMART Approach

  • Be Specific about your business goal, target client, expect achievements etc. Having detailed information ensures ease in identifying marketing opportunities and the problems you face.
  • Measure your activity based on both quantitative and qualitative factors. This helps in understanding the weightage and acceptability of you campaign in the market.
  • Add actionable contents such that the information given is suitable to enhance performance.
  • How relevant is your content information to your business? Being relevant is the key to successfully express your business aspects in the market.
  • Time-bound campaign helps in better tracking and measuring the achievements.

Of course, you need to pre-assign a goal to your campaign. Ensure the goal you set is ease achievable and can be tracked from time to time. Only by frequent tracking can you understand the success rate of the campaign.

Tracking ensures that you are able to identify the part of video content that attracted people and also those parts that call for improvement in future.

If you want an effective video promotion campaign, then these are the basics to follow for increase in business growth rate. And social media is the best platform for all your marketing plans.

2. Chose a known content

When you plan a video promotion, your first concern is likely to be related to selection of the content.

We suggest you go with a content that you are confident about.

If you are worried about the content style, try any of the below conventional styles –

  • Educational videography A video content that is mostly in the form of acceptable stepwise instructions for the consumers. With the content you address your audience’s queries and provide insight that is acceptable for them.
  • Inspirational videography – Inspirational videos are all about providing mind blowing videos that can awestruck your audience. Design your content such that they inspire or motivate.
  • Entertaining videography Entertainment is an easy way to reach out to people. Depending on business, choose a content that makes people laugh or add to their curiosity. This is the best way to create brand awareness as people, being moved by the marketing campaign often search for the brands and products.

Now we know the type of contents you can create for video marketing.

Which one is ideal for your business? Choose a style that matches your business.

For example, if you are into education or academics, you can try the educational videography. If you are promoting some brand of good entertaining always works best.

Entertaining videos are the best if you have a casual approach towards the business promotion.

Eventually, as you begin the campaign, study the audiences’ response and improve the style of video accordingly. Refer to your tracking metrics and audience feedback to improve your marketing style accordingly.

3. Creation of the video

You have your campaign planned, you have the style and content decided, it’s now time for the video creation.

Do you feel intimidated by the thought of video creation? If this your first time, it’s quite natural. Don’t worry whether it will be bad or acceptable, just go with your instincts.

Don’t stress too much on the minor detailing of the video. You already have a plan ready, show your creativity accordingly. You can always improve your videos with successive campaign videos.

Prepare video contents that are relevant. Follow the feedbacks from audiences to make changes in them as requested. Ultimately this will result in an improved video.

To create a video successfully now, you will need the right tool to get the job done. If you are don’t have the expertise to create your video, reach out to online creators to get it done. As and when your marketing campaign improves and contributes to your business, you can think of investing more money and time into the creation.

Get professional video editing solutions like InVideo for customization. These tools are made such that even a novice can create quality video with their help. You can also hire a professional to edit and combine all your videos for marketing. If you don’t own one, get yourself a professional camera as a perfect videography equipment.

Once you have a successful video promotion, start your activity at YouTube. That is probably the best platform for massive business growth.

4. Content matters

You might be creative. Maybe you have the perfect planning and video ready with you. But, to have a successful marketing in the online platform, the content matter will make a difference. Are you aware of SEO? If you want to success in the online platform, you need a content for video that is SEO-friendly.

If you don’t optimize the video contents for search engine, you are likely having less exposure.

As an when you create a video, add a title that has proper keywords to maintain your rank in the search engine. The title you choose will play a vital role in determining your position on video e-marketing websites like that of YouTube.

Even the video description will play important part in deciding your rank. Naturally, you need to input keywords there too. But stuffing keywords unnecessarily won’t solve your problem. Remember to add in keywords that are relevant your business or video content. Write a crisp, keyword enriched and relevant description that explains the uploaded video.

Apart from this the content matter is best absorbed by audience when it is in the form of storytelling.

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5. Take aid from social influencers

An established brand can afford top celebrities for their business video campaigns. But what about the smaller brands?

Owing to the social media influence on our lives, marketing and consumerism landscape has changed considerably in the modern world. Even though brand endorsement by celebrities are still in vogue, for budget marketing campaigns social media influencers play their role as micro-celebrities.

Teaming up with these influencers will easily give you access top their online followers. In fact, you get to understand your audience better now by following the unique requirements of the followers. Even if you feel stuck with your video creation, the influencers can guide you there with valuable content insight.

You can imagine how much you can have on your audience as you take assistance from the social influencers.

However, two concerns will remain while selecting your social influencer –

  • Wisely choosing the influencer what kind video are you creating? Choose an influencer who is known to match your business motive.
  • Effective communication – For a successful campaign it’s essential that you and your influencers are thinking alike. To have a good content, effective communication is essential.

6. Use of potential advertisement

Indulging in video marketing doesn’t mean you will exclude the conventional marketing strategy – advertisement, from your campaign.

An ideal marketing strategy would be taking advantage of both paid campaign traffic as well as the organic form. You need to use advertisements to their full potential along with your videography marketing.

Select advertisement campaigns like that of Facebook Ads that come with exclusive analytic tools and mechanics for targeting. Having such tools in hand ensures your capability to target your audience depending on their gender, age, interest, location and so on. The analytics tool will help you keep track of your daily exposure and impact.

What’s more to gain with advertisements? Depending on your topic relevancy you can modify your contents as and when you feel. You can create video adds for specific groups by customization. Having one video for a specific group ensure higher presentability and demand.

Having reached your target clients hearts successfully ensures easy conversion of viewers to potential customers.

There are many more platforms apart from Facebook to take up video advertisement campaigns. It’s important that you identify a suitable platform for investing your money on promotion. A thorough online market study might help you identify a relevant platform with your preferred clientele.

See where you get major exposure. Metric data will help you identify whether it’s Facebook or YouTube or Instagram or Snapchat or some other platform.

7. Concentrate more on stories over sales

In the older times, when there was no social media influence, commercial advertisements in between entertainments, worked perfectly without conflict for marketing. In fact, audiences appreciated those commercials.

Why can’t we focus on similar mode of marketing in today’s market. Even in social media, if you want your video campaign to be appreciated, insert contents that attract viewers. In social media, if you want to avoid getting ignored, only relevant and interesting content can help.

What’s the best way to create an attractive content? Try storytelling. Storytelling will give the viewers a better understanding of your video motive. It works more like nostalgia. If you push too hard on the sales, it might revoke your audience and people can start avoiding your videos. Better to keep them engaged in stories and enhance their curiosity. Isn’t it?

8. First few seconds of your video creates 1st impression

If you want to use video for marketing in online, the first thing to keep in mind would be the time. Remember, for online videos, the maximum time allotted to an advertisement is 2 minutes. In fact, majority of the videos get skipped by the viewers in 8.5 seconds.

This makes it very evident that whatever message you wish to convey, needs to be expressed in these 8.5 seconds. You have to create your impression and gain the confidence of the viewers in this span only. Ensure you align the video contents in these few seconds such that they provide clarity on your product and brand name.

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9. Tell a Soundless story

As discussed earlier, majority of the viewers are likely to see your video soundless. Social media platform is featured to play video automatically in a soundless manner.

To overcome this video promotional hindrance try creating a story that is compelling only based its visual effect. Tips to create such a video is to add these features-

  • Subtitles
  • Attractive visuals
  • Descriptions that are heavy with texts.

Value SEO and your viewers preference while creating such videos.

10. CTA optimization

Having your videos CTA optimized can ensure data collection. CTA will help you collect these data as indirect sales approach-

  • Channel subscription
  • Like / follow the content page
  • Option for sharing with friends
  • Comment section for feedback
  • Link to other similar contents.


From the above discussion, it is quite clear that you need an engaging and compelling video content if you want to influence or reach out viewers. Video marketing might seem tricky, but it’s truly no rocket science.

Follow these tips and you will surely make your impression on the consumers’ minds.

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