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Top 10 Free Email Marketing Tools in 2021

Email marketing tools : E-mail marketing had been a trending Digital marketing form for a very long time now. But like other forms of marketing, there is a constant evolution in this as well.

While many forms of online marketing came and became obsolete, email marketing is ruling the market to this date, accounting for 87% of the market promotion strategies in the B2B market.

The credit for this goes entirely to the email marketing tools used for the new strategies.

Even though the online marketing scenario with e-mails have evolved so much, companies face challenges because of the effort and time invested in it.

The tools used so far for the marketing were mostly time consuming in nature.

The good tools even came with a cost. But that is history now. How would you feel if we say there are free tools and fast performing tools available in the market now to improve the email marketing experience?

Well, there are many such options and in this article we will be discussing about 10 such free tools.

Important Features of Email Marketing Tools

Before we get into free email marketing tools, let’s have a look at the features we are need for faster e-mail marketing services-

  • Automation of e-mails and messages that are to be sent to the clients on your e-mail list
  • A responsive e-mail layout like that of HTML
  • Advance maintenance of the e-mail list
  • Built-in compliance of your e-mail with CAM-SPAM
  • The integration of the e-mail services should be easy to handle or user-friendly
  • A dedicated IP address along with the e-mail ID
  • e-mail delivery assistance or delivery alerts to ensure smooth conveyance of the message

When the tool meets all these important features, it’s going to work in a fine way and provide excellent marketing results. This will surely save a lot of your time. As a top-up if you get these tools for free, you have surely got your hands on the perfect marketing tool.

Top 10 Free Email Marketing Tools in 2021

We understand the basic features of a fast working marketing tool, we also need something that comes free and reduces the cost of marketing. Considering these requirements we have listed 10 such tools which makes email marketing a wonder strategy for promotion.

1. Hubspot

email marketing tools

HubSpot is the marketing tool that is used worldwide because of the excellent platform of automation. They launched their email marketing tool that is ideal for transactional email service in smaller business organizations. Regardless of the type of email, you wish to send to the customer, the free tool version of HubSpot will make it happen in no type. Transactional emails that you can send by using the tool are-

  • Offers and promotional mails
  • Campaigns for new products
  • Informative alerts
  • A “thank you” version of email

Features that make HubSpot such a tool-in-demand in the world-

  • The basic tool can be used under a free plan
  • It offers a user-friendly interface to the user
  • There is a great integration between the e-mail promotion tool and other tools in the software
  • You get easy access to the free CRM tool of the software
  • The tools help in creating a consolidated database, prepare an email list from the same, and send emails
  • You can track your marketing performance and manage it from this software

Basic Plan:

  • Create 5 smart email list and 25 static ones
  • Send 2000 emails in a month

Paid Tool:

  • Basic paid plan begins from $40 per month
  • Professional plan starts from $800 per month
  • Enterprise plan starts from $3200 per month

2. Sender

email marketing tools
The templates of Sender marketing tool

If you want guaranteed deliverability in the market, then you need to get the free marketing tool from the Sender. They are the best when it comes to automated email marketing services. One doesn’t need to have much of a knowledge about HTML while using the tools here. Anyone can create a newsletter on this tool. The features that make this tool so famous can be explained as-

  • Guaranteed delivery of emails every time you send one in the email list.
  • Highly user-friendly for beginners
  • Option to customize your email templates by including images, texts, and videos
  • You can customize the newsletter individually for your customers for a stronger impact and a personal touch
  • The software uses robust analytics to measure the performance of email marketing
  • You can now easily track if the sent mail has been opened and also get alerts when an unseen mail gets opened
  • Assists in easy sorting of profiles of customers based on their subscription, which in-turn helps in marketing strategy optimization

Basic Plan:

  • Get about 2500 subscribers
  • Send up to 15000 emails in a month

Paid Tool:

The paid package costs $10 in a month

3. Sendinblue

tools for email marketing

Sendinblue platform doesn’t exclusively serve the purpose of email marketing, there is more to it. If you have this software for business, you can easily control the customer experience with customer relations support, or design an ideal landing page for your website. You can choose the email design from 70+ templates for email designing. We can easily note these features as the key to the success of this marketing tool-

  • Suits marketing, customer support, and web development criteria
  • Attractive email creation is very easy with the tool
  • Get 70+ responsive templates to create the best email
  • Check the email before sending it the customers with the preview feature of this tool
  • Targeting clients and optimizing email list for marketing is very easy

Basic Plan:

Send up to 300 emails in a day or 9000 emails in a month

Paid Tool:

Paid packages costs $25 in a month

4. Omnisend

Omnisend is an email marketing tool that offers an excellent platform for sophisticated e-commerce websites, that also integrates or unites other platforms of communication together. the free tool of this software email marketing support that is suitable for a medium-sized or smaller business organization. However, the features of the free plan that serves business purpose successfully are-

  • Provides excellent automation for sending emails
  • The automation is triggered based on the behavioral characteristics of the analytics
  • You can time your emails based on the convenience of your customers
  • The comprehensive insight reading tool assists in the creation of relevant mails
  • There is an important feature called Proud Picker in this that helps you select different products for your newsletter in no time.
  • Optimize the performance of your email by adding discount vouchers, scratch cards, similar promotional products

Basic Free Plan:

Send a maximum of 2000 emails in a day and 15000 in a month

Paid Tool:

Paid Package costs $16 in a month

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5. SendPulse


Though SendPulse wants their image to grow as a platform with multi-channel marketing advantages, the email marketing tools of this software are the only ones that have gained popularity worldwide. The email features of the tool that makes then so popular are-

  • The templates available on the email builder tool for customization are all professionally-designed
  • This tool uses a simple drag-and-drop email creator
  • You can activate automation for sending emails at the right moment by setting variable parameters to trigger the automated act
  • The user of the tool can now identify the subscriber who is valuable for the business with the feature of rating subscribers
  • You can analyze and manage the subscription rating
  • Customization of the email templates is possible by adding an editable text field

Basic Plan:

  • Add about 2500 subscribers in a month
  • Send about 15000 mails in one month

Paid Tool:

Paid package costs about $7.88 in a month

6. Benchmark Email Marketing Tools

email marketing tools
Benchmark Email Automation Tool

Benchmark Email has successfully created a great tool for designing emails that are both attractive and responsive. Regardless of the device used to open these emails, they will always look excellent and get more subscribers. The editing features are exceptionally great and we can explain them as-

  • The editor platform allows the addition of images, texts, stickers, and even effects
  • Availability various email templates that can be segregated based on the occasion, type, and industry
  • there is a code editing tool that helps in creating HTML emails
  • There is a dual-preview mode to preview the email as you create it.

Basic Plan:

  • Get about 2,000 subscribers
  • Send around 14,000 emails in a month

Paid Tool:

Paid Package costs $13.99 in a month

7. Mailchimp

You must have heard of Mailchimp, the leading email marketing company? They are leading the market with exceptionally advanced tools for email marketing. However, the free tools of this software allows only these features to perform-

  • Scheduling and creation of new email formats.
  • There are smart features for recommendations as well.
  • The analytics helps you to get a better insight into the customers’ behavior and optimize the marketing strategies
  • You can use the Content Manager Tool to design new emails, save them, and store them for future access
  • Email automation is possible
  • Send reminders to your clients

Basic Plan:

  • Get about 2,000 subscribers every month
  • Send around 10,000 emails in a month

Paid Tool:

Paid Packages costs $9.99 in a month

8. MailerLite

MailerLite stands out in the online marketing forum as one of the leading names for email marketing because of its sophisticated marketing tools and customization properties. This is definitely the most popular free tool in the market that is used for marketing purposes. The free features that won over many hearts are-

  • The email editing tools come with special editor tools for website landing pages and also for customization of the pop-up notifications
  • You can create your email, using the new drag-and-drop email builder tool
  • Select from an array of templates present in the email builder app
  • Editing the texts in your email and newsletter is also easy
  • The editor also permits addition and modification of images in the newsletter and email body
  • It has a landing page editor that matches the design of the landing page with the email format that drives more business to your business

In short, the email marketing tools here serve the tight purpose of creating attractive and responsive emails. Plus, there is the benefit of customization that gives a sense of personal touch in every email you send. Using the tools get further exciting as you get to try the split tests and by trial and error method check on the response, each variation of emails getting. Knowing the format that attracts more people will help you convert more leads.

Apart from the exciting features, you can also use this marketing tool to pull out performance reports. the report you get is comprehensive and shows the results of each campaign you have driven so far. From the stats of the report you can easily determine-

  • Subscription and un-subscription rate
  • Rate of email opening
  • Rate of click on offers, and many more

Basic Plan:

  • Get about 1,000 subscribers in a month
  • Send around 12,000 emails in one month

Paid Tool:

The Paid packages cost about $10 in a month

9. Mailjet Email Marketing Tools

email tools you get from Mailjet are collaborative and intuitive and are highly suitable for campaigns you lead for marketing. The tools come with several templates that you can choose and customize according to your mailing needs. The features of this tool that makes it one of the best in the market are-

  • The collaboration features help in team work enhancement
  • Emails so created with the tool can be opened in any device
  • Create relevant and personalized emails by adding dynamic contentws
  • CRM integration and emailing list management is easy with the tools

Basic Plan:

  • There is no limit to subscription and contact building
  • Send about 6,000 mails in a month

Paid Tool:

Paid costs about $8.69 in a month

10. Moosend

The email marketing tool from Moosend has earned its name because of its automation features that save time on repetitive works. These tools-

  • Allows behavioral email automation based on subscribers
  • The advanced tools are great for email segmentation that increases open-rate of every campaign emails
  • Get reports on each campaign to measure performance, improve and optimize as needed
  • App integration is possible with the tool
  • One of the greatest features of this free tool is that the logo of this brand never reflects in the emails

Basic Plan:

  • Get around 1,000 subscriptions in a month
  • No limitations on campaign emails

Paid Tool:

Paid package costs about $10 in a month

Conclusion on Email Marketing Tools

The majority of the free email marketing tools have sturdy features and they don’t require up-gradation to a paid plan.

If you run a small business then these free tools are sufficient for you to run your monthly product campaigns and convert leads from that.

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