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Best Quora Marketing Strategies For Business Promotion

Since the establishment of the website in 2009, Quora, has proved to be an effective and preferred social media platform for public questions and their answers.

This platform, headed by Adam D’Angelo, has stood firm on its grounds as many entrepreneurs, journalists, top executives and other the general public have shown their interest in the website.

They have shown huge support by answering wide array of questions and solving issues for many and all had been done for absolutely free.

The website contains intensive number of queries from the crowd-source listed under various genres and people prefer to solve this as a mode of communication in the social media.

Quora is platform to share mass vision.

Why Should One Use Quora for Business Promotion?

Quora as mentioned above is a well social media platform to place various questions on wide range of topic and get solution for the same.

In one glance it doesn’t seem a likely option for business promotion. But there are several reasons for you to choose Quora as one of your business marketing strategy.

The top 10 reasons to use Quora for business can be briefed as below –

  1. Being a platform for mass social media gathering and discussion, promoting your brand here will help you with better branding, as more consumers will become aware of your presence.
  2. The more people know about you, the better it is for SEO rank.
  3. Using Quora can assist in identifying an informative influencer for your business.
  4. Here you get to slowly introduce your company to the market by answering some question with your website contents. They will lead to web content amplification.
  5. The more your discussion on a common social platform, the better you learn about what people think about your company. This can help you with identification of the clients you want to target and get to improve your products based on demands and suggestions.
  6. Since widespread topics are discussed in Quora, regular following the discussion subjects can help you locate an ideal content meant just for your website. You get many such content ideas from here.
  7. You can use quote to take leadership of your thoughts. That’s the best way to market your thoughts and establish the company brand name amongst a huge crowd of people.
  8. Marketing through Quora, not only helps in identification of the customers, but also assists in building positive relation with them. Build your customers online and provide them with your products based on their requirement. Remember, this a place where the consumers can put up their reviews about your product. This is great for earning reputation and get references.
  9. Here you get to stay updated with the trend. Learn about the trend and as you introduce something new, find yourself in top trend rank in the market.
  10. This is a platform where you get to know about your competitors in the market, their views, their contents and more.

Considering the benefits, you get out if digital marketing in Quora, it is evident that you would like to know how to initiate the process and make maximum out of Quora.

How to Use Quora for Business Promotion and Marketing?

We know that its important to consider Quora as one if your primary platform for digital marketing promotions of your business. But how can you achieve marketing in a platform where people discuss on such wide range of topics?

It can get really tricky to get potential business from Quora if not marketed properly.

Refer to the below 10 Quora marketing tips suggested by the Quora pioneers to enhance your marketing opportunity in the platform –

1. Discuss on Some New Topics and Ideas

New Questions

placing a new topic to discuss in a public platform as this is a way of probably breaking any kind of Writer’s block you face to improve your own blog. Select a topic you excel at.

Choose a popular question that has been un-answered in the platform. Place your opinion as you answer the question.

This can be an inspiration or simply an initiation of your marketing with Quora.

2. Keeping the Communication Line Open


Like Brian Reynolds Myers said, “Talking is always a good idea. There is no harm in keeping the lines of communication open.”

Dan Oswald commented on communication lines, “Communication must be HOT. That’s Honest, Open and Two-way”. Keeping these quotes in mind, it is easy to understand that Quora is the best platform for two-way communication.

Of course, it is not suggested to use the website for aggressive promotion, but you can always take others’ ideas and discuss about yours.

Follow influencers and answer topics such that you get followed. Wait until people start liking the ideas you spread and then start the one to one communication. This is will generate future marketing prospects.

3. Enhance Your Skills in Communication

Communication skill

Good communication stands as a pillar for every business. If you are not enough good with the ice breaking and marketing, Quora can help you with that.

Its not necessary that you start getting followers in Quora the moment you place your ideas.

I short, you can start marketing immediately and generate leads from Quora. Doesn’t matter if the networking not strong yet.

Improve your communication skills with the help of Quora and the rest will follow.

When you learn to communicate well it becomes a boon for answering difficult questions rather than waffle about with them.

Soon you will learn to evaluate your own performance better and also get elevated response or feedback from the social media platform.

Here you learn to evaluate constantly “what works and why”. Enhance the communication skills to its best and see massive improvement in your business pitch and sales.

4. Self-Promotion Is Not Suggested

No self promotion

When it comes to marketing via Quora, self-promotion is not is the process. In Quora you build the reputation by answering question in a genre that you have an extraordinary knowledge at. You can start this with your company, since that will be the zone of ultimate expertise for you.

You know the areas where your company specializes, start answering questions in that field. Giving the public a proper answer is the ultimate key to automated promotion in Quora. When you answer question, in one way you help the community get improve business.

This makes your presence significant and noticeable among the people in Quora.

5. Ask Intelligent Questions

Ask Questions
Quora marketing

Quora is a questioning and answering platform, so to build a rapport there you need to ask valid questions more than you answer.

There is a competitive attitude in Quora when it comes to asking quality question as well as delivering valid answer. It is important to understand that providing answers alone doesn’t lead anywhere until and unless you are asking good questions.

In fact, every entrepreneur will have their set of questions related to their website, you will need answers to those questions. These answers will act as feedbacks for you.

6. Presence Building

To begin your marketing journey with Quora, the first thing to do is to create profile of you own with complete details of your business, name and what you cater to. Remember, thisis not a social media platform to like or follow friends and family members.

This is a platform that indulges following the thought-leaders in the market, competitors, colleagues and others who contribute actively to your business promotional strategy. Every participant in Quora have their zone of specialization.

Be a participant yourself and start with asking interesting question and answering to others’ queries. Start communicating and engage into conversations with people to get more ideas and feedback. The more interest you are able to curate in people’s mind in Quora the better marked you get. Slowly you can see your presence emerging among followers.

7. Monitor Topics and Get Engaged

If you find it difficult o keep track of the new updates on people’s queries about your website, set an alert with your domain name. These Google alerts are good at sending e-mail alerts to you or your company when people ask interesting questions. Engage in discussions with people who initiate a query. When you discuss on a specialized genre, you promote your industry. This will also build a reputation for your company.

To increase the monitoring perimeter, you can set an alert that mails you when anyone mentions your competitor in answer or question in Quora. This is more like a market survey where find out about your business and industry in details, starting from the updates on the rivals, the good works and nee launches, the feedback of people etc. Quora is as good a platform as any for business branding, providing you with detailed information on your preferred topic of discussion.

8. Research on the Market

Quora marketing

Getting a prospective customer is easy in Quora. Just find out a topic that is in trend currently and start answering all questions, if needed ask few. You can easily reach out to the target market by doing this.

Quora is a platform meant for such research on the market. As you join Quora you develop a responsibility towards contributing to the society by adding value through your answers that are authoritative or refined suggestion of the question prevailing.

No what topic you are currently work on; it can add value to that topic in the market. Quora is all about communicating and building professional relationship with other people who think alike or have close interests, by the act of taking authority of questioning and answering. Isn’t it as good as any digital marketing platform?

They key to develop this relationship is by focusing on smaller, yet serious topics to discuss on. This reduces your online social barriers of becoming consistent. Its time to a positive contributor.

9. Prove that You are Worthy

If you want to prove yourself to be a worthy candidate of getting online followers then it is important that you provide them with quality answers and use Scobelizer icons on Quora. It’s a trick that you should focus when it comes to getting rid of the non-worthy neighborhood. Identify these neighborhoods and avoid promoting their offers as it will lead to return on Investment.

One must always remember that it is not a good practice to troll people who ask unintelligent questions. By doing any such activities you might get banned from the online market. When you are new to the field, you are likely to get ignored. Start building rapport by following people with similar thoughts and discussing with them in an open forum. Ultimately proof your worth in the Quora platform as this is one of the finest places where you can socialize and enhance your branding among informative audience.

10. Over Promotion is not a Good Practice

As mentioned before, you are not supposed to market your own website aggressively in the Quora platform. Of course, you need create a profile about your own business, the market you cater to and other details, but ensure this information are never promotional in nature.

Market only on those topics that add value to your profile with low aggression. Quora is all about giving good support to the community online.

You should aim at adding value to the community with valuable answers in your genre of expertise. Feel free to discuss about the products you provide if they are supposed to add value.

Quora as a Marketing tool

From the above discussion, it is quite clear that Quora is poses advantage for new website holders if they want to get social branding. No doubt it is a good marketing tool, that doesn’t indulge into aggressive marketing, yet plays a vital role in sending your message to your target clients.

If you have decided to use Quora as a marketing strategy, then it suggested you plan properly and start by establishing your profile. Focus completely on your department of expertise and see the foot fall at your website. The majority of your clients are like to be in the same community as you are in Quora.

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