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7 Best Facebook Marketing Strategy in 2021

In the world of digital marketing, using Facebook as the fastest mode of communication and advertising, is not all a new concept.

With the change in market and use of social media, Facebook benefits have also changed positively. Now you can easily host video calls, enjoy chatbox product selling, serve as the top source of news in the market. In short, Facebook has become that one portal serving every business need.

Its really shocking yet welcoming news that the Facebook is being used by millions, say about 20% population of the world for business and marketing purpose. The numbers are still increasing daily.

We consider the usage of Facebook Globally; the popularity of the website is evident. If we consider an average count, studies clearly show that people tend to use it for at least an hour on daily basis. Looks like social networking through Facebook is now the biggest mode of communication.

The topics are not restricted to mere greeting obviously. People are using the platform for small branding activity; individual promotions and the business pages are definitely getting used for marketing.

Steps to Increase Business Opportunities with Facebook Marketing

Facebook stands as an option for inbound marketing strategy for those who wish to use the portal for business. By this inbound marketing plan, you get to relate and helpful to the audience you are targeting.

A step by step brief guide to go about with business marketing can be stated as below –

  • Open Facebook and set up a page for business profile
  • Think of promotions and get Facebook likes
  • Sort out the type of posts you can put up in you Facebook page.
  • Get involved in a thorough marketing strategy through Facebook.
  • Check the Facebook Analytic to keep a track of marketing and measure the results.
  • Use advertisements on Facebook.

While you start with these step by step plans you need to keep in mind, business in Facebook requires you to transparent and authentic. You need deliver a standard quality Facebook content to your audience that serves their purpose.

Facebook marketing is a not a day’s job. It calls for a long-term and consistent commitment from your end.

Why Should One Use Facebook for Business Marketing?

Facebook has long proved that it is more than just a social media networking platform. Its lot more than that. People here get a wide chance of promoting themselves, their business, look for new opportunities, discuss thoughts etc.

Some basic reasons for choosing Facebook as a marketing platform can be briefed as:

  • As mentioned before, people give a huge amount of time to Facebook. Study results show that people spend about 15 – 20 percent of their days’ time on Facebook on an average.
  •  Again, a huge amount of world population, about 30%, get involved in Facebook daily. If we combine the numbers, one can clearly see the business opportunity and ease in getting target clients on Facebook.
  • A sad reality of Facebook however, it that, only an average of 0.5% Facebook users have the access to Business pages. Privacy policies keep business pages mostly hidden since the Organic reach is reducing. Definitely a big reason for marketing here.
  • Facebook indulges in using top quality contents for customers. With Facebook Advertisements, the capability of these contents is enhanced.
  • Facebook is a platform that allows you to target your customers by setting filters for connections, behavior, interests, gender, age, demographic and location with the help of the Facebook advertisements.
  • Facebook is a platform that gives you an opportunity for remarketing and combine marketing. Facebook advertisements are created with such a technology that the ads are shared with clients every time they use a mobile application, visit your website or visit any website through these Facebook ads. In fact, it shares the client’s mail id with the business user.
  • Facebook ads are very strong in increasing visitor traffic at your website. When you use these ads to connect to your website, you add a cookie to it. This leads to remarketing. Then comes the trick of demographic and behavioral filtering to have a clue about the customer potential. This can generate some strong lead for your business and help in conversion.
  • The new Facebook Call buttons work like miracle. The call button sends direct business requirement from the Facebook ads.
  • Facebook advertisement tolls are great when it comes to controlling the ads in specific spaces. You don’t want to seem too pushy yet want to grab the market.

How Can You Arrange for More Facebook Fans and Likes?

Once you have created your business page in Facebook, it is obvious that you will like it to have fans and likes. Likes are business important to kick start any business in social media platform. The success with the likes is however dependent on the goals you have for business.

To start kick start the process the first thing to keep in mind would be not to buy any fan or likes from any company to increase your credibility.

In general, these bought likes are from fake and compromised Facebook accounts, making future prosperity of the business to be an unlikely affair.

Now that we know we are not to buy likes; we need to know how to earn them –

  • When you create your business page, you need to put a summary of your business, rich in keywords, in the ‘About’ section of the business page you create.
  • If you have any personal account in Facebook, tag the business page there and share the page with your known connections. If you are not sure whom to connect with, look for options that say, “Know friends who might like your Page?”
  • Beware of spam marketing on Facebook. You don’t want to seem too pushy while business promotion, by marketing to uninterested connections.
  • You can send invitation to friend, colleagues to like your business page
  • Build a Facebook community that is always engaged and active.
  • If you have successfully influenced people and made community, its time to post contents that are engaging and helpful. This encourages your followers to like and share your page.
  • If your followers have messaged you with queries, you want to get back to them fast. This will help you earn a Facebook Badge of credibility.
  • Make an interactive strategy to keep your followers engaged and to get more likes.

Some other mode of promoting you Facebook page can be via your business website. This can be easily done with the help for Plugin and iframe codes.

You also need to spread an awareness of your Facebook pages to your existing customers, if you are not a start up company. You need get creative here.

Retailers can try the Facebook Stickers and customized Facebook URLs on their receipt to spread the word. E-commerce websites can do the same and add Facebook Page link to their website. You can also send mail alerts to your existing clientele.

Lastly, try to promote the Facebook page with help of other social media platforms like LinkedIn.

Preparing a Strategy for Facebook Marketing

Now you have a Facebook Page and you have followers to like and share your page. Now you need to make a strategic planning for the Facebook marketing. When you plan its of utmost important to have a clue on when and what to post for Facebook marketing.

To make a strategy successfully, the first thing to do would be identifying the target Facebook audience. Then you divide the strategy –

  1. Develop a proper content mix that helps in result driving.
  2. Schedule posts for editorial Facebook calendars.
  3. Explore more opportunities that Facebook provide to connect with more prospects.

Now comes the points that help you plan the strategy-

1. Identifying the Correct Audience

To do this, you go a step backward and identify the buyers or customers you wanted to target. Prepare contents according to these fictional buyers need and understand if this will also satisfy the audience you might have in Facebook. The post needs to tweak up your position by reaching the real customers.

To improve your chances, you do a research on the competitors and their audience, take references, connecting with more people etc. Study the below points to filter smoothly –

  • The quality of visual effects
  • Frequency of posts preferred
  • Mix of the contents used by others to promote
  • How much engaging posts are required and how much like, share or comment do they get
  • Business quality and response from the competitor

2. The Insight of Your Audiences

Facebook has a tool for analysis of advertisements, known as the Audience Insight, that works well for understanding the audience reaction. This give a thorough data on the audience behavior and demographics. You can plan your ads accordingly.

If you are using the insight tool you can get deeper into it to get more information on the client locations, their engagement frequency, type of device used etc.

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3. Facebook Content Calendar Creation

Social media or Facebook content calendar is a tool that helps you keep a track of all the ads, posts and contents on a daily basis and manage them all proficiently.

It is more like spreadsheet for you to advance mention your posts and reserve a specific time slot for them. This an organizer keeping all the below information –

  • Social media platform Tabs
  • Daily schedule with detailed time slot division
  • Columns mentioning name of campaign, link, image, message and count of character.
  • Monthly grid view for larger campaign plotting.

4. Facebook Post Scheduling

Facebook Post Scheduling

Facebook marketing doesn’t mean you are not allowed a vacation. You can automate and schedule the posts you wish to circulate well in advance to make your life easier.

When you have created the post and its ready to go live on timeline, you have an option to Schedule it for later, with a specific date and time instead of option for share now.

To schedule in bulk, there is a Facebook tool for every business page, called the publishing tool.

5. When to Post and When Not To

When should post on facebook

You can’t just post about your business contents anytime. You need to seize the ideal time to do the job best.

The ‘when’ factor is solely dependent on few business factors like

  • Goals
  • Location
  • Industry
  • Target audience

This leads to the concept of creating a content that is engaging rather than posting too many at a time.

6. Facebook Lead Generation

Depending on the business goals, target client and your post quality, the number of views, likes and shares of your Facebook page with vary.

But Facebook can be a great platform for generation of leads. To get this job done, you need to plan such that the posts you share lead to lead generation forms to collect data. Some techniques that does the work –

  • Your landing pages that have offers
  • Use blog posts that have history of conversion and lead generation
  • Offer videos
  • Create events that people might like to join
  • Facebook Live sessions to work as reminders
  • Webinars and Facebook events to remind about that

To generate moreleads, one can also use Facebook Leads Ads. This helps the customers to have access to your offers even without leaving the Facebook page.

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7. Facebook Bots

This is a mode of artificial Facebook Intelligence. Facebook bot is a tool that is programmed with texts to communicate smoothly with humans and seek information or perform particular task automatically.

Track and measure the results of Facebook marketing with analytics.

If you have successfully started the process of Facebook marketing, you need to keep a track of outcome with proper analytical measures.

If you are not measuring proper, you will definitely underperform. Some Facebook analytic tools to help you here are –

  • Usage of Facebook Insight Page
  • Net Likes is a tool to track the likes you have on your page
  • Check the Reach tool to get the number of audiences you reached with your posts
  • Page view tool gives a graphical view of the top sources, references etc.
  • Posts is a tool that helps identify online fans


Apart from all the above, Facebook advertisement campaigns are really helpful when you target huge scale of business.

Use all Facebook marketing strategy you can top grab more social media attentions. The Inbound strategy has proved to be the best so far

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