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6 Best Live Chat Software for Website in 2021

Do you own a website? Have you installed Live Chat Software on your website yet?

If you haven’t done that yet, its high time you get that software in your system today.

Studies have proved that 48% of consumers prefer to revisit websites that have their chat support system. When you have 24×7 live chat support, you can easily win the trust of your customers.

Customer’s Preference for Live Chat Software and Reason Behind it

After a careful study observation of the customers who prefer chat support system on a website, it has been understood that each of them has their specific reasons behind asking for this support.

79% of them preferred live customer support as their queries got answered fast, 51% of them thought it to be a great opportunity of multi-tasking, i.e., talk as they work, and 46% considered this to be the most effective way of customer communication.

In short live customer support sounded as an important thing for customers as they get-

  • Instant response
  • Chance to multitask and solve errors
  • Works as the perfect bridge between the customer and the company and resolve all communication gaps

All these points are very essential for an business to drive sales to their website. Hence, one needs to get the software today for their website to ensure high online traffic. To make your life easier for this, here we have listed the top 6 software needed for live customer support on your website.

Top 6 Live Chat Software to Look Up To in 2021

Owing to the great advantages of using live chat software on the website, the entire e-commerce market is looking forward to installing the best software on their website. Well, there is much such software in the market. In fact, 50% of the e-commerce owners are considering their options currently to improve their business for FY 2021-22.

When you need to choose from such a vast market, of course, you can’t decide it in a minute. You need to consider these major points first-

  • The features of the software that suits your website
  • The pricing of the software, it needs to be a value-for-money product
  • Check if you are overspending on the software

It is understandable that it can be a tedious job to go through all the software options, understand their features, compare their prices, and even check reviews to understand whether they are good for you. To ease your work, here we have listed the top 6 live chat software based on reviews, price, and features. They look quite promising in 2021.

1. LiveChat Inc.

LiveChat Inc. is one of the most competitive software in the market that is known for its smooth customer or visitor service support. The software consists of 3 major elements for its operation –

  1. A website-based window for live chatting
  2. A website-based control panel
  3. An application specially designed for operators with cross-platform performing capabilities

These elements make it easier for the agents or website owners to log in to the chatbox and connect with their visitors. This software can be operated through both mobile and desktop devices. Getting this software will give you access to exclusive tools, that extends automated customer care support. So, you can let the automated support system deal with your visitors while you engage more in your business development.

Key Features:

  • Enjoy complete monitoring of the website traffic, dashboard, and business statistics
  • Improves online marketing and sales
  • Web analytical support
  • Live customer care support
  • High engagement of the customers
  • Security of your data
  • Geo-tagging of visitors
  • Support for ticketing
  • Co-browsing and operator-to-operator connection


  • Get the “Team Plan” with a 14 days trial period for free
  • The Starter Plan costs $19 per agent per month
  • Join the Team Plan for $39 per agent per month
  • Get the Business Plan for $59 per agent per month
  • The Enterprise Plan is a 100% customize-able plan

For the Enterprise Plan rate, you need to get in touch with the vendor.


  • Engage in real-time conversation with existing and prospective customers through your website.
  • Get integration with other applications like CRM, e-commerce marketing sites, content and e-mail marketing sites, and share your files with them with aggressive marketing.
  • Get trusted insight and global disclosure with the best standard, interactive and custom analytical tools, reports, dashboard observation.

2. Zendesk Chat

Zendesk Chat is listed as one of the best live chat support software for 2021. This software is well known to make your website and operations team available to your visitors with live customer support for 24×7. The interface of the chat system is such slick that you can start conversing with visitors within minutes’ of setting up a chat connection.

The chat system of the software is laced with AI and other features. This results in faster response process and improves your customers’ satisfaction to a great extent. Thus, Zendesk Chat system is known to the world as one of the most desire-able options.

Key Features:

  • Strong capacity to capture and computer data
  • Services are triggered based on instincts and behaviours
  • Induces lead content marketing to enhance the customer communication level and takes marketing to the next level
  • Chatbots are artificial intelligence-enabled
  • Track all conversation
  • monitor all activities strongly
  • Get automatic chat routing and triggering
  • Offline and pre-chat forms for lead generation


  • Offers free trial phase for Enterprise Plan without any credit card requirement
  • The Lite Zendesk Chat Plan costs $0 per agent per month
  • You get the Team Plan for $19 per agent per month
  • The Professional Plan is available for $35 per agent per month
  • The Enterprise Plan costs $70 per agent per month


  • The software comes with a distinct functionality called screen-casting, that helps the visitors to capture their device screens and share that with the live chat. This helps in perfect communication of the errors with the chat agent.
  • The user can easily share their images and files with the automated chat system. Once shared, these chats get auto-converted into query tickets, within a highly scalable framework throughout the business platform.
  • The software offers exclusive and instant chat solutions to all freelancers, medium or small-sized businesses and bigger enterprises. You don’t even require high skill or technological know-how to operate the tools present in this software.

3. ProProfs Live Chat

Do you want to provide your visitors with instant service solutions? Get ProProfs Live Chat installed on your website today.

This is undoubtedly the best software for instant live customer support for a chat. This is considered as the easiest and fastest working live support software in 2021, that can be installed in business websites of different sizes of organizations.

While using this software, the operators get an extra edge over the visitors as they get to real-time monitoring capacity. Now they can easily monitor and understand the customer by observing their behaviour towards your website. A strategic conversation can be initiated by the operator based on that analysis.

The platform has been devised to provide the user with advanced option for customization, unlimited transcripts and chat support, scheduled responses, and much more support, even you have got a free plan on your system. The higher plan you choose the better features you get to enjoy.

Key Features:

  • Create personalized chat contents to keep your visitors engaged and enhance their interests
  • More than 50 options for integration with other platforms along with live chat support
  • The software is compatible with different kinds of operating systems and online browsers
  • The chat support tool is well-accessible by Windows, Mac, or Android devices
  • Easily tracks all the client issues on the website
  • Offers shared chat inbox
  • Easy conversion of chat queries into tickets
  • Smooth management of the tickets
  • Easy management of the e-mails and marketing contents
  • Internal note sharing through the platform is easy


  • You can signup for 15-days trial period under any plan of the software
  • They have a special Forever Free Plan for users that is available at $0 per operator per month
  • The Essential Plan comes for $15 per operator per month
  • You can avail the Premium Plan for $20 per operator per month

Sign up with any of the software installation plans, and you enjoy a 30-days money-back guarantee from the company.


  • When you get the software on your website, you get to practice 100% control over tracking and monitoring of the tickets assigned to the operators, their prioritization and addressing. Check if the tickets were addressed following the guidelines set by SLA.
  • There is a template library in the software. The operator can access the same at any time to initiate a conversation with the visitors and use the pre-fabricated greetings messages. This helps the operator to a lot of time when you converse and indulge multi-tasking.
  • Enjoy enhanced communication with existing and expected customers and boost your daily sales. You get to check their messages and understand their requirement, even before they are posted by the visitors.

4. Intercom

Intercom is one of the biggest players in the market, providing excellent customer care support system. They claim to have 30,000+ paid users. The software plugins are robust and were created with an aim to boost strategic sales by routing leads through specified salespoles.

The software had been designed to provide the visitors with more than just live chat conversational support. The system has been designed to capture the visitor data and process e-mails and messages to the target consumers, even when they are not live at your website. The tools study the visitors’ behaviour and prepare their target contact list for further communication. The company claims a 13% increase in revenue by effective conversion of leads into prospective clients.

Key Features:

  • The intercom comes with Smart Bot features that allow it to provide 24×7 support, even when the operator is offline
  • Get instant reply on common queries related to services with the Smart Bot feature
  • Software tool support for outstanding generation of leads, engagement of customers, and live supporting the customers
  • Comes with proficient business messenger system
  • Get customized chatbots with the software
  • Smoothly manage all lead to customer conversions
  • There is a specific platform in the software for storage of customer data
  • Strong outbound messaging platform


  • Both the “Start” and “Grow” Plans come with 14 days of the free trial period
  • The Start Plan can be availed at $39 for 1 seat in a month
  • The Grow plan offers 5 seats in a month for $99
  • There is an Accelerate Plan for $499 that offers 10 seats in a month and gets billed annually
  • The Scale Plan comes with more features and is available for $999 and provides 10 seats per month with annual billing facility


  • The software comes with dedicated chatbots and live chat platforms that allow you to bond personally with the visitors and drive positive sales.
  • The software comes with AI features that help you to understand the customer requirements and prepare custom-contents. Once the contents are ready, you can use the outbound triggering mails to your customers and promote your products better.
  • There is a feature called “Smart Automation”. This allows the user to drive self-service promotion to reach out to probable consumers. This self-service promotion technique can then be integrated with third-party software like Hubspot, Zoom, Slack and many more.

5. Olark

Olark is one of the most popular and simplest software in the market that is meant to provide live chat support. The software is known globally for its user-friendly interface, that is useful for both the e-commerce and the visitors. The chatbots that come with this software are easy to set-up and comes with great functionalities like the charm of great customer service experience. the major focus of the function is to ensure that lead conversion increases with every chat support.

The software comes with automation and customization tools. So, now you can jump-start your personalized messaging system and engage in communication and discussion on different pages. Depending on which your visitors are browsing, the automation system triggers targeted messages to them. Such cool features are the biggest reasons that makes the software so much in demand among e-commerce website owners.

Key Features:

  • Tools generate reports of all live chats, including the measures that were taken to effectively keep a customer engaged
  • Stay updated with transcripts from the live chat system
  • Automation features to trigger messages to visitors on certain pages
  • Strong security to keep your and your visitors’ data protected
  • Get custom pre-chat and offline forms for lead generation
  • Strong team management tool


  • You can try the free trial session for 14 days from signing up
  • The beginner’s package is available for $19 per agent per month

The software provides its users with the flexibility to cancel on any package at any point of time. However, money-back is not guaranteed here.


  • The software is flexible to changes. You can tweak the getup and background to create a live customer support platform that matches the brand image and website theme. They increase the credibility and trust factor in a visitor’s mind. Thus, you are sure to to get more lead conversion, higher revenue, easy chat support, as well as satisfied and happy customers.
  • The tools are designed to raise a comprehensive report of software usage, conversions, chats, responses, etc. Scrutinizing these results helps the business to take up informed decisions under all circumstances.
  • The operator can access the archived chat transcripts any time and get an insight into the customer feedback. Based on that information, you can deduce an actionable plan for your business development.
  • Get real-time interaction scope with your visitors. While you interact, you can use the PowerUp tool to provide extra input to the customers and boost your sales, customer support, and of course, your growth.

6. ChatBot

The ChatBot is a relatively new, yet successful software for live chat support. This is in fact believed to be the future of live customer support on the website as it comes with advanced tools and features. With ChatBot on their side, now the small business organizations or developing e-commerce sites have artificial intelligence chatbots to help them grow strategically.

the interface is highly interesting and simple with the drag-and-drop chatbot creation tool. You can also use the ready-made templates that are custom-designed for different conversation scenario and industries. The software comes with a specific e-commerce template that is meant to guide your customers through the buying procedure on your website. There are more options like this. You can make changes in these templates wherever needed and use them on the website.

Key Features:

  • Different genres of chatbot templates are available on the software with special features on the customer support chatbot template
  • The templates make chatbot creation easy for a smaller organization
  • Smooth integration of the chatbots in your business
  • Seamless chatbot integration with third-party platforms like that of WooCommerce and WordPress
  • Live chat integration tools provide scope for real-time conversion with customers through Facebook messenger, website or communication applications or even through phone calls
  • Virtual customer support service through different platforms


  • Different plans for different sizes of business available
  • Custom plans available for preferred services
  • Get 14 days free period of trial with all its packages
  • The Started plan is available for $50 per month and allows 1000 chats in a month


  • the software has proved to be super beneficial for smaller business organizations. Now they can create their own chatbots based on their business niche or service terms in a simpler and economical manner.
  • Multi-tasking is way easier with virtual customer support platform. Now you can connect with visitors even through social media platforms.
  • The chances to drive sales is higher when you have super customized live chat support. Their templates ensure that you have every situation covered.

What Do You Understand By a Live Chat Software?

This is an e-software, which when enabled on your website, allows you to connect with your customers in a better way. This works the same as a messaging platform. You can handle multiple consumer issues together by using this platform.

Not only is this beneficial to extend customer care, but also for generating leads for your business. Customers get an opportunity to reach out to you with their problems, and when they are not made to wait for their turn, they get impressed with your customer support, hence changing into potential repeat clients.

The Working Procedure of a Live Chat Software

Every website owner is familiar with the term of live customer support through the chat system. Do you know how it works? The software works with two windows and here is a simple description of each of their working procedures.

The Operator Window : The Operator Window or as otherwise called, the Monitor Window is the platform that allows the operator to keep a track of the website visitors’ activities. The features of this window vary from software to another. But the common features you get in all the software are-

  • Tracking the number of website visitors
  • Monitoring the web pages browsed by the visitors
  • Availability of online cooperators
  • The number of chats that are being managed simultaneously
  • Total time invested by visitors on your website
  • Chat history access
  • Access to transcripts from previous chats
  • Increasing collaboration with operator-to-operator chat while they converse with clients

How do these features help the operators? It gives a better understanding of the visitors or customers, their demands, their problems, etc. These chat sessions work as perfect strategic moments, wherein you resolve the customer complaints and convert them into your permanent customers.

Visitor Window : Visitor Window is the platform where your website visitors connect with you in a simple click on the chat button. this platform directly leads them to customer care. The connection happens in two ways. Either the customers reach out the customer care team through chatbox or the team sends an incoming chat link to the visitor to click and connect.

The Visitor Window provides the customers with 3 distinct features as soon as they open the chatbox-

  1. Pre-chat form to record the visitor information and create a lead list
  2. Offline messages for customer care when the team is offline
  3. Links for self-help when you don’t have live chat support

Steps of Adding Live Chat Software to Your Website

There can be different live chat software in the market. But, every software has one thing in common – the installation procedure. Adding software can happen in less than a span of 5 minutes. The steps are easy and as below-

  1. Visit the website of the software and signup for the service
  2. Once you signup, go to settings and navigate to locate the chat code of the software
  3. Copy the chat code
  4. Go to your website settings and open the Source code
  5. Paste the chat code in the source code and save the new settings

Once the new code is saved in your website, the chat set up is ready for execution. It is just a matter of 5 minutes and you can now handle customer queries smoothly.

Why Should You Get Live Chat Software in Your Website

We have already covered the reasons why visitors prefer chat support system on a website. Of course, it is the best way to connect with a company with concerns. But, as a company, the reasons are somewhat different than those of your visitors. They can be summed up as-

  • East instant connection with customers to assist with their queries
  • Monitor and understand the behaviour of your website users
  • Make strategic business plans based on chat observation
  • The software is easy to install and less time consuming than getting a retail office
  • A convenient platform for customer communication, by reducing the waiting time otherwise invested in phone calls
  • The customer support process is enhanced as both the operator and the visitor get to do multi-tasking.
  • Gather quality customer leads from the visitor information
  • Boosts business performance by enhancing sales.
  • Increases the faith of customers on your brand
  • Earns you loyal customers
  • Makes your website more engaging
  • Enhances the performances of the operators
  • Operator to operator chat linking system makes the problem resolving faster
  • The analytical tool with the software makes it easier to evaluate the performance of the operator
  • Increases performance of the website

These reasons are highly convincing for deciding to get live chat software for your website. You need the best customer support system with live chat when it comes to better satisfying the clients. Knowing your options of software and the features you need on your website, will help you decide on the name of the software.

Brief Points on Selecting The Best Live Chat Software in 2021

We have covered the 6 best live chat software available in the market in 2021. There is many more good quality software to look up to like Zoho Sales IQ, Freshchat, Comm100, Acquire.io, Kayako, Sendinblue, LiveAgent, LivePerson, etc.

How will you choose the best from these? All of them meet the basic criteria, i.e., great features and decent pricing. Of course, you can start the decision by fixing a budget. Apart from the budget other points of consideration for selection of the best

  • Speed of customer service response
  • Options for customization
  • Provision for a detailed report on every activity
  • Availability of mobile application
  • Meeting your budget


73% of your visitors prefer having live chat support while they are navigating through your website. It is the best way to provide satisfaction to your visitors and convert them into potential customers.

To ensure potential lead conversion and drive sales through customer satisfaction, you need a strong live chat software. Get one with advanced features that can monitor the visitor data and help with strategic conversion planning.

We have listed the best 6 in the market for 2021. Select one that suits your budget or else you can start by using their free trial sessions.

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