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Twitter Marketing Strategies For Business : A Perfect Way

Twitter Marketing : Twitter has been an important social media platform that has stood as the symbol of social discussion and view sharing since the beginning. This is the platform that has authentic profiles of celebrities and politically important people. Organizations, small business, entrepreneurs etc. are all there in Twitter, sharing their views with each other.

No wonder Twitter will provide you with great opportunity if you plan to do business marketing in this platform.

Businesses when on Twitter, considers the regular users as the high potential customers. Using twitter for business is not doubt a cost-effective way to reach out to customers and generate leads with engaging contents.

Why Should One Use Twitter for Marketing Purpose?

Twitter when used for business purposes, considers all the consumers as the company brand ambassadors. You get to keep an eye on your competitor regular activity here and make marketing plans accordingly.

4 strong reasons to use Twitter as a strong business marketing strategy can be described in brief as below –

A. Spread brand awareness with help of followers on Twitter

All important brands and major companies are using Twitter as one of their mode of digital marketing. Why do they so?

Because, all the followers of a certain brand always visit the website of that company at least once.

When you are promoting your brand on Twitter, you expose your eagerness to have customer interaction regularly. Customers interact with business based on the type of presence the companies wish to have here –

  • Are you comfortable in giving 24X7 response against complaints from customers?
  • Would you like to keep your followers engaged with humor by creating a “Voice”?
  • Would you like the Twitter fees to act like a company platform for broadcasting, showcasing the company’s messages and promoting the products?

You are allowed to combine these options to prepare your feed. Stick to the feed rules as the customers will like interactions with you constantly.

If you already have prevailing and potential customers then you can straightaway do the announcement on upcoming products or launches, new updates and the deals in vogue. Interact with followers by updating then on any webinar or event planned.

B. Monitor your competitors using Twitter

Twitter is a platform where you get clear update on the what others are saying and promoting. You can search on Twitter about a particular topic or product in your industry and check the competitors in that section. Get to know what the customers have to say there.

In general, all the competitors are on Twitter. Don’t forget these competitors keep you under their tab, so you need do the same. So, while tweeting, you can’t just blindly tweet away. You need to have a proper strategy in mind to do the job successfully.

C. Be interactive and get engaged with your customers

This is platform where you are supposed to provide constant update on new products other services. Information are essential here as this is a platform where you get to analyze the customer sentiment.

Go through the conversation among consumers and get an idea of their sentiments and emotions about a particular topic or product.

Sentiments that consumers show are usually in particular theme form.

These themes are good to be considered as suggestion or improvement request or even as insight of the customers’ interest on certain product and the reason to like that.

Use all such information you can gather to improve your business plans.

Being active in twitter and communicating with followers and consumers can help you represent your brand and create a potential image in the customers’ mind. This can be way more beneficial than simple announcements on offers and products.

D. Networking for business

Twitter is a good platform to be used for networking. Networking is essential for business as communication improves your presence in the social media platform. You establish your brand more firmly.

As you interact with potential customers and solve their issues, you create more opportunity for your business to grow. If potential, these networks can work as business contacts or partners in business or product source or even an employee for your business.

You never know whom you will come across when you are networking here in Twitter.

Twitter works same as any other social media. If tweets are not timely, they can adversely affect your business, hence you should take assistance of an expert digital marketer to plan it for you.

The more effort you put in for Twitter marketing, the better result you can expect. Remember, blasting one-way messages are never engaging for customers on Twitter. To get more help on promotion here you can use the advertising tools provided by Twitter.

For business promotion, you need to seek every opportunity you get and explore it. Twitter will help you keep both your current and potential customers equally engaged.

Twitter Marketing Strategies For 2020

With the advance technologies coming up in the market, marketing through Twitter has become considerably complex. Twitter is no more that old simple thought sharing platform. Its lot more than that.

Twitter now offers the business / brand to directly communicate with the customers. With the increasing number of Twitter users in your regular life, this has proved to be a potential platform for effective business promotion.

To get the best out of twitter, you need keep your audience engaged in your posts and then use the platform for fulfilling the goals you had out of social media.

Some useful tips for Twitter Marketing can be stated as below –

1. Twitter Account Auditing

This is something you can do in case you are holding an account in Twitter already. Twitter analytic tools help here in reviewing your profile in depth and finding out the topics used and liked or not preferred by other users.

How does the Twitter analytic work?

  • Analyze your performance through hashtags.
  • Analyze the Twitter performance of an individual.
  • Analyze the audience one has on Twitter.

You get an idea on the content that will attract more followers by knowing the type of tweet that had the best performance.

Knowing these details help you plan a strategy for maximizing your engagement and giving your audience the kind of content that will meet their answers.

The best way you can check all these data is by following the dashboard of the Twitter Analytic.

2. Look for the Twitter Voice

Twitter is a platform where the audiences prefer to follow brands and their tweets when they are authentic and stick to their voices. One should never start off with new concept and the market trend to grab mass attention. By doing this they lose the voice and their consistence in their audiences’ eyes.

The brand voice matters a lot here in Twitter. Apart from the consistent and authentic brand voice, Twitter offers every business with more casual and playful presence as compared to other social media platforms.

When you create a brand voice, ensure its engaging in nature. Stay relevant but don’t flow with the wind.

3. Using Hashtags and The Trends in Twitter

Always remember, hashtags work similar to any keywords and hence, the tweets without hashtags are less engaging than the ones that are hashtag rich. But again, you can’t use every hashtag you come across. So, selecting an appropriate hashtag is obviously important.

Hashtags help you secure audiences who are new and might show in your brand and products. Brands generally use certain hashtags for campaigns and also for encouraging the customers to use the same on their tweets as a part of promotion.

4. Using The Twitter Advertisements

Organic networking might not give enough success in Twitter. Using advertisements that are prepaid work as a better way of reaching you customers. Tweets that are already promoted can help you increase your reach to a great extent.

When you use these promoted Tweets, customer get an idea of them being paid advertisements since they are transparent.

You can use the advertisements to keep a track on your competitor activities as well. Users can easily visit the company websites through these ads and check on the deals available.

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5. Know When The Right Time is to Tweet

Studies reflect that the best time for Tweets its ideally between Wednesday 9 am to Friday 9 am of every week. This gives the maximum exposure. When you post try and make it happen on Tuesday and Wednesdays. You should strictly avoid Saturdays for your posts.

Be consistent with your post by regulating the same throughout the weekdays.

Twitter ensures that none of your Tweets are removed from the timeline until you delete them. But still, the time needs to be perfect. The platform is too fast, so your Tweet might not be visible to your target clients and get lost among other tweets if you have posted early. Time is perfect when your major followers are online.

Maintaining the right time ensures success and also ensures that 75% of your audiences get engaged with that.

6. Keep the Tweets Scheduled Beforehand

Tweets, when done on a perfect time and perfect platform or place can lead to massive virality and engagement. If you want to reach out to maximum audience, the you need to strategically plan the time and place in advance and schedule the Tweets.

You can get data to determine the ideal time of your target audience from the Twitter Analytics and schedule it accordingly. If you are aware of the right time and then schedule your Tweets accordingly, you can provide a consistent Tweet flow and manage them easily.

Best Tweeting practice however is solely dependent on the industry you deal with. But its essential that you Tweet at least once in a day. The timing can go up when needed.

Depending on all these factors plan your strategies to schedule Tweets and set the frequency. To get this done one can use the Twitter Scheduling Tool.

7. Connect With the Twitter Followers

Like mentioned above, Twitter doesn’t work well with one-way traffic of Tweets. It has to be a two-way communication channel when you are using Twitter for business.

Its essential that you keep your followers engaged with the contents you post. Engaging doesn’t end with followers. You need to connect will all those who are tweeting about your brand in specific as an individual.

Twitter can be used by businesses as field for supporting questions to be answered. You nee to be prompt with your responses. To handle such situations, you need to have a manager for your community who can take care of all questions.

8. Set Twitter Goals that are Measurable

To keep the marketing plans in track you need set yourself goals you wish to achieve from Twitter. Simply tweeting and expecting the bet out of it no way to market here. Objectives and goals will help you do the right marketing. Twitter goals can typically include –

  • Building strong and engaged followers to make other aware of your brand.
  • Lead generation by directing search traffic towards company website for offers or generating a list for emails.
  • Providing outstanding service to your customers over Twitter to enhance brand awareness.
  • Developing connections by active networking with the industrial and social though leaders and influencers.

The work doesn’t end by simply sorting goals for the marketing. You need monitor these goals every month. You can analyze the situation with the strategic plan and then make changes wherever needed.

9. Incorporating Tweeter for Planning Other Social Media Presence

Using a strong content for Tweeter, as well as for any social media platform makes your presence visible in every platform and gives you more opportunity to spread the awareness about your company.

The strategy you take for Twitter should be in one alignment with the other social media promotions to give the best effect.

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Final Discussion

Twitter is a wide social media platform to network with various people and directly connect with each to spread your message.

One can influence followers greatly with engaging contents and regular communication. It can be difficult to do Tweeter marketing, but one must not give up easily. Strategic planning is all you need to boost the promotion over Tweeter.

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