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Pinterest Marketing Strategies to Rock 2021

Are you familiar with Pinterest Marketing? If you have not used it so far for e-commerce marketing, then it’s time to re-evaluate your marketing strategies and match it with Pinterest strategy. You will see the difference all by yourself.

The new marketing strategies by Pinterest are amazing and you need to try it to understand better. Have you been using Pinterest correctly? I have got the perfect guidebook for you to understand the marketing strategies better and to be on the winning side.

Going through your Pinterest marketing data

If you are already using Pinterest as a mode of digital marketing for your business, you must be using Pinterest Analytics to determine your performance by the end of each financial year? It’s time you check your stats well and look back at your marketing strategy.

How to use Google Analytics to check your Pinterest Stats?

The best way to check your Pinterest Stats is to use Google Analytics. You will get an accurate calculation there. The process to secure your stats from Google is very simple. Simply follow these steps-

  • Open Google Analytics and reach out to “Acquisition” Tab
  • From Acquisition menu click on “Social”
  • In the next drop-down menu click on “Overview”
  • Set your “date range” of the search to get an overview of a specific period
  • Scroll down the new web page to go to all your social status
  • Out of all the social stats, you will come across a tab for “Pinterest”, click on that

You will come to a page that shows all your performance reports and even the URLs you have visited recently. This is just one process of checking your stats from the Google Analytics dashboard. There are other ways as well. The second way to find out the graphs can be stated as-

  • From the Dashboard go to the ” Behavior” and click on it
  • You will get a drop-down menu, choose Site Content and click
  • Go to “All Pages”

That’s it and you are at your stats page where you get the graphs showing the growth and decline in details. You can also find it in form of a percentage instead of a graph or growth curve. To analyze your data for just a year, you need to set the time frame in a customer mode. If you want to compare now, you can always set another range of dates to compare for both and see how much you have grown.

Now that you have your data and stats in your hands, can you answer these performance analyzing question?

  • For people who are using Pinterest marketing for long, how was the performance in 2019 as compared to previous years?
  • If you are new to Pinterest then which contents were on-demand in 2019 for you? In which months of the year you had major traffic at your website? Which content do you want to promote in 2021 for a better performance?
  • How much Pinterest changed in 2021? Which changes are favorable and can be used in 2021?
  • Which previous changes need to be altered in 2021 to improve the website traffic?

When you look at the stats all these things will be clear to you. You will very well understand which time of the year you had more traffic and for which content. So, you get to improve the marketing strategies for the lagging content. At this point, you need to note that different businesses will have different data. So don’t just follow someone else’s marketing plans. Make your own based on your data.

When you take a look back at your growth curve, you will see a considerable amount of growth through Pinterest. But the process is a bit slow. However, it is very effective in increasing the in-flow of traffic if you are using Pinterest.

Pinterest Marketing Focus for 2021

To have the maximum traffic on your website from Pinterest, here is my recommendation for you. Focus on these points I prepared considering the Pinterest marketing trends in 2021. All recent changes have been taken into consideration while preparing the “to focus” list. The aim is to earn revenue from Pinterest.

1. SEO is Important

The way to consider SEO for your rank on Google search engine, focus on SEO for Pinterest the same way. After all, this a search engine platform as well. When you are on Pinterest, you need to consider these 2 for your SEO-

  1. Keyword
  2. Pinning the board that is relevant

A thorough research on the Keyword

If you want to be on the top and get maximum traffic through Pinterest in 2021, you need to do thorough research in keywords. though you now have the hidden pin description for your products, the keyword search is never old. While you choose a keyword, try these tricks-

  • ensure keyword pertains to your niche
  • Use keywords in the descriptions, name, and even pin description
  • find keywords from Pinterest keyword research to reach the audience

While you put in keywords in your pin description remember, there can be a maximum of 500 characters in it. In fact, only the first 50 – 60 characters of the description reflect when people search for it. You need to try and fit in your keyword in those 60 words without stuffing it. there should be a natural flow in your description.

Place the first pin on relevant boards

This step helps you categorize your content correctly on Pinterest. You can place the pin on any general board after you have successfully pinned the relevant one.

Pinning tips:

Your distribution and keyword have worked out fine if you are getting similar content like yours in the Pinterest suggestion as you do a Pin search. If the related content is not similar then the keyword is chosen or the pinning was not right. You need to make changes to your Pin description immediately then.

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2. Avoid Pinterest Jail and Increase Revenue with Fres Contents of High Quality

Pinterest works in your best interest to ensure that your content is visible. However, one must remember that this platform serves Pinterest users and not marketers. So, if your content is breaching the Community Guidelines of Pinterest, it is sure to get spammed. So when you prepare content, ensure it follows the Community Guidelines, is of top quality, and of course, fresh and unique in its own way.

What is considered as Spam for Pinterest?

The Community Guidelines of Pinterest consider contents that include these as Spam. So, you need to be cautious of not having these in your content.

  • Unsought commercial messages
  • Posts that are repetitive
  • Contents that mislead
  • Artificial view boosting
  • Cloaking or off-domain redirecting

This is will help you stay off the Spam grid. Now let’s move on to high-quality content creation

Fresh designs for Pin

Pinterest is prioritizing the fresh and unique content this year. If you want users to click on your content, you need to use high-quality pins. Moreover, ensure that the images you choose are fresh and were never used before. Some great practices to ensure you have fresh and high-quality pins are-

  • Keep the pin vertical
  • The Image size should be 1500 x 1000 px
  • Keep an overlay of text to describe the context
  • Keep your branding subtle
  • Ensure the elements are distinct on mobile apps

Since the changes in Pinterest marketing strategy hit, whoever made changes in their pin strategy has observed a remarkable difference in their website traffic.

Re-pinning top-quality content from trusted sources

Pinterest is taking stern steps to eradicate spam accounts. If you are pinning any content, you need to do it carefully. You don’t want to pin the spam account content or else you might end up in Pinterest Jail. Unfortunately, you don’t know if it is spam unless you pin the content. I suggest don’t risk it. Pin content from sources that you already know and trust.

3. Give Multiple Pins to Each of Your Articles

There were days when you could pin an article today and again after a few months to drive equal traffic. But in 2021 things are going to be different. Pinterest doesn’t encourage this any longer if you are repeating your content. Try the new trend of creating several pins of one particular article and share different pins across the platform over a large span of time. These are fresh pins that keep your article as good as new.

Having a new pin each time will encourage the users to click and save the pin and then check the content. But it’s important you keep multiple pins hidden.

How to hide multiple pins from an article?

When you work on Pinterest, you need to pin your article to make it visible to users. Having multiple pins will surely help you with driving traffic. But again you need to hide the same. I think, using Tasty Pins is the best way to manage your pins and keep them hidden. As you click on the “Pin it” option in Tasty Pins, you are directed to multiple pin choices. To each of these pins, you need to add in separate description and keyword.

4. Video Pinning is the Future of Pinterest Marketing in 2021

Though video pinning was available before in Pinterest, it was not until recently that this was considered so important for marketing. Pinterest started running contests on the best video pin in 2019, thus emphasizing more on it.

For 2021 video pinning is a new concept. Hence, you can expect less competition with this strategy of marketing. Pinterest is now keeping video pin above searches. Naturally, people will hit video pins, even before they search. If you are one to use a video pin as your Pinterest marketing strategy, you are sure to on top of the list. So, web traffic is guaranteed for you.

Best Practices foe Video Pinning:

  • Get into action and show something to the world.
  • Have a strong beginning to create an impression in the first few seconds of the video.
  • If you are using promoted videos, you need to restrict the video length to 6-15 seconds. If not, any length of the video is fine.
  • Try to be understandable without audio. You can use text captions.
  • Create a strong and catchy cover image for the feed display.
  • Add a title to your video along with a description rich in keywords to stick to the Pinterest SEO requirements.

Some applications and software that can help you create a video like this are Audiogram and Wave Video

Reality Check: Though video pinning sounds as a great way to drive traffic to your website, so far this hasn’t been much successful in 2021.

5. Strategize Your Contents Season-Wise

We have seen the graph of traffic change seasonally. Hence, try a new marketing strategy twist and optimize your content season-wise. timing is of great importance in Pinterest for its marketing.

Suppose you have content on holidays, there are seasonal barriers the website faces based on travel times. I recommend you start content sharing at least 2 months before the scheduled date of the holiday. This is applicable for season-specific products as well, like, winter apparel, seasonal fruits, etc. To share this content at the right time, you can easily create a calendar for content on Pinterest.

If you have calendar planned, you can easily check-out the trends of the month before beginning your campaign.

6. Hire a Professional Pinterest Manager to Help You with the Strategy

If you want the traffic to shoot sky-high at your website in 2021, it is recommended that you get a professional Pinterest manager to help you with the marketing work. After all, Pinterest marketing is not exactly like any other social media marketing. Moreover, it is a time-consuming procedure.

If you wish to dedicated your entire time to your business and website, it’s best to have the manager for monitoring the performance and making a strategic plan for you. To get the job done in the right and effective way, you need to have knowledge in the marketing process. If you are a novice at Pinterest, the recommendation for a manager is really high.

Pinterest Marketing in a Nutshell

You have a detailed description of how your Pinterest marketing is going to work in 2021. Gear up and prepare strategies to have the right content pins and keywords. Don’t lose your hopes if the growth curve is slow. That’s how it is meant to happen on Pinterest. But when it works, you will get more web traffic than with any other marketing strategy.

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