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Top 5 Best Types of Online Advertising

With the advancement of technology and the evolution of the internet, everything from groceries to clothing is available online. Here are the best types of online advertising methods to grow your business.

The branding and advertisement of these products whether small or big has also shifted to online platforms. Yes, from the conventional way of television and newspaper advertisement to the modern way of emails and blogs; online advertising is evolving at a rapid pace.  With online advertising becoming an integral part of the digital marketing strategy it is quite important to be familiar with types of online advertising. It is also important to know the trends and techniques used by the companies or an individual who has the capability of starting a whole new campaign by the means of online advertisements.

What is online advertising?

Online advertising also called online marketing is nothing but a marketing message spread through online platforms. It could be through any browser, app, search engine, or even social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Through the internet, the companies try to get traffic on their websites so that they can promote and sell their products and gear up their sales.

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What are the different types of online advertising?

Here are some different types of online advertising methods


Those heavy slogans and catch lines that we see on hoardings and posters are sometimes not able to guarantee the consumer about the durability and benefits of the product. Hence, a less conventional method of native advertising is used. The most common examples are blogs.

The company or the individual doesn’t directly force you to buy their products but indirectly conveys the benefits of the products through searches or reviews and then mentions the products below for the users to look out for. Thus, they first try to build trust in their customers and then offer them the right content through email marketing, SEO, etc. leading them to buy the product which in turn results in company sales. In other words, native advertising is a type of online advertising in which ads are “paid branded messages” that can appear and function on any content that the customer is reading. Paytm is the best example of these types of Ads.

types of online advertising


  1. Easy attention of the audience – since a high percentage of the audience is massively engaged on the internet therefore it is easier to catch the attention of the people through native ads.
  2. Better work- the native ads work much better than the regular display ads as it gets more views, more clicks and in turn more purchases.
  3. Less intrusive- the native ads are less disturbing and therefore gets more valued by the people.


  1. Multiple options- well the more options you have, the more difficult it becomes to make a choice. With so many social platforms, there is surely no shortage of native advertisements. Therefore, it sometimes becomes difficult to decide what suits you.
  2. Challenges in producing ads- in order to attract the audience it is very important to produce a powerful marketing advertisement that can earn you profits. For this one needs to have sufficient experience and time.
  3. Estimating performance – measuring the performance of the product through native advertisements can be cumbersome. Measuring ROI is a big problem for some brands.


While opening several sites on Google, certainly you might have come across a number of images or videos advertising a particular product. Well, that is what display ads are.

Display advertising is a type of online advertising where a product or service is advertised with the use of videos and pictures on sites such as chrome, YouTube, Facebook, etc. This type of online advertising uses an approach called the “push approach” as the people are deliberately targeted and shown those ads probably because they are browsing the website that has that ad or because of some remarketing campaigns. Google Ads provides the best platform for these types of ads.

types of online advertising


  1. Audience attention – with some interesting images and catchy lines, you can actually attract a lot of audience towards your product.
  2. Brand awareness- as display ads have a high reach and are intentionally or unintentionally viewed by the people, thus it is easier to create an awareness about your brand and promote your product.
  3. Interest – some display ads are purely interest based. They Target the interest of the user who browses a particular site.


  1. Low CTR – CTR refers to “click- through rate”. As they are perceived as unwanted by some proportion of the audience thus display advertising has a lower click through rate.
  2. Low sales – as the click through rates are low, therefore the sales of the products are also low in case of display ads. Moreover, when the people see your ads probably they aren’t not looking for those products and thus won’t instantly buy them.
  3. Intrusive – unlike native ads the display ads are highly intrusive. They sometimes disturbs the search of the users, and many people therefore use ad blocking tools to avoid these ads.


 A highly effective marketing strategy is search engine marketing. It is a type of online advertising in which the company increases the visibility of their websites in the search engines, whenever the user types the targeted keyword. It is useful as it creates targeted traffic, unlike the other advertising options. These include both paid and non-paid advertising methods. The main aim of search engine marketing is to achieve high ranks in search engine results pages which in turn results in increased visibility. Google Ads provides the best platform for these types of ads.

types of online advertising


  1. Economical – a pay per click campaign is really helpful to reach the targeted audience for the promotion of the product. It is economical as you only have to pay for the advertisements that people will click on. In this way the company can do budgeted advertising.
  2. Traffic improvement – as mentioned above search engine marketing helps in creating more traffic on your website. But with the usage of the right strategies you can make your targeted audience stay on your website.
  3. Suitable for all – well there is no doubt that search engine marketing can actually help in brand promotion but it can also help in building a brand. Not only for famous brands but also for the local business search engine marketing has done wonders.


  1. Time consuming – it takes a lot of Time and effort to search for ideal keywords. Also, once the campaign starts it requires constant monitoring and reviewing which can be a cumbersome task.
  2. Competitive- while big companies can appoint SEO’s and experts for these tasks but the small companies cannot due to low budgets. Thus small companies producing a similar product or service can face a hefty competition from the big industries.
  3. Correct strategy- not everyone is benefited through search engine marketing. Only the ones who opt for correct tactics can survive through this type of online advertising.

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The above types of online marketing are restricted to images, slogans, or descriptions and thus are character limited, but with videos, there are no restrictions of character and thus video Marketing is an incredible way of promoting products. Video content can be entertaining for people and using popular faces of celebrities for advertising can really be helpful to create an impact on the audience. Not only this, as an individual you can also come up with an original video, and sharing these videos will increase the web traffic and also your opportunity of going viral. Google Ads provides the best platform for these types of ads.

types of online advertising


  1. Attention- the video Marketing grabs more attention of the audience and also retains 37% of its viewers till the end. Also reading contents about brands in blogs and newspapers are quite boring and therefore video marketing attracts a lot of users.
  2. Creative potential – there is no limit when it comes to being creative in making a video advertisement. You can use different styles, voices of characters to make your video interesting.
  3. High engagement/ conversation rates- videos have a more organic reach than other types of online advertising. The word ‘ video ‘ itself can increase the open rates by promising percentages.


  1. Costly- unlike written contents, video has multiple parts to it. It includes everything from scripting, directing, editing, acting, camera and technological equipment etc. Thus it has a higher cost than other types of online advertising.
  2. Time consuming- the process of making a video itself takes a lot of Time. Arrangements and setting up equipment also requires time. Not only this, after the video making ends it takes a great deal of effort and hours to edit and upload the video before it reaches out to the audience.
  3. Ad-skipping – well making a video for advertising your product is not just enough to enhance your sales but making a great marketing video is what makes your product promising. If the video is boring and unworthy the users may choose to skip the ad and proceed.


 The use of emails to promote your business isn’t something new but yes, it has enhanced over a period of time. Email marketing is a type of online advertising strategy that can make the users on your email list aware of the new products, or discounts and sales your company is offering on the products. Mailchimp is one of the best platforms for these types of ads.

types of online advertising


  1. Low cost- unlike paid ads, email marketing is more economical than other types of online advertising. It makes it very easy to raise cost effective campaigns and send emails to mass audiences at an extremely low price.
  2. High ROI – Businesses can get a maximum ROI from their email lists by continuing monitoring the interest of their audiences.
  3. Reviews and feedback- unlike other types of online advertising, email marketing enables the company to get a review and feedback from their customers. After that they can work on their products to cater to the needs of the customers and also make necessary changes.


  1. Ignorance- well there is a high possibility that despite sending thousands of mails many people won’t even bother to open one of them. The fact that people constantly get mails from everyone these days the open rate of business emails is becoming less.
  2. Spam- probably you sent email to your customers and it isn’t deleted but due to spam filters there is a high scope that your email never reaches out to the user.
  3. Constant updating- well email works if sent regularly. The inconsistent replies and mails can make your email marketing strategy less effective.

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There is no denial in the fact that most people spend a significant amount of time on the internet and social platforms. There is also no denial in the fact that many brands want to have a strong digital presence to reach out to a larger audience. Thus online marketing proves to be an effective way as compared to the traditional methods. It is more cost-effective and has a wider reach, but one has to keep in mind that it can only give you good results if you work things out strategically and at the same time ensure that you are not bothering your audiences.

You must have a creative, intriguing, and tactful approach to target the audience to make them buy your product also leaving a positive impact on them.


What does ROI stand for?

ROI stands for Return on Investment and is a measure of profitability indicating the potential returns from the investment.

What is the average ROI for email marketing?

Email marketing has an ROI of $42 for every $1 invested.

Which type of online advertising has the ability to measure KPIs and metrics?

Email marketing is the type of online advertising that gives the business the ability to measure KPIs and metrics.

Name any one Google partner agency?

GREENCREST is a Google partner agency and is a great source for the companies who tend to maximize their efforts from the SEM.

What is the main difference between the type of approach used in search and display advertising?

Search advertising uses a pull approach as users are intentionally searching for a product or service whereas display advertising uses a push approach.

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