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LinkedIn Marketing Tips to Boost Your Business

LinkedIn is a social media platform well known amongst job seekers as a place for job search and professional discussion. But did you know LinkedIn marketing can do more than that?

No wonder this is an ideal platform for young and officials to develop their network and increase their opportunity of getting through available jobs in the market. But you can also develop your business through this website.

If you are setting up a new blog, then its suggested that you add LinkedIn to your online marketing strategy list.

This is a value added platform that takes several business marketing steps under one shade- you can start networking and connecting you probable clients, partners, you get to share your thoughts and products in the online platform and get branding.

LinkedIn as a Digital Marketing Platform

LinkedIn is mainly a professional socializing platform where people try to develop their careers, build professional contacts, participate in discussions pertaining to certain industries and take up other activities related to a business.

Though it doesn’t promote digital marketing like other social media platforms, it provides you a direct access to the consumers who might be interested in your business and products.

All you need to do is network with people and give your status update about your business. This is a good enough process to attract people.

Mostly, it’s a well-known fact amongst consumers that business personnel try promoting their business through social media. But, when you use LinkedIn and don’t approach directly, it is something new to them.

As a matter of fact, people encourage such indirect promotions in LinkedIn whereas they frown when you promote in Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Promotion here comes with a casual approach as you use simple steps like status updates, casual posts and certain banner images. The message goes directly to your target customers even if you don’t push business here.

Why Should One Use LinkedIn for Digital marketing?

When you are hiring professionals to promote your website, you use several strategies for digital marketing. But LinkedIn is definitely one of them.

If you need to promote with LinkedIn it has to be a personal approach. Why should take the effort of digital marketing with LinkedIn?

Conversion rate of social platforms

Here are 5 potential reasons that proves LinkedIn is an ideal platform for digital marketing:

  • Digital marketing is a technique to score rank with SEO. LinkedIn itself is SEO friendly. Hence, this networking platform is ideal for any digital marketing activity or business promotion.
  • LinkedIn provides you with the great opportunity of posting free advertisements. If your advertisement has good content it will surely attract people.
  • People in LinkedIn appreciate infographics and images that are legible and have quality content in them. Having these types of posts at your profile wall is good for promotion and people pay attention.
  • With good networking in LinkedIn one can expect considerable growth in the business. As you network you expose your work and yourself to people who might be the audience you want to target.
  • Another important reason is brand boosting with the help of influencers in LinkedIn. One can get in touch withthese influencers through other social media or through LinkedIn search.

15 LinkedIn Marketing Tips

Are you convinced that LinkedIn could prove to be a useful tool for digital marketing?

Not sure of the do’s and don’ts to follow while using LinkedIn as a marketing tool?

Below are 15 important LinkedIn Marketing Tips to make your life easy while promotion of business –

1. Locate The Target Customers and Connect

LinkedIn is all about good networking.

The networking process provides unparallel service when it comes to targeting certain set of clients for digital marketing.

The filtering procedure is so fine that you can streamline the search and zero it down to the specific job role in a specific size of company in a particular industry.

Identifying with search micro level search helps you to reach out the perfect customers who are interested in your business and products.

Like the saying goes “90% of selling is conviction and 10% is persuasion” – Quote by Shiv Khera, Founder of Qualifies Learning Systems, all you need to do with LinkedIn is connect with people and share promotional posts.

If you have reached the correct audience set, business will happen automatically, only few will need your persuasion.

2. Sticking to The Radar of Your Customer

LinkedIn is a good platform for small business organizations to generate positive leads with little help from other companies.

To get leads the first thing you need is to identify which type of people suite as your targeted customers.

Once you are sure of the quality of customers you need, start your micro search with the LinkedIn search engine with criteria filter and then start introducing them to your business ideas.

Once you start posting about your business you will slowly start getting queries from the customers.

Get in touch with them through LinkedIn and maintain the relation.

Start updating your business profile on daily basis and give weekly posts about the products on the LinkedIn wall.

By doing this you are always there in the top of the LinkedIn list and get noticed every time.

The next step to get into your customers radar is monthly e-mail communication based on problems clients had faced and the solutions and offers you provided.

You can send your customers LinkedIn invitation to join you in the webinar. Webinars are great way to spread your message and promote your products.

Porter Gale, the Author, said “Your network is your net worth”. Keep it in mind and stay connected to your customers.

3. Increase The list of E-mails for Marketing

An invitation to connect with your through LinkedIn is something you can send to your clients and get more on your network.

You need to prepare a list of all those who might be interested in joining you and then start e-mailing them in bulk through LinkedIn Invitation.

Give them a personalized feel by showing your regret for not sending a direct mail.

LinkedIn is a good platform to mail at least 50 people in one shot.

If you want the Invitation to with your E-mail sign, then there is an option to give direct link access to your e-mail through LinkedIn.

This invitation will be like a form that your customers need to sign up to get into your e-mail listing.

4. Use Updates that Get Sponsored

Sponsored updates are tools that makes a business pay and push the posts about their products into the timeline of an Individual’s LinkedIn profile.

Like any other digital marketing platform this works with the pay-per-click policy.

This is similar to any social media platform. But, a mild line of differentiation lies in the fact that you can customize the demographics based on the job profile, company name, skills, group of people or organizations etc.

If you want to pitch in your message to target set of clients, you don’t need to face the chaos other competition.

Sponsored updates are in fact good promotional tool for thought-leadership.

Based on the modern trends, it is known that people are no more interested in pure promotional items, they prefer to have free quality inputs.

5. Post Contents That are of High Quality

You need to post contents that have quality inputs. The main target you achieve with these contents are –

  • They should provide your customers with solutions and aid in getting better job done.
  • The contents should establish you as a though leader in the online platform.

Offer value to your customers and it will lead to enhanced business.

6. Let’s Get Viral

Getting viral on LinkedIn with your direct posts is the current trend in the market. LinkedIn is such a tool that automatically promotes contents that has got some momentum and followers.

It highlights certain categories to attract more viewers and ultimately makes the post go viral.

This is the fasted way you could have reached out to so many people in such a short time.

The aim is to get more people read your posts and visit your website.

This is not a possible opportunity if you use simple blogging as mode of web promotion.

7. Give Employees an Opportunity

Arrange for employees who are willing to initiate and complete a LinkedIn profile under your business profile.

Ensure the profile they set up are complete with photographs and description of the aid they give to your business and their history in the market.

This opens up the opportunity for more professional connectivity and networking.

This also helps other small employees set their profile and get their clients. This is sort of a symbiotic act.

8. Join LinkedIn Group and Be Active There

Identify the demographic you wish to target and join LinkedIn groups that satisfy your business needs.

These group stand as platforms where you get to know the demands your target clients have in the market, know about your competitor and their products, interact with other small entrepreneurs and advise solution to others on common problems in your genre of expertise.

You are connected to certain people in LinkedIn and have no chance of messaging them?

When you join groups, these problems are solved at once. You get a free license to connect with other group members and start interacting.

This is most effective as well when building relationships online.

9. Create a LinkedIn Group of Your Own

This is probably one of interesting marketing tips when you are in LinkedIn.

When you are done with a considerable number in your network, start a LinkedIn group of your own and for your business.

You can link up to 50 other groups with your LinkedIn group. Once you are connected through the groups you can start screening through the members in the other groups to locate your prospect.

After you get accepted in a group you get the license to send the members invitation.

You need to filter the members and send them e-mail invitation to join your group, collect your probable customers in one group to make your work easier.

This group remain completely under your control. Ensure you don’t have competition in your group and then share all contents that add value to your customers and improve the business chances.

10. Create Company Page that is Important

Having a personal LinkedIn profile and marketing through that is good enough in the online world.

Your company also needs its brand presence in LinkedIn. Create a professional profile for your company with full details of the brand.

Choose the LinkedIn page colors, contents and posts widely so that it looks professional yet attractive.

Remember to update this profile page on regular basis, its important that your clients see an updated profile or else they are likely to lose interest.

11. Claim a Customized URL for Your Business LinkedIn Profile

This is not marketing tool.

Its is very standard for you claim a customized URL with your name on it.

This is essential for people or business with good number of potential customer contacts.

This works as a SEO tool when your clients search online.

12. Have a Complete Summary

Usually people overlook the LinkedIn profile summary.

This is the space where you speak about yourself and your company in brief and send message to your target clients.

Use bulletsand complete sentences to write down a summary within 2000 characters.

13. LinkedIn is a Number Game Tool

LinkedIn as marketing tool is very scientific by being a number game. Its all linked.

You connect with ‘x’ number of people, who in turn connect with other ‘y’ some out of this ‘y’ check your profile and then respond.

Instead of spending thousands on conferences and to spread message you can try LinkedIn webinars to send messages.

14. Don’t Sell Too Hard

LinkedIn people don’t like interruption, here all marketing and business happens with simple networking. Aggressive marketing, promotion and sales pitch are never entertained.

15. First Connect and Then Get into PR

This is a professional social media platform where people connect on business or work purpose only. So, build relationships only when you have good connection.

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All the above points explain all the marketing tips, which when followed properly can lead to a blooming business for every professional.

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