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Best Laundry Management System | Laundry Business To The Next Level

Do you want to take your laundry business to the next level? You should consider a laundry management system. Be it scaling up or just optimizing your operation, a laundry management system can help with all of this.

What is a laundry management system?

A laundry management system is a piece of software that can help with managing customers, workflow and give you better oversight over your business. It can help you see who your customers are and can help you handle your operation better.

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Why use a laundry management system?

Laundry management systems can reduce your overhead by keeping track of customers and employees. It can gather data over time about your operations and tell you which steps require more time and which ones can be optimized.

You can improve customer experience by using the ( Customer Relations Manager ) built into the digital laundry management system. It can help you digitally store customer receipts and orders. It can schedule pick-up appointments and drop-off appointments as well.

Apart from this, you can also add RFID tags to the linen to keep track of your inventory. This is especially helpful in case you are running on a tight budget and can’t hire people to keep track of your inventory. It also increases accountability as everything is done digitally and very little human interaction is required.

You can also use this software to assign tasks to your employees. This helps reduce miscommunication hence improving employee management that increases your productivity as a result.

All these features make sure that you can optimize your operation down to the last gear and can help reduce the manpower required by taking up tasks such as automatic billing and appointment scheduling. All in all a laundry management software can very easily help you cut costs while making your operation quicker.

Looking at the future, it might as well be possible for such software to be able to deliver to your customers directly using available online delivery platforms.

What to look for in a laundry management system?

As mentioned above we are looking for Automatic billing and invoice generation. This is an especially helpful feature as this feature can not only help you quickly generate bills for your customer but also help with customer relations. This brings us to our second criteria, the CRM ( Customer Relationship Manager ).

A CRM ( Customer Relations Manager ) is an absolute must. Even though most laundry management software comes with a CRM it is worth noting the small differences between different software.

Inventory management is another very important feature in case you are dealing with hotel/hospital laundry. With RFID management systems you can manage your inventory without any human interaction. Although for this to work accurately you might have to install RFID readers in your inventory.

Going back to the first point of automatic billing, having an analytics dashboard is a feature that goes hand in hand with automatic billing and can help better identify avenues of cash flow and pitfalls in the current billing formula.

Another cool but optional feature is having the ability to control multiple stores at once.

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Various laundry management software

Now that we’ve looked at the key features that we’re looking for, let’s look at some of the options available in the market right now.

1. Quick Dry cleaning

laundry management system

Quick Dry cleaning by DC web services is one of the most popular laundry management systems. Apart from the expected features this app also brings in a host of other features like marketing tools ( Discounts, ROI tracker on your marketing campaigns, promotional packages, etc. ), Online backup ( Your data is backed up on their servers in case you need to access your data on other devices ).

This software also allows you to personalize the software by allowing you to add personal branding, customized tax formulas, the option to set your rates, and updating the terms and conditions of your business.

A few of the problems regarding this software are that it does not support RFID tracking and is slightly complex and users have had to contact customer support to resolve their issues although they have great customer support who are quick and helpful.

In my opinion, this hits all bases for small-scale businesses looking to optimize their operation. Due to the lack of RFID, I wouldn’t recommend this for Industrial-scale businesses.


  1. You can Personalize this app to your needs. You can change the branding on the app, you can add your own taxation rules, company policies, garment services, etc.
  2. You can keep track of outstanding bills, paid bills and can break down the methods of payment along with a detailed list of expenses hence helping you Manage your accounts
  3. You can Secure your sensitive data by setting a password so that nobody else can view your private records and accounts along with frequent backups on their servers
  4. You can use the CRM ( Customer Relations Manager ) to help schedule appointments via the app, SMS or email
  5. You can Manage your customer’s information to help with speedy service for regular customers
  6. You can check out all sorts of analytics on the Analytics dashboard 
  7. You can improve productivity by seeing progress on all orders, monitoring daily workload
  8. You can Keep track of your promotions through the app by using promotional codes. You can offer discounts, bundle packs and even monitor the ROI ( Return On Investment ) on your campaigns.
  9. You can Track items using barcodes, you can design your barcodes as well
  10. Some other features are Multi-store management, customer feedback, plant management and POS
  11. Pricing starts at ₹ 2359 and goes up to ₹ 7079 with options at ₹ 3539 and ₹ 4719 as well
  12. Operates on windows. No support for Mac and Linux yet

2. Meshink Laundry Management System

laundry management system

Coming in at number two we have Meshink Laundry Management System developed by Indian Mesh. This software is capable of tagging clothes, accepting payments, creating invoices, and more.

This laundry management system software is made with a heavy stationery-styled workflow in mind. The best part about this is that this laundry management system software is fully scalable which means that you can scale your business without having to worry about the software keeping up.

Apart from the usual bells and whistles, this software is also capable of taking in feedback from users using webforms and apps.

Even though this software was made with heavy industrial scale launderers, this software can easily be used in smaller-scale operations as well thanks to the software being scalable.

It is easy to operate and can be used by technically unsound people as well.

This laundry management system can also help in managing your staff and in planning the day ahead with progress trackers.

Apart from this, you can also send out notifications to your registered customers using bulk SMS’ and Emails


  1. You can Increase productivity by calculating daily workloads and creating virtual itineraries for all your employees
  2. You can Generate bills and invoices and keep track of your funds
  3. You can Manage appointments for delivery and pick up, additionally, you can also use this software to deliver washed garments
  4. You can contact Technical support for any issues you might have regarding the software
  5. You can Secure your data better by selecting which of your employees have access to the software and secure your account with a password
  6. You can track employee productivity, finances and workload all from your in-app Analytics dashboard
  7. You can Boost your customer engagement and manage your leads through the feature in the app.
  8. You can communicate with your customer base through Bulk Emails and SMS’ through the integrated communication module
  9. You can Manage your business remotely through your mobile as well using their app
  10. You can Manage your sales and finances using the respective modules inside the app to monitor your profits live
  11. You can optimise your operation with Detailed data and analysis
  12. Send Events and reminders to your employees through the integrated communication module. Events can be set in advance and the reminders can be set accordingly.
  13. You can Manage payments and keep track of your customer’s payments through the software
  14. You can Keep track of your inventory using barcodes. You can easily read and create barcodes using this app.
  15. You can Backup your data on Meshthink’s servers and restore it on your device whenever necessary
  16. Meshthink laundry management system has a single plan that starts at ₹10,600 per year and increases depending on how many SMS’ you want to send.

3. LinenTech

laundry management system

With a clean and easy User Interface ( UI ), LinenTech is an industry-leading laundry management software made for large and medium-scale launderers.

This laundry management software aims to go above and beyond your expectations. It has all the features that you need, additionally, it has some interesting features such as a mobile application for customers and a mobile app for laundry drivers.

It is focused on providing all the tools that you need to optimize your operation and take it to the next level. You have access to your day-to-day expenditures and manage your expenses. You can find your profit margin and ROI as well.

With a mobile app-based CRM ( Customer Relations Manager ) you can be sure that your customers are going to be happy with the service.

This software can schedule appointments for both pickups and drop-offs. To further automate the process your company delivery driver can also coordinate using the app and hence the software can schedule pickups and drop-offs at your doorstep as well.

You can export your data out of the software in a .csv file as well. This way you can drop-offs start analyzing your data to find weak spots in your cycle and improve the efficiency of your operations.


  1. You can Track your linens and manage their shipping using their management modules. You can track every item that you have processed through the app
  2. You can Track your finances such as outstanding bills, paid bills and other finances through the app
  3. You can Maintain separate rates for separate customers and even maintain a Specialised billing formula based on linen weight and linen quantity or a hybrid of both
  4. You can set up a recurring order for Linen rentals and keep track of previous orders without any hassles. Customers can use the mobile app as well to put in their orders. You can set a minimum bill amount for rentals as well.
  5. You can Manage your inventory through the app as well. The app tracks the incoming and outgoing linen and hence helps you track your inventory. You can ask the app to automatically generate a list of items in inventory regularly as well.
  6. You can Get feedback from your customer through the customer portal
  7. You can Manage your employees and improve productivity by allotting virtual itineraries to your employees and measure their productivity as well using the app
  8. You can Control the delivery route as well with inbuilt route management modules to ensure that your customers receive their laundry on time
  9. You can Manage your operation remotely as well using the LinenTech app
  10. With the Linen tech driver app you can control the delivery routes and the delivery speed as well, allowing you to give your customers the best experience
  11. You can customise various aspects of the app to suit your business
  12. You can avail 24/7 customer support 
  13. The Price will vary as per your requirements, no price listing is available online, you have to contact them for pricing

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Side by side comparison

Comparison Criteria Quick Dry cleaning Meshink Laundry Management LinenTech
Pricing₹2359 – ₹7079₹10,600+
Number of ratings23
Integrated POSYesNoNo
24/7 customer serviceNoNoYes
Sending notificationsNoYesNo

My opinion

In my opinion, all the laundry management systems are highly competitive and there is no clear winner. I would recommend the Meshink Laundry Management system for those interested in scaling their business and LinenTech for those looking to optimize their business, as LinenTech provides a detailed report of your operation.


Can laundry management software handle deliveries for me?

Yes, some of the Laundry management software can handle deliveries for you as well

Can I remotely manage my laundry business?

Yes, most of the apps we’ve talked about in this article can help you remotely manage your business

Can I fully automate my laundromat using laundry management systems?

No, I haven’t come across any app which is capable of this

Are there any free Laundry management systems?

Yes, there are a few free options that you can try but most free versions are limited trial versions of the full app.

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