importance of digital marketing

Importance of Digital Marketing for Modern Business

Importance of digital marketing :

When you are starting up a new business, the first concern you have is about the customers. The most difficult task while starting a business is obtaining customers for your business. One needs to consider different marketing strategies to get the desired count of customers and sale value.

If we go back 2 decades, digital marketing concept was not that much in vogue. But, with the increased dependency of human beings on internet, digital marketing has also picked up its motion.

As a matter of fact, in the 21st century, we can’t imagine of a better marketing tactic than digital marketing. For every business, small or big, it has now become an important integral part.

Standard advertisement campaigns are no longer sufficient for growth of any business. Even if you have a website, you need to think more than just advertisements and classifieds.

The world is now turning online for every small issues. When you plan a marketing strategy, you need your online presence too.

It’s high time that we understand the importance of digital marketing for modern business concepts.

The importance when described in brief can be summed up as –

  • Fast way to reach out to enormous target clients
  • Cost-effective marketing strategy
  • Easily measurable
  • Enjoy interactive session with clients and have better understanding of their demand
  • Make a global position in the market
  • More convenient than traditional marketing plans
  • Shares a better brand image with your customers
  • Easy tracking of marketing responses with analytic tools.

Importance of digital marketing for modern business

We will be discussing on the top 10 reason to consider digital marketing as an important tool for business promotion in the modern world.

1. Reach-out to probable customers where they are more available and ready to spend money

Based on the statistical study it is evident that around 85% of the world’s population are active on social media.

Out of them 95.8% are specifically on Facebook and 63.5% on Twitter.

Social media stands as the best platform for people interacting amongst themselves, showing interest about purchasing products, educational exchanges and more.

In fact, it has been observed that 37% of the social media time of these people are used on purchase related interactions.

According to the marketing experts, social media has better contribution towards generation of revenue and increasing the ROI, than any other form of online sale.

But to achieve this revenue from social media, simple posting a content won’t help you. You need more than that.

You need a proper marketing strategy for marketing in social media. Digital marketing works as the perfect tool for reaching out to clients over social media and increasing revenue.

Digital marketers try different marketing strategies, SEO-friendly content being the foremost plan. Thus, you can now reach out to clients over social media when they are active and spread the news.

2. For smaller business entities, the business field is leveled with digital marketing

Since time unknown, we have seen several big shot brands coming into the market and ruining the business of small companies. Big brands like Starbucks, Walmart and more have often opened in a town and people seemed to lose interest in small shops.

Even for online markets, big players like Amazon, increase competition to a great extent. Millions recognize these big brand names and tend to favor these over unknown brands.

What is the key to their brand image? No doubt it wasn’t built in one day. They invested on thoughtful reputation management and marketing strategies to earn this name.

For smaller brands, digital marketing can play a vital role in leveling out these differences.

In the online market your rank in the search engine makes a difference in maintain your reputation. Digital marketing is a tool that ensures you have the topmost ranks and also quality content to attract people.

Try tools like AdWords Services if you want to outrank big shot e-commerce sites.

For smaller organizations, who have smaller budget for advertising, digital marketing is the best opportunity for competing with the bigger brands. You can control your expenditures now in a focused manner. This will surely help you take decisions that are smarter and in favor of your business.

So now field for the business game is leveled for different sizes of business with digital marketing aid. Grab the market with your extravagant products and increase revenue.

3. Digital marketing is more target oriented

Surely, you have certain target in mind when you begin with a regular advertisement for your business. In fact, these regular marketing tools will help you reach good number of people too. But is that all you targeted for your business? Did selective advertisement successfully yield the number of audiences you targeted?

As people go through classifieds, one person shows interest in several items in one go. Are all the interests genuine? How can you tally the demographics to create your clientele?

Digital marketing is a boon here that helps in dissecting these massive demographics easily. With the tools related to online marketing, you can easily segregate the people according to their choices, age, gender etc. Place them under specific group categories and identify who matches your target audience.

If you plan your targeting so well, eventually you’ll end up having customers who are relevant for your business only. Now since the wavelengths of product and demand are at the same level, you can expect better communication between you and your customers and in turn affect your revenue positively. This kind of bonding is otherwise difficult for general advertisements.

To get this work done, try the Search Advertisement technique of digital marketing. This requires strong SEO focus on the content to maintain your SERP. Remember 64% of the traffic you get on your website comes from online searches.

The other name for this technique is Pay Per Click or PPC. PPC is way better technique over organic SEO to assure high rank in search engine. When you use such techniques on customer searching, you get to narrow down your searches based on below categories-

  • Challenge you face in the market
  • Your business Goal
  • Profession of you audience
  • Level of education the customer has.
  • Customer’s behavior towards purchasing
  • And so, on

When you have narrowed down the search to this extent, let’s now crate your online ad contents and attractive web landing pages accordingly. This will ensure better conversion.

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4. Digital marketing can be super personalized

We have already discussed how digital marketing helps in easy targeting. But did you know you can use digital marketing even for narrowing down to the level of individual “segmentation”?

In the online market, this is termed as “personalized” targeting. And this is mainly done through e-mail.

Actually, this is a preferred mode of communication for majority of consumers. Always remember 72% of the audiences you target at personal level prefer e-mail as a mode of personalized communication.

This creates a sense of comfort in people’s mind and they feel safe to purchase the product your sale.

People here enjoy the freedom to unsubscribe from your contents whenever they feel like. But they get relevant deals you earn yourself a repeat client. Naturally, the credit goes to digital marketing.

Digital marketing with e-mail is an advanced approach towards procurement with segmentation, personalization and automation. How personalization helps in business? Let’s see the figures shared by marketers from analytics to understand the benefits –

  • 82% growth in open business rate
  • 75% enhanced rate of click-through from e-mails
  • 58% enhances satisfaction enjoyed by customers
  • 56% sales enhancement
  • 40% reduction in rate of unsubscribing customers
  • 38% increase in web-traffic from repeat clients
  • 5% other benefits

Clearly, digital marketing personalization creates a positive curve in your business. Since you have automation activated in your system, the desired client base is achieved in optimal time frame.

Statistics say that business who apply these methods of automation, personalization and segmentation, share relevant contents 133% of times with their clients.

5. Advanced analytical support

If you are using analytical tools of digital marketing, you can stay updated with all the below information regarding your advertisements and the behavior of the viewers or users –

  • Whether your advertisement or content was actually viewed.
  • Whether the viewers liked your content. The number of viewers who liked it.
  • If the viewers are interacting over your post.
  • Whether some are lingering on your post.
  • Whether the ad is getting shared in the viewers’ circle.
  • If your content is prompting other activities.
  • If the content you used for marketing is fetching you with sufficient sale. If not, where can you improve?
  • You also get to understand the segment of people who are enjoying your posts the most.
  • What are there other preferences?
  • What kind of promotional message add to their interest?
  • Which segment of clients are easier to convert and who spend more money?
  • What is the preferred online activity of the consumers?
  • What are the websites generally visited by them?

One can use free tracking analytics like Google analytics to get a clue on all these topics and develop their business.

This will help you discard unnecessary expenditure and invest in right business for more ROI.

6. Digital marketing assists with easy adaptation and scaling of business

Like any other form of business marketing, you do need to make some investment on digital marketing as well. This will ensure that you have a constant flow of online traffic.

Since already have targeted your customers well and have understood their demands and market trend with analytic help, adapting and scaling your business becomes easier.

Whenever you scale your business for social media campaigns you can estimate your daily expenditure for it. Thus, plan your marketing budget accordingly. With increase in the traffic of your business, though the expenditure increases, you will also observe remarkable growth in your revenue too.

Use the marketing tools wisely and make changes wherever necessary. This will reduce cost, loss of revenue and wastage of time.

7. Digital marketing offers best return on Investment for businesses

Amongst all digital marketing techniques, e-mail promotions have the best ROI in the market. E-mails account for 3800% ROI in a business! Shocking, but very helpful for e-commerce.

But this didn’t happen in a day. To ensure you have such high revenues, you need to ensure the below for factors for marketing –

  • Prepare a list of target audience based on analytics reports
  • Provide subscribers with contents that are relevant
  • Ensure your contents are interactive and attractive
  • Input relevant keywords to stay top of the list

In general, digital marketing combines content marketing and social media marketing to achieve the above and high returns. Content marketing works here for 3X lead generation.

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8. Digital marketing is on the same page as modern shopping trend

What is the modern trend for shopping?

  • 88% consumers consider reviews of other buyers before purchasing a product.
  • 23% of consumers refer to business website post review study.
  • 47% of millennial consumers prefer online promotions over traditional television commercials.
  • 1 trillion users focus on Google search, Facebook and other social media for their product quest.
  • Lastly, the online customer experience ensures repeated visits.

Clearly, your presence in the online market will help you achieve all the above.

It is digital marketing that synchronizes your online business and helps you achieve all the necessary parameters. Some digital marketing hacks that work here are –

  • Make a website user-friendly
  • Create SEO-friendly content for social media promotion
  • Try paid advertisements like Promo-tweets, AdWords etc.
  • Invest on management of reputation
  • Engage with audience

9. Digital marketing helps you to reach customers at their pace

When it comes to promotional ads, people prefer to skip or block them if they are not relevant. They expect you to respect their convenience and avoid being pushy for sales. On the other hand, if you provide them with indirect yet informative sales approach, they might buy it.

People prefer interactive promotions over the traditional commercials. Digital marketing ensures that you reach out to these people at their pace in their preferred way.

10. Integrate your business marketing from mobile

Digital marketing will help you cope with the modern trend of mobile based business. The IBM study reports show 35% increase in the number of mobile-based consumers.

Mobile is now meeting all the online requirement. In fact, a selfie of your consumer at your store works like a promotional activity. It’s high time you integrate the physical, online and mobile experience together to get best results.

You will be able to seek more opportunities with mobile integration. You can now share relevant contents in SMS format and also keep your consumers alerted once you have the marketing tricks synched with mobiles.

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In the modern economic condition, if you want considerable revenue growth in business, you need to have digital marketing support.

Try to implement different methods by considering the importance of digital marketing discussed. You will observe remarkable change in the ROI curve.

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