how to get followers on Tumblr

How to get followers on Tumblr? 10 Working Techniques to Grow

The present-day world is all about social media. We try to post the best of our pictures to gain more and more likes and comments. For that, we tend to crave more followers on our social media handles be it Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat. These cravings for followers are not just limited to social media platforms but also to many of the blogging websites, video creation websites, and whatnot.  This article will talk about one such renowned website called “Tumblr”. And provide you with some most easiest and innovative ways on how to get followers on Tumblr.


how to get followers on Tumblr

Founded in 2007 by David Karp, Tumblr is an American microblogging and social media website. It is owned by Yahoo! Inc. and works just like Twitter. It allows you to post various videos, audio, and short blogs. It gives you the facility of writing blogs both privately and publically. Users can also follow the blogs of other users. Thus, similar to other social media sites, it works by posting content and getting more followers, likes, or comments.

Currently hosting more than 529 million blogs, Tumblr is one of the most used and most famous microblogging sites. But when you have an account on any such website, there comes a responsibility on you to post contents that can attract people to follow your account. This also means that it is not at all easy to get followers on Tumblr especially when you are someone who has recently joined it.

So in order to make this tough task easy for you, we have listed below some ways by which you can get more followers on Tumblr.


In order to build your profile on Tumblr and get more traffic on your account you must follow the steps given below;

  1. Choose your niche – restricting your content in the right manner helps you to create effective content on Tumblr. Go with a specific topic and specially something you are passionate about. It can be anything like technologies, traveling, books etc.

Also, it is not that by restricting content you are lacking topics, rather you can club vast topics for the same types of blogs. For example, we have a blog on HOW TO START A BLOG. Which talks about starting your own blog. Our blog MAKE MONEY WITH BLOGGING is also about writing a blog but it is more focused on making money through it. Thus you have to narrow down your content but at the same time ensure that you are passionate about the topics that you write.

  1. Follow as many people as you can- in order to create more blog traffic you must ensure that you follow effective people from your account. By effective people it means those people who are at the top of a particular industry, people who follow you, people who repost your blogs, or simply those who post interesting content.
  2. Reblogging- re blogging as the name suggests refers to posting someone else’s blog on your own timeline. One must engage into the habit of reblogging some great quality content at least one to three times a day. You can use a tool called queue which enables you to fill up to 300 posts.  Not only has this it also enabled you to set a post limit to automatically publish it any number of times you want it to get published. You can always find great contents to repost from the popular accounts that you might be following or some of the known accounts.
  3. Commenting- you must ensure that you are not vaguely seeing other posts. You must start liking and commenting on the post that you actually like and appreciate the other person. Your comments can make them follow your account and even give you a chance to interact with you. This technique of commenting on others posts gives you more exposure and gets more online attention at the same time leads to more traffic at your Tumblr account.
  4. Use popular hashtags – another way of boosting followers on your Tumblr account is by using relevant and popular hashtags in your blogs. Hashtags in Tumblr are nothing but keywords that can make your blog easily searchable on Tumblr. The tags must not be random. You must ensure that the hashtags that you use are relevant and associate with the type of content you are posting. They must be relevant hashtags to the contents you are tagging.
  5. Pictures- blogging is never just about the text that you write, it’s also about the pictures that you upload or share. And Tumblr being one such image based website it is easier to get more online attention by uploading interesting, hilarious or wicked pictures. You must use some creative technique of making pictures. For example you may create your own GIFS or memes. One must not forget the fact that we live in the era of forwards and one thing that gets forwarded the most are memes.
  6. Timing- yes timing matters a lot! One must be aware about what time their audience is most active and post contents accordingly in order to get more views resulting in greater traffic. A research by the union metrics states that the most probable time to post contents on Tumblr is between 5:00pm to 1:00 am, since mostly users are active in between this frame of Time. Thus you must post on a correct time in order to get more online attention thereby resulting in more followers on Tumblr.
  7. Socializing- well, we all have Instagram and Facebook accounts right? Social media is the most popular platform for interactions. Hence, you must make new friends on your social media and then share your Tumblr blogs with them to attract traffic. This facility of sharing posts on social media is already available on Tumblr by default. Yes you heard it correctly! Tumblr allows you to share your post on Facebook, twitter etc. Without installing any supplementary mechanisms. Not only you can share your blogs but people who view your blog would be able to share it on their social media accounts. Hence you must always provide with the contents that are easy to share like images, GIF etc.
  8. Grooming- now imagine that while scrolling down the page you encounter something with bright colors and big pictures. Would you not stop to look at that?. Of Course you would. Thus, you must ensure that you make your Tumblr design appealing and intriguing. Though you have a variety of free themes available in Tumblr already, you can purchase a few additional theme packs to attract more viewers. Remember that great blogs stay a bit longer.
  9. Observing- keeping a check on how your followers behave is obviously important. You must introspect about the followers you have on Tumblr and what they want. This is one major thing that leads to an increase in your followers list on Tumblr. You must take care about the behaviour of your followers and what brings them to follow you. After suitable conclusions you must analyses what works out for you and what not and then do the changes accordingly.


Here are a few of the advantages of using Tumblr.

  1. Tumblr displays structured information in a presentable manner.
  2. It provides you with ample formatting tools
  3. It has free templates and also provides you with a number of appealing templates at a very low rate.
  4. It has a very wide reach among users which also provide a wider scope of producing a variety of content that they might associate or respond to.
  5. It helps to promote business also
  6. It provides you with a chance of following blog pages on very special topics which are highly up to the mark and great.
  7. It is an accessible application and can be easily installed in cell phones.
  8. Other than being free, it is an easy way to interact with people socially.


Here are some of the disadvantages of using Tumblr.

  1. You cannot get a hold of detailed statistics on Tumblr
  2. It can be a very tiring task to reblog items from some other Tumblr account to your own account and sometimes redirects your page multiple times.
  3. It is sometimes unsafe for some sort of contents
  4. You have to choose display formats from the templates.
  5. Tumblr lacks the availability of sorting options.
  6. It can sometimes be really hard to get followers on Tumblr.
  7. It is also possible that you might get followers that are clearly not interested in your content but only want to promote themselves.
  8. Some themes on Tumblr have issues and don’t function properly.


A person who feels the disadvantages of Tumblr are more significant to them can always go for other blogging sites or applications. Here are some most popular alternatives to Tumblr along with their websites given below;

  • WordPress
  • one of the most popular alternatives of Tumblr is WordPress. Having strong robust support, WordPress is significantly customisable. It provides you with options like multi-user supply, administrative features, SEO, and also custom tags. It is best suited for people who are blogging for the first time as it helps you to start your first blog without any wait and that too free of cost.

    how to get followers on Tumblr

  • Soup
  • despite its name, what makes it popular is its resemblance with Tumblr. Soup has quite a similar interface and features to that of Tumblr. Similar to Tumblr it allows you to post anything from a simple GIF to a whole video. You can import content from various other social media platforms easily.

    how to get followers on Tumblr

  • Blogger
  • is a blogging platform owned by tech giant Google, and is also one of the best alternatives to Tumblr. With an integration of the Google AdSense program and updated design, it has become the most eye alternative to Tumblr. Despite being backed by Google though, blogger has limited plugin support and doesn’t allow you to post your blog on a web server.

    how to get followers on Tumblr

  • Medium
  • as the name indicates, it’s a platform or a medium for people who love to write and communicate their ideas to the world, without having to think about the number of views or traffic. It is because the medium aims more at producing quality content and publishing content that can associate with people. You can repost, tag, or follow other authors’ writing as well.

    how to get followers on Tumblr

  • PostHaven
  • it’s not a free alternative but yet a fair alternative to Tumblr. It charges $5 per month for a blog account but provides you with an everlasting service. One of the most exciting features is that it provides you with password-protected blogs. One must keep in mind though that it doesn’t have a facility of starting a blogging account on a trial basis. You have to make a payment anytime you want to make a blogging account.

    how to get followers on Tumblr


    Tumblr being a very renowned and popular microblogging website comes with its own pros and cons. It might not be easy to make followers on Tumblr but if you keep something’s in mind in making and posting content on Tumblr, then you can achieve it. The advantages and disadvantages of Tumblr are dependent upon its significance and usage of the people. Those who aren’t happy with it can always go for other alternatives mentioned above.


    What is the daily limit of posting content on Tumblr?

    The daily Post limit is 250

    Who founded the medium?

    Medium is founded by the ex-chairman and CEO of Twitter.

    Is it possible to change your queue settings in Tumblr?

    Yes, it is possible to change your queue settings on Tumblr by going to the menu on the right.

    What are the most active days to post content on Tumblr?

    Saturday and Sunday are the most active days of posting content on Tumblr.

    What is the Best Time to post content on Tumblr?

    Anytime between 5 pm to 1 am is the Best Time to post content on Tumblr. 42% of Tumblr activities happen during this time period only.

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