Site Hosting Club Review

A Thorough Review on Site Hosting Club

Site Hosting Club is a relatively new hosting platform that came up in April 2019. The Apeirotech Solutions hosting platform provides us a complete solution for marketing and startup development support. We have been using its service for the past 6 months and have received nothing but the best hosting support at the cheapest price. Indeed, this is one of the most affordable and trusted options for web hosting in India.

If you are not sure of its services, we have prepared a detailed review of Site hosting Club for your reference.

Site Hosting Club Review

If you are looking for cheap and reliable web hosting support in India, the Site Hosting club is the best option for you.

It is the ideal platform for startup businesses. The company keeps its web hosting pace such that a startup company gets justified time to grow with their support.

We have prepared this review on Site Hosting Club with an aim to provide beginners with the ultimate guide on web hosting platform selection.

Of course, we can’t compare this website and its hosting services with that of BlueHost. After all, BlueHost is the leading web hosting company in the world, recommended even by WordPress. But the features of this platform are nothing less than BlueHost. Site Site Hosting Club Club. With the support of their team, you can bid farewell to all your web hosting problems.

So, what are the special features of this platform?

  • It is the perfect web hosting solution for beginners, young business persons, startup companies.
  • Here you get the cheapest web hosting solution in India starting from Rs. 33 per month.
  • They offer a 30-days moneyback guarantee on every service package you hire from them.
  • Their services are restricted to web hosting only. They also provide you with content marketing support like SEO aids, business development support, and updates on techs.
  • They might not have a customer call support, but if you face troubleshooting, you can contact their customer support team through the 24×7 live chat support.
  • You can access their control panel directly from the Admin page.
  • With Site Host Club, you get the support of a team of highly skilled tech experts.

Site Host Club follows supports the Government movement of “Atmanirbhar Bharat” and supports startup companies in all possible ways.

Site Hosting Club – The Beginners’ Choice

Site Hosting Club is the best choice for beginners. If you don’t have a domain for your company, they offer a free domain with their hosting services for the first year. They renew their domain name for you once you renew their hosting plan.

The services of SHC is not restricted to web hosting only. They aid a newbie company in all possible ways with various service plans. You get every service you need to start a website.

Why Choose Site Hosting Club

1. The web hosting support

If you are a beginner in the online world, experts recommend starting your website with WordPress. SHC covers you there as well.

In a very short span of time the company has earned the reputation of the best and cheapest option for WordPress hosting and Dedicated dosting in India. No wonder they are the best for beginners.

People who are new to handling a website or e-business field, do need dedicated hosting support for the best performance. After all, you want your website to enjoy a high-speed server that keeps all your data protected. It is not just the value of services that we consider while recommending the web hosting company to beginners. We also consider their quality of service. They are renowned to provide their customers with the top-quality DMCA ignored web hosting solution.

2. Technological support from professional team

Site Hosting Club support doesn’t end with a mere web hosting solution. They understand that beginners are likely to face issues while operating a new website as an admin. They take care of beginners’ troubles with support from their professional team.

Their 24×7 customer chat support team is always on their toes to help you out if you are stuck with troubleshooting.

Are you worried about troubleshooting during weekends and holidays? Don’t worry, they got you covered at any hour and any day of the year. All you need to do is open the official website and open the small blue-colored chat box or click on the “Speak to us” button at the right-hand bottom corner of the Home Page. You will instantly get support from their live chat team.

All you need to do is type out the error in the chatbox or brief them about the troubleshooting message. They give you technical suggestions and guide you through error rectification. If it is a server error, you need to raise a ticket with your complaint and the work gets done in less than 24 hours.

It is that smooth and fast.

3. WordPress Optimization

It is definitely one of the major points of consideration for a beginner as they need WordPress Optimization support to run their new website smoothly. How does Site Hosting Club do it?

i. One-click Set-up

They give you admin access to their platform such that you have complete access to the web panel to set your WordPress website in a single click. You can now install WordPress for your website through Softaculous One Click App Installer. Once you have it installed, it makes your web building job smooth and easy.

ii. Speedy Server Support

Site Hosting Club provides every customer with super fast servers with 4X speed optimization. It is an ideal speed for the best WordPress performance. Now super-fast web hosting support for WordPress optimized websites is available at an extremely low price with SHC.

What services do you get with Site Hosting Club?

Site Hosting Club has earned its reputation as the cheapest solution for the best quality web hosting support. Here, you get various forms of web hosting solutions under one umbrella.

Web hosting solutions you get here are-

  1. Linux Direct Admin Shared Web Hosting
  2. Cheap Blazing WordPress Web Hosting
  3. Linux Reseller Hosting services
  4. KVM VPS Hosting
  5. VPS Hosting with DirectAdmin Panel for free
  6. Cloud Hosting support
  7. Dedicated Server Hosting

Why should you hire web hosting services from Site Hosting Club?

Site Hosting Club is a reliable and cheap platform where you can get the best quality web hosting support. It is not only the web hosting support you get here but also a free domain. Do you already have a domain? Don’t worry, they will help you with domain name transfer as well.

The reason to choose them over other options in India are-

  • Guaranteed uptime of 99.9%
  • Superfast server support with 4x speed for the best website performance
  • 100% online support for WordPress website optimization
  • Guaranteed secured hosting support with dedicated servers
  • Ready developer support for web development
  • 24×7 live chat support system for WordPress troubleshooting
  • They offer a 30-days moneyback guarantee

Further to the above support, while other web hosting service providers charge a fee for domain transfer, Site Hosting Club offers their services for free. WordPress websites are known to have the best Content Management System and they optimize that system for your website to ensure the best performance.

Web Hosting Packages by Site Hosting Club

Do you want to hire web hosting services from Site Hosting Club? Want to know what they have in store for you? Here are the offers they have apart from the guaranteed uptime of 99.95 and speedy server support.

The packages they provide their customers are-

1. Lite Web Hosting

The package includes-

  • 1 Website development
  • WordPress optimization on the website
  • 2GB storage space
  • 100GB Bandwidth
  • Free SSL Certificate

The Lite Web Hosting Service packages start from Rs. 33/- per month only. It is an ideal package for newbie bloggers and website developers.

2. Pro Web Hosting

The Pro web hosting service package starts from Rs. 79/- per month and includes the below services-

  • Unlimited WordPress optimized websites
  • 20GB storage space
  • 500 GB Bandwidth
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Partially free CDN support

3. Business Web Hosting

The business web hosting packages cost Rs. 199/- per month. This is not a service meant for beginners. SHC provides this service to professional e-commerce websites and bloggers. The services included in this package are-

  • Unlimited website development
  • A domain name for free
  • Daily data backup support
  • Unlimited storage space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free CDN

4. Starter Reselling

The starter reselling package is for the beginners seeking reseller web hosting and costs Rs. 305/- per month. Services included here are-

  • Unlimited web hosting
  • Unlimited domain hosting
  • 100 GB storage space
  • A bandwidth of 2TB
  • Free SSL certificate for the customers
  • Unlimited access to the DirectAdmin control panel
  • DirectAdmin Reseller Panel for free
  • Softaculous App Installer for free
  • Cloudflare Integration for free

5. Intermediate Reselling

This package of Rs. 695/- per month is for extended reselling support. Services included here are-

  • Unlimited domain and web hosting
  • 300GB storage space
  • 8TB Bandwidth
  • Free SSL certificate for the customers
  • Unlimited access to the DirectAdmin control panel
  • DirectAdmin Reseller Panel for free
  • Softaculous App Installer for free
  • Cloudflare Integration for free

6. Unlimited Reselling

This is the reselling package that offers a business unlimited resources at Rs. 999/- per month. It is the ideal package if you want to give your business the maximum boost.

  • Unlimited domain and web hosting
  • Unlimited storage space and bandwidth
  • Free SSL certificate for the customers
  • Unlimited access to the DirectAdmin control panel
  • DirectAdmin Reseller Panel for free
  • Softaculous App Installer for free
  • Cloudflare Integration for free


Site Hosting Club might be a relatively new web hosting platform, but it has proved to be a reliable one with the cheapest and high-quality web hosting support in India.

They are highly suited for beginners with their WordPress optimized web hosting support. If you don’t have a domain yet, you can get it from them for free. Their services are available for as low as Rs. 33/- per month.

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