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How to Make Scrapbooks in PC? Scrapbook Software for Windows

With the rise of high-quality phone cameras, Instagram has become our photo dump. Although Instagram is not half as fun as making scrapbooks. We have compiled a list of scrapbook software for windows.

Why Use Scrapbook Software?

Well, we would have suggested making a physical scrapbook but that’s a wasteful process considering how many pages go unused in scrapbooks. With scrapbook software, you can not only minimize the use of paper, but you can also publish your scrapbook online.

Sharing a scrapbook is helps you add a touch of your own aesthetic to the collection of pictures. With scrapbooks, you can express yourself better. Maintaining memories is now so much more fun.

Not only is making a scrapbook a great pastime but can also serve as a milestone counter for your life, when you look back at the first time you made a PowerPoint presentation or the first time you won an award, you realize how far you’ve come. You get an understanding of what you’ve been able to get so far and really makes you humble and appreciate what you have gained over the years even more.

With scrapbook software, you can even go as far as adding videos and animations to the text and images which you couldn’t do with classical scrapbooks.

You can share a copy of the scrapbook with your friends as well, this way they can add to the scrapbook as well and you won’t have to worry about your friend misplacing the scrapbook since you can keep a copy of the scrapbook with yourself as well. Digital scrapbooks really are the future of scrapbooks.

Apart from having more options in terms of design, scrapbook software has better accessibility, since the scrapbooks can now be read by screen readers which allows more people to enjoy the scrapbook.

With scrapbooks, you can replace old images with new ones whenever required and in general, can be edited later in the future. (You can even delete the page that has your awkward pictures from high school later on :p)

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How to use scrapbook software?

Using scrapbook software is as easy as posting pictures on social media. All you need to do is select an app and then upload the images one by one. You can select one of many available templates and voila, without much work you have created a scrapbook.

You can now go ahead and start changing things bit by bit, you can start off with resizing images and rotating them. This should give you a good idea about how you want to get your final scrapbook to feel. From here you can start shifting the positions and change which image is placed where.

Now that your scrapbook looks more personalized you can go ahead and start writing down some thoughts and quotes around the pictures and on individual pages. Here’s a pro trick, to add to the feel of the scrapbook you can add in pictures of the thoughts and quotes that you’ve written down, this can add a sense of intimacy with the reader (you or your friends).

Some scrapbooks might even allow you to customize further, they might allow you to restructure the design of each page by allowing you to replace some of the design elements or they might allow you to change the positioning of some of the design elements. You can also draw in your own designs on the page with pencil tools and other such drawing tools but these are not available in all scrapbook software for windows.

After you’re satisfied with the look of your scrapbook, you can save and export the scrapbook. Exporting it as a PDF will allow you to share the scrapbook with your friends more easily as most devices can read PDF files but if you want your friends to be able to add more to the scrapbook, you can export the project file and share that with your friends. To add more pages your friends will have to download the same scrapbook software as you.

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Scrapbook Software for Windows

Now that we’ve gone through the entire process of making a scrapbook from scratch, let’s look at what are the options for scrapbook software for windows.

1. MyMemories suite

scrapbook software

The name of the software explains it all. It helps you record your memories in the form of scrapbook software. With an abundance of templates to make your digital scrapbook look better, this software is our first choice for scrapbook software for windows.

Described as the perfect scrapbook software for both beginners and seasoned scrapbook curators, this scrapbook lives up to it. While the software is tremendously powerful, none of the tools is overwhelmingly complicated.

Thanks to the inbuilt search function, you can search for your favorite templates and tools. This can save time for existing users and just proves to be a helpful feature for those trying to navigate the software with the help of an article.

This software while old, feels completely modern. With the addition of new features every once in a while, the developers of this scrapbook software always manage to delight you. Some of the more recent additions include special effects that can be added to the images to breathe new life into them. The new text features allow you to now style your text in many more ways.

Not only can you create scrapbooks with photos you have with you, but you can also connect the software to Facebook or Pinterest to use online images.

This scrapbook software has a printing feature as well which can help you print mugs, mats, and much more.


  1. With predesigned templates, you can make scrapbooks with just a few simple clicks
  2. Search for the exact template you want with the global search feature
  3. Not only can you punch in the dates for the various events in the scrapbook you can also search for these events by their date in the global search feature
  4. Add special effects to your pictures to make them stand out
  5. Customise your messages with customisable text styles
  6. Make your backgrounds more lively with MyMemory suite’s brand new range of  background effects
  7. Publish your scrapbook directly to Facebook or Pinterest
  8. Supports printing on mugs, mats and other such items

2. MemoryMixer

scrapbook software

Although on its face MemoryMixer is just a photo-collage software, it has most of the features required to qualify as a scrapbook software.

With auto-collaging features, you can add in images without worrying about the positioning and sizing of the images as the software is focused on making your pictures look good in a collage.

While this scrapbook software is not as advanced as MyMemories Suite, it is a worthy challenger. You can choose from a plethora of different presets and templates which can not only help speed up the process but also help with making your scrapbook look better.

In my opinion, you could use the collages as the pages of your scrapbook, you could design each collage with a single event in mind such as a birthday or a prize ceremony, and combine pictures of thoughts and pictures together to really give new life to that memory.

But in case you decide that you want to make the collage the entire scrapbook as well, you can do that. With a limit of 50 pictures per collage, you can fit in your key memories to store in one place. You can zoom in or out with ease to see individual pictures or to see the entire collage at once.

If you’re like me and like adding smaller design elements such as stars, flowers, or ribbons and score more aesthetic points, you can go to shapes and choose the design that you want to incorporate into your collage, making the experience similar to that of making a scrapbook.

This is one of the few software that I’ve seen support such embellishments to help you design your scrapbook. The design features on this scrapbook software are off the shelves, with a recent update you can work with shapes like never seen before.


  1. Don’t lose image quality, zoom in on every individual image to see it more clearly
  2. Don’t lose sleep over the collage structure, auto collage can handle this in seconds
  3. Work with special shapes and embellishments to make your scrapbook authentic and aesthetic
  4. Store your collages together in a photo book to keep your memories sorted
  5. Edit out or add in pictures even after you’ve made the collage with the new editing feature
  6. Don’t be limited to just pictures, pick up your video camera and add videos too!

3. Scrapbook flair

scrapbook software

Finally, we couldn’t resist the urge to add this scrapbook software to this list. One of its main selling points is that it’s free.

But don’t let the User Interface fool you, for under the hood this scrapbook software is extremely powerful, the software might not look the best but the result sure will.

Ever felt like you could use a community of dedicated scrapbook creators? Well, with Scrapbook flair, you can join their active community of digital scrapbook curators and participate in challenges, see other people’s scrapbooks to get inspiration from and so much more.

Another selling point for Scrapbook flair is the templates, seemingly ordinary templates but highly customizable, every template has an information manual about it which you can read and modify the templates to adjust to your palette.


  1. Free to use
  2. They have a great community of scrapbook curators and enthusiasts
  3. You can print out cute looking holiday cards and cards for your loved ones
  4. Store your cherished photos in a photo book

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Side by side comparison

MyMemories Suite MemoryMixer Scrapbook Flair
Customizable shapes and embellishmentsNoYesNo
Support for videosNoYesNo
Search for memories by dateYesNoNo
Support for various types of printingNoYesYes


As we can already see, MemoryMixer sports the most features, even though it is called a collage-software it can very easily be used for making scrapbooks. Scrapbook Flair does seem interesting in case you’re on a tight budget but in my experience, it would be a better idea to use a picture editing software such as  GIMP to make similar collages and scrapbooks, the process might be lengthy and difficult, but it is an extremely potent software.


Can anyone edit my scrapbook?

Yes, anyone with the right software can edit your scrapbook even after exporting it.

Can I use scrapbook software to make photo albums?

Yes, by all means. Some of the software come with this as an inbuilt feature

How difficult is it to use scrapbook software?

Most of the scrapbook software is very easy to use and don’t require much effort

How much does scrapbook software cost?

Depends, you can try the free ones or even pay up to ₹2000 to find a decent one.

Is there an online community for scrab book curators?

Yes, Some of these apps have communities that you can join.

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