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Term and Conditions

All the terms and conditions on BHUPENDRA LODHI have been made keeping in mind the convenience and safety of all Readers and Subscriber.

No information is ever asked on this BLOG except for the name and email address, because this blog is designed to provide only one information.

If you buy any service from us then we ask your name, billing address, mobile number and some other information as per goverment rules to process payment safely.


All the articles on BHUPENDRA LODHI are made by BHUPENDRA LODHI team. It has not been copied anywhere. The photos and media used on this BLOG are all created by the BHUPENDRA LODHI team.

If you have any objection to any article, photos, media present on this blog, if you believe that it is your copyrighted, then you can contact us through the Contact US page, we will definitely give a solution to your problems.


Keeping in mind the convenience and safety of Readers and Subscribers, BHUPENDRA LODHI has made some Privacy Policy, please see them on the Privacy Policy page.

Hold harmless

The main purpose of BHUPENDRA LODHI Blog is to share information only, it has no purpose to deceive anyone and take money from anyone, if you make any wrong comments or tamper with our websites blog then strict action can be taken against you. .

Reserve Rights

All the rules, privacy-policy, etc. of this blog are under the control of us. The final decision of BHUPENDRA LODHI will be valid for any dispute related to this Blog.


We advertise only and only trust eligible advertiser’s ads on our blog, so that our subscriber and readers can not be harmed.

Contact Information

If you want to talk to us, you can email us at contact@bhupendralodhi.com

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