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10 Instagram Marketing Tips for Business Success

Instagram, a well known platform since its birth, for sharing photographs and making a difference. With 80 million active users, posting 60 million photographs and getting likes of about a billion, Instagram stands a great platform for influence millions in a single day.

While you can influence so many people and get followers, why not use it to build an influencing brand.

The thought is not that bad. You just need to provide a proper content and post that is relevant for your followers to keep influencing them and add more to the list.

10 Reasons Behind Instagram Marketing for Business

Since the inception of Instagram, it’s a proven fact that its good platform to build brand and expand your business presence with the marketing plans. 10 strong reasons to use Instagram as a marketing platform –

1. Increasing number of people accessing Instagram

As per statics stated above, there are about 80 million Instagram users worldwide whoa re active. The number is in fact, increasing with every passing day. Being millennials, they are highly active users and can be influenced with marketing techniques.

2. Thriving is possible for every business size

No matter if you are starting from scratch or if you already have clientele, no matter if your company is a small one or a big one, Instagram will cater to all and let you thrive. For Instagram business opportunists, sky is truly their limit.

Of course, this won’t happen in a day’s work. You need to be active in Instagram and keep on posting to thrive here.

3. Direct money platform

Instagram is probably one of the biggest social media platforms that allows you to make money directly with the emphasis on placement of products. These are Shoppable Posts. When you use this, you get to tag people as you post a business photograph with inclusion of links, describing the products, its availability and price.

This is new in the market and leads people directly to the e-commerce website for business operation.

4. Use stories that relate to your business:

Using platform is not about being a faceless company. Show the followers youare more than that with relatable stories that attract potential follower-cum-customers.

Live posts and behind the scene posts shows that human part of the company, that more people can relate to. The more they are able to relate the better result you are going to get.

5. Join hand with influencers

If your business is new and you need an assistance to promote your business, getting an influencer there can be very beneficial here. Influencers are as good as any celebrity online, who act like your brand ambassador and take the promotion mainstream.

Using an influencer whom you can depend upon will definitely help in reaching out to more target followers that would otherwise have been impossible.

This is a direct way to increase you return on investment in the business.

6. Increase the business visibility with Hashtags

Instagram helps you to stay distinguished from your competitor in the market with the use of Hashtags.

Hashtags work like keywords, summarizing the post meaning to your followers. Hashtags are wonder keys to business development.

7. Get involved with possible customers easily and effectively

To make your business bloom you would like to make the customers aware that you are available in the market. Won’t it be wonderful if you can connect and engage with the customers on daily basis?

Instagram is a place where you can be vocal about your product, the benefits, your suggestions and solutions. These posts are likely to increase the visibility. More visibility means more likes and comments.

When in Instagram, the key to reach more people is to share high-quality and meaningful photographs with the help of hashtags and brand partnering.

8. Become a king with the mobility

Instagram, like other social media platforms- Twitter and Facebook, started as mobile application.

Considering the fact, now days mobile users have to access application to do any work, the business entity can create posts that routes access to all application via Instagram. This is an advantage truly. Moreover, for users of smartphone, Instagram is always a cleaner platform as compared to cluttered forms of social media platform.

So, this has mobility, can be accessed from anywhere, any device, anytime. This really makes it the first choice.

9. Easy tracking of the competitor’s activity

Instagram is a great platform to keep a track of the competitor’s activity and their way of follower interactions. Check their frequency of interaction and quality of post.

Having such an easy access to the competitor is really good for strategic planning in business.

10. Be creative with Instagram

Instagram is a phot sharing platform with great opportunity to for business to be creative.

While youare using Instagram as a marketing platform, think out of the box and attract more followers. Expose your brand personality with your creativity.

There are many ways to achieve this goal. You can-

  • Mix your contents with contests for customers
  • Use shoutouts
  • Use vivid product images
  • Use videos that are interactive and many more

All the above 10 reasons are valid of nothing but the preference of people to use Instagram as their modern mode of networking.

10 Instagram Marketing Tips for Business Success

It’s now a well-known fact that Instagram is good for online marketing. You are likely to engage with millennials who want quality in the products they buy.

But how exactly can you take the marketing forwards? The below 10 tips can help you sort out the issue with Instagram marketing –

1. Create an Instagram profile for the business

Instagram business account
Instagram Business Signup page

Do you have business Instagram profile yet? Well, that will be the first thing you require before you start you marketing here. You need have business account here in Instagram when you start.

If you want, you can easily switch your personal profile into a business account in Instagram. The process is simple and can be done by clicking the “Switch to business profile” mode in settings.

Why do you need this business profile?

  • This works same as any website as followers get to contact you with one click.
  • When you have business account, you don’t need any Facebook tool for advertising, you can easily publish Instagram ads.
  • Get easy access to Instagram tools for analysis- Insights. Get clarity on impression you leave on followers and the numbers you reach.
  • Get perks with business account for free. These help in understanding the audience and track the metrics.

2. Using the Instagram marketing tools for free

Having a business profile means you get access to all Instagram Tools, which are quite similar to any social media marketing tools, for absolutely no cost.

Insight is a tool that does the marketing analysis for you, giving you statistics of business like the data on engagement, impressions etc.

With Insight you can get a detailed demographic of the followers you have on Instagram, stating their age, location, gender, hours of activity, the time when they are mostly active etc.

You can get a weekly report here. Reports will give detailed idea of how many people you impressed and which posts were rated high.

There are other marketing tools in Instagram that you give a clear data on people’s preference and their interaction to your posts. No wonder knowing the followers’ thoughts is the best way to adjust the contents and making them engaging.

3. Product teaser posting to increase the urge to buy

Product teaser is another Instagram tool that works for grabbing people’s attention. Selling your products with these teasers is a good option.

Instagram provides you the opportunity to place your product’s advertisements. But the main deal is to play nice and smart. You can’t be pushy with your ads and expect business from reluctant followers. This can lead to the reduction in the number of your followers.

But, with the product teasers, the job becomes easier. These teaser posts are easy way of product discussion that creates excitement and camouflage your attempt to sell hard.

4. Creation of sponsored advertisement

Instagram advertisment
LinkedIn Sponsered Post

The ads you create on Instagram are generally commonplace for the social media platform. You get to set the advertisement budget prior as you have complete control on the amount to be spend.

Showcasing and promotion is possible with the sponsored advertisement and advertisement with the carousel features.

So, target you audiences today with new Instagram ads for your brand. People who follow the business account can only see the latest updated until the ads are sponsored.

Sponsored ads are nothing but using engaging contents to attract the target audiences. These are high in performance and can gather potential clients. Different forms that can satisfy the sponsored advertisements are-

  • Videos
  • Photos
  • Stories
  • Dynamic advertisements or Carousel
  • Canvas Stories

5. Using the Stories in Instagram

Instagram Story
Story option in Instagram app

Instagram stories are good for lead generation.

Why do they make such differences?

Actually, the stories are preferred over regular posts since they are visible to all in slideshow formats. Though the stories are never live more than 24 hours, its possible to save them for later use on any device.

Instagram stories have similar features like the stories in Snapchat.

These stories can reach more clients as they get displayed on every followers’ timelines.

6. Make partnership with an Instagram Influencer

Influencers will already have access to many followers. They work as brand ambassadors or Instagram celebrities when partnered with some company. This is all about the trust factor. Followers like and purchase items that the influencers assure them about.

All you need to do here is partner up with the right influencer in your industry to reach out to the right type of clientele.

You can try to locate an influencer by noting the activities of certain target followers. Its all about creating an awareness about the brand.

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7. Collect photos that are user submitted

How nice will it be if you can arrange for Instagram content without working much hard for it? Photos that are user submitted can do this for you.

This procedure works when you have already got engaged followers in Instagram. You can leverage these followers to obtain some beneficial contents for your business.

Believe it or not these contents are more appreciated by the followers because of their authenticity and unpredictability. This trend is very popular with the brands that deal in with cosmetics to show off certain products.

Choosing user-generated photos can be difficult, but you need to be wise while doing that.Some points help in finding the right one –

  • Check whether the photo is relatable to the image of your brand or it’s against the image.
  • Check the number of followers the users, whose photos are under discussion, has.
  • Check whether the photo you like suits your target audience and the current ones.

8. Start using a hashtag for your brand that is interactive

Instagram Hashtag
Hashtag in Instagram Post

Like mentioned before hashtags play a vital role in being engaging and branding. But to get this work done the hashtag needs to be interactive enough.

Hashtags are good when you are willing to post the user-generated contents as a customer. Other users get to relate with your brand and look for all your posts using this hashtag. Hashtag here will work more like an invaluable keyword.

This is almost like a branding or advertising for free. Whenever these hashtags get used by users, all their followers can get access to your brand.

9. Post when the time is right

The way being pushy is likely to drive your followers away, posting in a wrong time will also affect similarly. All your posts find their way to your followers’ timeline. Too much of post can make them unfollow you.

Be consistent with your post. The idea is to be a part of news feed and not become the only news.

The best time to post is always when you know your followers are online, the peak hours and days of the week.

10. Metric tracking

Instagram will provide you with several tools to keep the metrics of the marketing and your followers in track.  You need to improve your Instagram performance by tracking the follower growth.

11. Use Nametag

Instagram Nametag
Bhupendra lodhi Instagram Nametag

When posting photos on other platform like Facebook, Whatsapp Status use Instagram Nametag on photos to get more followers.

If you will share usefull information related your business then people of your industry will definitely follow you.

Keep following above marketing tips you will be a brand of Instagram marketing.

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Instagram is the ultimate and modern social media platform for every business to start their marketing. Take the right steps, use engaging contents and increase your followers. Partnering with the right influencer can aid this. But do keep track of your followers, posts, their effects and let the business grow.

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