How to Increase Blog Traffic

How to Increase Blog Traffic – 34 Tips to Follow

You just started a blog and you wondering how to increase blog traffic to have more revenue?

Even you are putting up engaging contents, you don’t seem to get the desired traffic at your blog, do you?

Well, only engaging contents are not sufficient to increase the flow of traffic on your blog.

Here, in this article, I have listed 34 easy hacks that will ensure you have a high flow of visitors at your blog. Using these tips while preparing your blog, the traffic is sure to increase by 425%!

Types of Blog Traffic

Before we hit the road with the 34 hacks to increase blog traffic, it is important for you to understand the types of blog traffics you need to focus on.

Basically, there are 2 types of blog traffics that exist online-

  1. Organic Traffic
  2. Paid Traffic

Each of these types have their own importance for a blog.

Organic Web Traffic

Organic traffic is the natural online traffic you get on your blog. There are no external forces involved in obtaining that traffic.

Organic traffic is the traffic every website or blog receives as a result of people surfing through search engines. So, it can be otherwise referred to as “Search Traffic”. When a person types in a topic or a keyword in search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex, CC Search, DuckDuckGo etc. They are directed to a list of websites or blogs to choose from. The one with the best SERP gets a higher chance of blog traffic.

Organic traffic is also possible as a result of referrals, i.e., when a visitor reaches your blog upon clicking a link at some other website. You can also get natural traffic when the visitor is already aware of your blog URL. This is direct organic traffic. Direct traffic is possible if a visitor accesses your link from an e-mail or types in the URL in the browser.

Paid Web Traffic

Paid traffic is the traffic you create for your website or rather ‘force’ drive to your blog with the help of advertisements.

The most common and probably the bloggers’ favourite way of driving paid traffic is Facebook Advertisement. The other common ones that are put to use for paid traffic are Ads on Twitter, Google Ads, Banner advertisements and similar ones.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to drive paid traffic to your blog.

Now, you need to understand that getting the desired traffic is never the real problem. You can always pay for traffic. In fact, paid traffic is always needed at the beginning to spread the word. The real problem arises when you invest in the wrong marketing strategy.

Once you know the hacks for driving traffic, you will easily get relieved of these problems.

Why Do You Need The Right Kind of Traffic on Your Blog?

While we are discussing the ways to increase blog traffic, it is good to mention that not every visitor has the same impact on your blog or website. You need the “right” kind of traffic to get the desired outcome. Just getting high traffic is not the mantra to a successful blog.

While you try to increase the blog traffic, you need to focus on getting visitors or traffic that are relevant to your blog or website. Increasing the flow of target traffic is the smart way of making your blog a successful one. Whatever tactics we discuss in this article is aimed at driving target traffic to your blog.

So, what do you mean by target traffic?

Target traffic is a situation when the traffic you get at your website, are there for a reason. they visit your blog with a specific purpose. General browsing, without any interest in the contents, will not benefit your website. You need interested people there.

If you know the reaction you expect from people, identifying the targeted traffic becomes easier for you. Knowing what the target audience seeks will also help you improve your blog for the best. When your blog contents and the interest of the visitors, match, you get better conversion.

Hence, it is always suggested, that you go for target traffic for your blog or website.

How To Increase Blog Traffic?

Here in this article, a wide array of traffic driving tricks have been listed. Each of them is effective their on way helpful to increase blog traffic. It is an experimented fact. Many bloggers, who tried using only a few of these hacks got about 400% higher traffic. Quite promising, isn’t it?

Though I am listing 34 of the best hacks for increasing website and blog traffic, start by concentrating on one traffic at a time. You will succeed slowly. It is no rocket science, so don’t expect super-fast web traffic. Once you have tried and got success on one tactic, give it a few months and then switch to something new for better results.

A point to note here, using too many hacks at the same time, might not deliver the desired traffic results.

Increasing traffic on your blog or website is not a difficult job. The 4 major points for you to focus to get that done are-

  1. Change the approach of your blog and focus more on the content
  2. Improve the website that you run
  3. Encourage e-mail marketing strategies
  4. Grasp the knowledge of other blogs and websites

These 4 are the major hacks that or alterations that you need in your blogging style. Apart from these, here we have 34 easy tips or breakdown tips of these 4 major hacks to ensure high traffic on your blog or website.

1. Content Planning to Increase Blog Traffic

Shifting your approach to blog content will require thorough planning. There are different points of consideration here as well. You need to consider your audience before you start planning. All of these need to be done with care, as you determine the fate of traffic on your website right from the time you do the planning.

You can plan a decent content by following these 3 steps carefully-

a. Selection of a meaningful topic:

The first point fo consideration in your blog should be the topic. If you want high traffic on your blog, you need to come up with a topic that people enjoy or at least search for. Choosing an off-beat topic, that doesn’t interest or at least raise a curiosity in people’s mind will not fetch you the desired traffic, irrespective of the content you write.

Definitely you need a good topic in hand first. How would you determine if a topic good? You can always start finding out from other websites and blogs. While referring to other blogs is one option, you might also like to try out these tools-

  1. Google Trends: This is probably the most used Google tools to prepare SEO-friendly content. You need to enter the topic or keyword in mind in the tool and observe the graph of people’s interest. In general, this show much traffic you can expect from the topic if the interest on that topic has decreased or increased over the past years. Having this analysis is great for deciding the topic of the content.
  2. SEMrush: This is a great tool that is widely used for digital marketing. When you input your topic details or your genre of work over here, you will be provided with data from your competitors in the market. You get to see what topics they are writing about and how much traffic you can expect in the coming days from those topics.
  3. BuzzSumo: This software is simple. You will be able to track down which topics are trending in the market and how much revenue are they are earning.

Having knowledge of the trending topics will help you determine the content strategy. You can now focus on the topics desired by your target clients. Providing your target traffic with the target topic is the key to gain more attention.

b. Choose the type of content:

What type of contents are you publishing in your blog or website? Different topics have a demand for different types of contents. For some topics, infographics are considered as more valuable posts, whereas for some, a general article might be helpful.

Some bloggers consider list posts as the best type of content to choose. These contents seem to get fair chances of referrals, thus, a higher chance of traffic.

c. Value addition:

By now, you must have decided on what topic or type of content you would like to go with. It’s now time to make you content more interesting and unique from the rest. there will hundreds of other blogs, if not more, that will be discussing on the same topic. You want to create a distinct memory of your blog beside those.

How can you create a blog content that stands out in the market and attracts more visitor? Value addition is the key to it.

Some common tricks that work here are an in-depth description of the content, adding interesting facts and figures, including some unique thought angles, or usability improvement.

By now, you have a well-planned content ready with you to increase the traffic at your website or blog. It’s time to try other hacks as you move forward.

2. Choosing an Appealing Headline to Increase Blog Traffic

Did you know, readers prefer going through the headlines of contents five-times over reading the body of the content itself? Clearly, headlines of your content matter.

There can be various ways of writing engaging content, but you need to focus on the 2 most important factors behind it-

  • The headline you write works as a promise of delivering certain standards of content. You need to live up to that promise.
  • No matter how you choose to write the headline, an unanswered question needs to be present in it.

If you are not sure of the headline you have in mind, you can always use tools for writing your headlines. The Headline Analyzer tool by CoSchedule is one of the best options to look forward to for the best headline ever.

3. Adding New Vibe to Your Old Contents

People tend to ignore their old contents once they are written. You might get traffic initially, but, slowly the traffic reduces. It is always essential that you keep on updating these old contents.

Updated contents improve the experience of your users. Thus, you enjoy more traffic, more attention from visitors and of course, higher referral traffics. Keeping the freshness of your contents and preventing it from getting outdated is the best way of improving your SEO ranking as well.

You may many blogs at your website that seem outdated. How would you prioritize the work? Try these simple techniques here-

  • Go through the blog analytics or use Google Analytics to distinguish each of your blogs and contents and identify which one gets the best and worst traffic, for which of the blogs have your traffic reduced in past years.
  • You can use Google Webmaster tools to identify a new keyword for your blog that will help you boost the SEO ranking.

Updating your content is not just updating a keyword or adding information. You need to consider the ways you can enhance the experience of your visitors. You need to provide them with content that is helpful for them or at least meets their interests in every possible way.

Post the update, you can publish your content as a new one through the same URL or tag it to the old one with a 301 redirect link.

4. Create a Perceptible Content

Having a perceptible content is an important part of blogging. Visual content is more likely to be shared and referred, leading to higher income.

So, how can you prepare a perceptible content?

  • Add in a good feature image to your blog
  • For facts, you state in your blog, add in charts and graphs to support your data
  • Infographics need to be included in every blog
  • Video addition makes it highly visual
  • Addition of unique or content specific graphic is appreciable
  • Embed device screenshots in the blog
  • Meme inclusion in the modern trend
  • Try adding cartoons to impart humour

Making a blog visual is not that difficult. You can simply use editing tools from websites like Canva and Designcap to create your own blog visuals.

5. Tag in a Social Media Influencer with Your Blog

You may be new to the blogging, but there are social media influencers in the market, you have already explored your niche of the topic. Clearly, they have more influence on the topic than you as a newcomer.

You can try using that person’s credentials in your blog and capture the attention of the influencer along with the followers.

How to tag an influencer to your blog?

Select the name and work of an influencer and link those posts along with your blog when you prepare the next post. However, while doing so, you need to be careful that you have chosen a worthy influencer. Adding any random person will not help much with the traffic. When you promote or appreciate the work of an influencer and acknowledge them, the majority of them tend to pay attention to your work and share that with their audiences. Influencers often prefer to share acknowledgement with their audiences.

This will help you reach out to target client easily. Common platforms where this kind of activities work nicely are Twitter, Instagram, etc.

6. Connect with Influential Bloggers

We already know that support of an influencer is a great way of reaching out to target audience. Take this activity a step ahead and fix an interview with the influencer. Interviewing is often considered as a great way of understanding the perspective of the person and also works as an inspiration to many.

You can use these interview data as your content. How to place these interviews to increase blog traffic? Podcasting or recording the interview data in form of a blog might help here. This works perfectly for building relationships with the influencer. If you have captured a mind-boggling interview, chances are high that the influencer will be tempted to share the interview with their followers, thus helping you increase the traffic.

7. Publishing Group Interview Data

This is step is for those who have successfully got an upper hand with social media influencer interviews. You can now indulge in group-interview. The majority of influential bloggers are mostly willing to contribute their input for blog posts for their success.

Try this out and within just a few days, you will see that hundreds of visitors views, like, and shares of your posts across the websites.

8. Consider Contribution from Influential Bloggers Towards Your Blog

This is a form of reverse guest blogging. Inviting an influential blogger to provide their insight on your blog, is a great way of adding more information on your blog and capturing more audience from the followers of that blogger.

How would you understand which blogger to choose for the best effect? Go through your competitor’s blogs and check if they have any guest blogger on their website. If you get some, you will be easily getting rich-contents for your blog. Regardless of the addition of new data to your blog, you always need to mind your frame before you place your pitch.

9. Monitoring the Trend and Researching Keyword to Strategize the Content

We have discussed this partially while choosing a suitable topic for your blog. You need to follow the trend in the market. See what is selling these days, do your keyword research, and voila – you can now strategically deduce a content that will bring in more traffic to the blog.

However, be careful not to repeat the old story. You do your research, follow the latest trend, but choose a content such that you become the first one to write about it. The uniqueness of your content is the key to high blog traffic.

If you don’t know how to do keyword research successfully, you can always use worthy tools like Trello and Asana. These tools come with features that help in deducing a powerful keyword for your content.

10. Create a Readable Content

The primary criteria for having high traffic on your blog is to provide your users with a readable content. It is well-known that users prefer to informative, crisp contents all the time.

If you want people to like your blog, make it easy navigable, comprehensive yet descriptive. In fact, even the search engines pick up informative articles, rich in keywords, on the top of their lists.

Using tough language or lengthy descriptions or difficult content matter, often put off most of the readers. So, you need something that has easy-to-grasp content in it. You can start with small sentences, visuals, casual tone, and simple words while writing your article.

Tips to creating a readable content

  • Write smaller paragraphs and sentences with enough white space between two paragraphs, making it easier to read.
  • Enhance your typography by choosing simple fonts like Calibri, Arial, etc, decent size of fonts, and of course, line spacing. You can try highlighting or marking important points in Bold to draw attention.
  • You can get a content analysis done from Yoast SEO checker to get the readability score for your article. The SEO tools will give a justified count and help you improve wherever needed.
  • Ensure the content you write is free of grammatical errors. You can use Grammarly to check the content and detect grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors, if any, in your article.
  • Adding visual elements make your content more engaging. Try adding, Images, Videos, GIFs as applicable.
  • Don’t forget to add outsource links when you are referring to some other company, brand, website, or blog in your article.

11. Internal Linking to Increase Blog Traffic

You are already creating high-quality contents. It’s time that you link them from your blog posts to make them more visible. This is an essential part of SEO practices. We call this internal linking.

Reasons behind adding an internal link

  • It helps Google in distinguishing between two contents and understand the relationship between different blog posts and pages.
  • A better understanding of Google triggers a higher rank on the search engine.
  • Strategically placed internal links are good for increasing web page views and reducing the rate of views bouncing back.

Internal links are must if you want high blog traffic.

12. Modernize and Organize Your Web Design

So far we have discussed how we can improve the content of the blog in order to drive more traffic to your blog. Let’s now see how to make changes to the website design to induce higher traffic.

The design of your website impacts your visitors’ reaction. The simpler and easily navigable website you have, the better impact it has on the visitors. A user-friendly website always gets repeat visitor traffic. In fact, some critics will consider your website as an example of an ideally designed website if you can create a smooth operating platform.

To start with, you can use free themes from different website designing tools. You can always hire a professional to get the job done for you. If you have started your blog from WordPress or similar websites, you will easily have access to thousands of templates for the different business niche. Choose an option that matches your website theme or context.

13. Enhance the Load Time of the Website

Loading time is very important when it comes to increasing web traffic. If you have a slow running website, you are sure to lose visitors soon. It affects your web-conversion too.

Nobody likes a slow website. Even your search engine ranks are likely to fall upon using a website with poor load time. It doesn’t give out a soothing user experience.

So, how can you improve your website load time? Here we have 2 simple tools or plugins for your website, that will make your life easier-

  1. Google PageSpeed Insights: Having this tool at your disposal, helps you determine the current load time of your website and also deduce the ideal way to improve it.
  2. LoadImpact: This is a bot more advanced tool than PageSpeed Insights. Here you not only get a fair estimate of your page load time but also get analysis of its impact on the visitors. You will understand well your website hosting is coping up with the spike in traffic.

The best way to enhance your website load time is to get a good web host for your website.

14. Remove Blog Distractions

You might have different elements present on your blog that often blocks the traffic to your website, even without your realization. Go through your blog and website, whether every element here has a traffic increasing purpose.

the most disturbing element to put of visitors from your website is the presence of fo Adblockers. Remember to remove those from your website before publishing your blog.

15. Add Backlinks

Backlinks are incoming links that connect your blogs and web contents with external website source. Backlinks are very influential when it comes to improving your SERP. But getting one can be really difficult, especially if you are new to blogging. But if you manage to get these links, the visibility of your website surely increases.

Tips to arrange for backlinks:

  • Connect with social media influencers and describe them your contents. Request them to link their works with your blog.
  • Write posts as a guest on other Blogs and website to add in your blog link.
  • Interviewing influencers and publishing those contents in your blog. This tempts them to read the interviews and link the blog along with their sites, for their followers to read this piece of article.
  • Adding your website or blog link with all your profiles in social media.

All of these techniques work perfectly for creating a backlink.

16. Visual Content Sharing Option to Increase Blog Traffic

We already know visual contents are important for a strong content.

Well, indeed you will experience a surge in traffic the moment you add visuals to your blog. But it can increase if you don’t make these visuals exclusive. Your readers should be able to share your visuals easily. the more they get to share the visuals, the better visibility you get in the online world.

How to add ready-to-share visuals to a blog?

Sharing visuals have been proved as one of the most effective affiliate marketing procedure. But, the majority of the WordPress-based or similar websites, prevent visuals from getting shared. It can be a little difficult but not impossible to make these visuals ready to share. You must have heard of Pinterest share options? Well connecting your videos or images with Pinterest share is the best way to make this easy-to-share for the readers.

How to go about with it? Very simple. Just add in Social Snap-like plugins to your visuals. The moment you add the plugin, you will see a Pinterest share button appear on your visual content. Sharing media files like this through blogs is the easiest and safest way to do so.

17. “Click to Tweet” Widget Addition to Increase Blog Traffic

“Click to Tweet” widget addition to your website contents is a great way to get more shares on a different social media platform. Naturally, the more shares you get the higher traffic approaches your website or blog.

When you add “Click to Tweet” option to your content, it creates more enthusiasm and earns more appreciation.

How to add “Click to Tweet” widget to your content?

Adding the “Click to Tweet is a simple affair. The process gets simpler if you are using a WordPress website. You just need to add any of these plugins to your website content and the work will be done easily-

  1. Social Snap: We have already discussed this for adding shareable visuals to your content. But this plugin offers more than visual sharing or adding a shareable quotation box to your web content. The plugin is curated in such a manner that it promotes social media sharing and increases web traffic to a certain level.
  2. Better Click to Tweet: This plugin is free and user-friendly. The plugin design is very simple, even an amateur can use this plugin to add in Tweet links.
  3. ClickToTweet: This is probably my final resort. You may visit the website and use the plugin on your blog to increase blog traffic, but I must warn you that it will be a time-consuming procedure. When you use this plugin, all you get to add to your blog is a hyperlink. This is the very basic plugin, so you will not have access to funky quote box here.

18. E-mail Listing to Increase Blog Traffic

Another great way to gain traffic surge at your website is to prepare a strong e-mail list for yourself. This is probably the most dependable option for anyone looking for the most positive effect.

Your social networks and the followers might deplete with time, by the e-mail marketing strategies always work. However, there are 2 major aspects that you need to consider while preparing a strong e-mail list.

  • Make signing up for your e-mail list an easier task for your readers
  • Ensure you have a compelling approach towards the e-mail marketing campaign, to ensure that readers signup for your e-mail listing without hesitation.

Preparing a potential e-mail list is a tedious job and there are several steps to make it happen. But once it’s done, you will enjoy guaranteed high traffic on your website and blog. In fact, the longer the list of e-mail ids you have, the better traffic you can expect.

19. E-mailing Readers with Specific Goal

You must be familiar with the general e-mail marketing trends where you send out e-mails to your readers along with a link to a few of your web contents? This method is effective. But, what if, there were a better way to do this? What if, every mail had their individual goals behind them?

You need to understand that the readers prefer “one at a time” mode of approach. For example, you send your reader an e-mail with a link to a single post. Generally, if it is just one crisp and interesting post, the reader won’t mind opening up the subscription link and going through your blog. But if you share a link that leads to 2 or more blog posts at a time, you will soon see the number of readers reducing through e-mail marketing.

Avoid sending multiple links through one e-mail until you are certain of the reader’s loyalty. Having a goal behind each fo the e-mails is always the best way to acquire more traffic.

20. Auto-Responder for Drip-Feeding Your Listed Readers with the Best Content

This is a good tip for people writing evergreen blogs. If you are one of them, you might want to turn on your auto-responder. Not sure how it helps? Auto-responder is a setup, which when induced on a blog or website, keeps the subscribed readers automatically updated with all the new posts, that gets added to the website.

Having an auto-responder saves you a lot of time. Now you don’t need to invest on mailers to readers who have already subscribed. You can keep looking for new traffic, while the auto-responder ensures the repeat business.

21. A Blog Link with Your E-mail Signature

This is a classic way of driving traffic to your website or blog. Whenever you indulge in an e-mail marketing campaign, you send a mailer with subscription link, followed by your signature. What if, you had added the link to your latest blog in the signature? This is definitely a thoughtful way of increasing traffic at your blog.

If you can easily add a web link or a link to a particular blog in your e-mail. But how do you ensure that every time you send an e-mail, the link is updated with the latest blog? Try using Wisestamp. This tool will help you create an updated and attractive signature with your desired link.

23. Regular Old Blog Sharing on Social Media to Increase Blog Traffic

How many blogs do you write in a day? The majority of the bloggers will say only one in a day. There is no harm with publishing only one article in a day and sharing it with social media. But, do you realize that owing to the high competition of bloggers in platforms like Facebook and Twitter, your post will soon go missing from the timeline? In a very short time, a lot of people not even notice your presence.

So, how can stay in the limelight?

I suggest you re-post or share your old articles on social media platform on regular basis throughout the day. If you think you are too busy to get it done all day long, you can always set up an automatic sharing process.

Try using advanced tools like Revive Social or Buffer to post your old blogs automatically on social media. However, Buffer calls for daily manual feeding of bulk-blogs in order to share your old blogs automatically.

24. Don’t Fall For Potentially Harmful Link Generating Tactics

This might seem illogical at first, but it is always best to avoid any such dangerous links. It might work initially, but with time, the traffic on your website will reduce as Google or similar search engines don’t find these dodgy tactics poor for SEO. You don’t want to generate a link that is not appreciated by Google.

check out the correct approach you need to have while building a link, rather than choosing some easy, unethical hacks.

25. Being Active on Social Networking Sites

We all know social media as the best platform to drive traffic to a blog or website. But, it is only possible when you are an active social media networking person. Nothing can happen effectively if you are not present.

By being present, I mean social interaction. As soon as you post your blogs on social media platforms, you need to start engaging with your followers, friends, and others on the list. Engaging with them and addressing their queries is the best way to keep their interest level high and drive traffic to the website.

26. Explore Other Social Media Options

The common social media platform where the majority of the bloggers are spending their time are Twitter and Facebook. But, there are other platforms as well.

Why don’t you try to get more readers from these networks where the competition is low?

Obviously, to drive traffic with these social networking sites, you need to have an engaging content, following the current trend.

27. Join Communities Online

Joining an online community like Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Groups, or Reddit, is a great way to drive traffic to your blogs. These are forums where you come across like-minded people, who might be interested in your posts. The engagement and interaction are quite high on these platforms.

However, if you are posting your blog links on communities, you need to first build your rapport or reputation here. Force posting too many blogs at these platforms might lead to the moderators considering your posts as spams and blocking you out in a long run.

28. Join Your Triberr Tribe and Get Other Bloggers

Tiberr is a social media platform, exclusively created for bloggers. This is a platform where one blogger can connect with another having similar interests and share their contents easily. Traffic driving over here works on reciprocation, i.e., to get more shares, you need to share others’ contents as well.

How to join your Triberr Tribe?

The steps are very simple-

  • Open Tiberr and register for an account
  • Add in the RSS feeds
  • Locate a relevant tribe on the website and apply to unite with them
  • The Tribe head or admin needs to approve this application to let you join the tribe.
  • Once in the tribe, all the fellow tribesmen get access to the blogs you post

You can also start your own Tribe and invite other people, especially influencers to join your coven.

29. Direct Blog Posting on LinkedIn to Increase Blog Traffic

LinkedIn is not more the social media platform where people interacted for professional reasons. The social media site comes with a special platform for publishers, called the Pulse. From this platform, you can now directly post your blog on LinkedIn.

The platform is designed to random pick blogs and display them on Pulse, thus leading to chances of higher traffic. However, one must not forget that this platform is still favoured business-oriented blog contents.

30. Provide Genuine Positive Comments on Others’ Blogs

Leaving a genuinely helpful comment on someone else’s blog is a great way to get noticed and drive traffic. But, you can’t do that randomly. Commenting on any random blog and sharing your backlink can be harmful as well. You need to focus on bloggers on your personal niche and build a relationship first. Try commenting on their blogs after you have got a strong bond. This will drive better traffic.

31. Try Paid Traffic Tactic to Increase Blog Traffic

So far, whatever we have discussed, are majorly free hacks to increase blog traffic for you. But, even if you have not paid money to get the traffic, you are likely to end up investing a lot of your time.

It doesn’t always have to be a high payment to drive quality traffic to your website. There are many tools and platforms that will help with high-quality paid traffic on your website for a nominal charge. You can try using two of my favourites for this purpose. You only pay for signing up and hardly pay extra for a high surge in website traffic. These platforms are StumbleUpon Ads and Outbrain.

32. Join a Q and A Website

When you search online, have you noticed that answers from websites like TripAdvisor or Quora, outrun the search engine ranks of other websites? Question and Answer forums are a great platform for interactions, and in fact, they are a community in themselves.

Joining such platforms is a wise way to create an impression in the online viewers’ mind. As you answer many questions, related to your niche, on these platforms, you write contents that remain on the website for a longer duration. But doing this you ensure a daily flow of traffic to your blog from these websites.

This is not only about sharing your blog links on these platforms. You need to actually answer the questions of curious visitors to get noticed. You need visibility before you promote your blogs.

33. Get Your Friends and Family Members to Share Your Post

This is probably the easiest way to get some traffic on your website. The process of working is very simple, you send your blog links to your family members and friends over social media platforms and ask them to read it and share it with others.

Provided you had a strong content in your blog, the referral chain slowly increases, giving you high traffic on your blog.

34. Gather Social Proof of High-Quality Content

Like our natural social behaviour, human being prefers to have proof in hand to appreciate blog contents. Proof on social media has worked as a high influence for many readers before the could decide on the quality of the content.

There are many ways you can add social media proof to your content, such that people get convinced easily upon seeing them and take a step forward to visit your blog and read the content.

  1. Add a form for feedback on your blog, requesting readers to leave their reaction and observation on the blog page recorded.
  2. Directly gathering testimonials of readers
  3. Article rating
  4. Viewers review
  5. Share the number so social media share and likes, email listing subscription, numbers are the best proof of your quality.

Deducing the Best Strategy to Increase Blog Traffic

We have discussed the 34 ways to increase blog traffic. There can be many more options for this. But regardless of the number of options of tactics you come across, I would always suggest you stick to one hack at a time.

You should always start by developing your content quality and website speed. The rest will follow automatically.

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