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Best Whiteboard Animation Software in 2021

If you looking for the best way to compile images and texts to express your message to people then Whiteboard animation software is the best way to bring life to your ideas and thoughts.

Creating unique and interesting contents is a lot easier when you have the support of whiteboard animation apps or software. In fact, some of them are available for free in the market.

Whiteboard animation is a great way to prepare presentations for product launch, business introduction, or even when you are trying to sell something.

With this kind of presentations, you will able to give your imaginations a new colour and let others grasp the concept easily.

What is whiteboard animation software?

Whiteboard animation software is a kind of software, which is used by illustrators to create their story on a whiteboard. These are usually done in black and white but the contents have to highly engaging when you do it in front of people. In general, a whiteboard animation consists of a detailed narrative, drawings, videos, and images against a whiteboard.

For animators, it is quite common to stop-motion or time-lapse in their animations to draw attention towards their presentation.

Making a whiteboard animation is considered to be easier as compared to standard videos. They are widely popular as business and YouTube videos. Users are now more immune to standard videos, images or texts. But whiteboard animations have more sensitive effects on users in just 8 seconds.

How to choose an effective whiteboard animation software?

In today’s world, whiteboard animation software has gained quite some importance. People understand the value of whiteboard animations and the impact it has on users. It is considered as one of the preferred methods of promoting products. All the “How to” videos you see on YouTube are created on software like this.

There are many software in the market that make whiteboard animation videos. The majority of them have similar features. Of course, it is important to study those features well to decide which software to choose from.

Here are some tips that will help you arrive a decision regarding choosing the best software for a whiteboard animation.


Like all of your purchases, it is important that you check the price of whiteboard animation software.

Many companies are now days offering free software, but some brands have paid schemes.

If you are new to this pattern of animation, I recommend you go for the free ones. But if you have specific requirements, compare the features and the pricing to get to a decision.

Value-for-money software is always the first choice.


Usability is one of the biggest features of any software and should never be ignored. If you are about to make your very first video, you need a user-friendly option over a complicated one.

Option to customize:

Usually, video making platforms provide the user with drag-and-drop features for creating special videos.

They all come with preset templates and themes that you can select, drag and then drop to the video maker to complete your video texts. But what if you need more? Depending on the product you wish to promote, you might need some different format of templates.

To cope with these circumstances, I recommend getting software that offers the option of customization.

Top 6 Whiteboard Animation Software

There are many variations of software available in the market for whiteboard videos. The majority of them come with their similarities and unique features.

Do you find it difficult to choose between them? Well, this article will make your life easier then. Here, I have listed the top 6 software for whiteboard animation based on their features, pricing, and reviews.

1. FilmoraPro

FilmoraPro is on the top of my list of software to create whiteboard animations.

On one had FilmoraPro offers free app and software for amateur video makers, on the other, they have their excellent paid package for professionals in the field of video editing.

This software is excellent for making both 2D and 3D videos in 4K and HD qualities respectively.

When you are using Filmora Pro, you do not need to worry about any background sound existing in a video. It can be replaced easily with audio files of higher quality. It comes with more than that audio features. The app allows you to reduce noise, compress audio files, manage the efficiency of the audio files with transition features.

When you have Filmora on your device, you can easily fasten graphics or texts to mobile points in the video objects.

Do you want to have a customized video? You can try the motion templates present in the software.

Are you still not satisfied with the motion of your video? The customization features allow you to change the speed and duration of the video and prepare a well-synced video. It’s not only the motion that can be changed, you can zoom-in or zoom-out the video as per your wish.

Key Features:

  • Comes with excellent auto-correction features to attain natural colour for videos and photographs.
  • One of the coolest features of Filmora Pro is the change reviewer. You get to review the changes you made to your videos, verify the changes for the good, and make consistent, eye-appealing video.
  • The software and apps come with great masking features like custom preset and shapes, that helps you to hide different sections of video footage.


  • The basic software is available to users for free.
  • The Pro software for the professional costs $89.99 in a year
  • You can get a lifetime Filmora Pro subscription for just $149.99


  • Easy customization or editing option for animated videos with texts
  • Different ways to manipulate videos with ‘Wrap’ and ‘Distort’ features
  • Improve the quality fo your video by an easy adjustment of the Midtones, highlights, and Shadows
  • Great preset transitions
  • Automated video stabilization capability
  • Create PC videos by using the in-built feature of screen recorder in the app


  • The Pro software is a bit pricey if you want good features

2. Renderforest

If you want to create animations with Cloud benefits and ready-made backgrounds, you need to try Renderforest.

It is free software that helps in the creation of intuitive and unique short animations on the whiteboard.

The free version of the software is readily available for the beginners, who want to tell great short stories with animation videos. Even with their free package, you get a wide list of toolkits and animation objects. These features help in figuring out instant new topics and ideas for your video.

If you are editing your videos on Renderforest, you will get access to over 50,000 distinctive scenes, a wide array of personalized logos, images, texts and a palette full of colours to customize the videos you make.

A video is never complete with a piece of background music and voiceovers. So, if you don’t have a good collection of background sound, you can select a track from the music library available with the software.

However, if you like the features of Renderforest Video editing, you need to have a robust device to run the software. The software has cloud-based programming that requires powerful operating machines.

So, now you don’t need to wait for the final copy of your video to release. You can preview your video even while creating and make changes wherever needed.

Creating a video with Renderforest:

With Renderforest, you can create your own promotional whiteboard videos in simple 3 steps.

  1. From the large collection, select a template of your preference.
  2. Templates are editable with special tools like the colour palettes, logos, and texts. Get the editing done perfectly.
  3. The third step is the addition of music files from the library and then import the video to your system from the software.

These videos are ideal for for short video clips for introduction or brand promotion.

Key Features:

  • With the free version of the feature-rich software, you can create a 1-minute video clip smoothly.
  • Explainer animation can be made in simple 3-steps.
  • Easy to add, content, and load scenes and presets.
  • Automatic processing of explainer animation.
  • Creates video brand logos from huge template collection. You need to simply choose a template, insert the brand tagline and name.
  • Option to customize the brand logos.


  1. There is a Basic free version of the software for those who want to make short videos or for one-time use.
  2. The Amateur Plan is available for $59 per month
  3. Renderforest Pro Plan costs $89 per month
  4. The Business Plan costs $119 per month
  5. Their Enterprise plan comes at $299 a month


  • Create 3D animation videos with more than thousands of background scenery option.
  • Make HD quality video clips with royalty-free music tracks and clips of videos.
  • Wide buffet of commercial editable video clips to choose from in the gallery while preparing an animation.
  • 24×7 customer support over phone and e-mail.
  • Get free project preview after editing and make changes as an when needed.
  • Animations produced are lively and can be customized according to your need.
  • Create a video fo up to 3 minutes with the free version of the software


  • Their Amateur plans are pretty expensive

3. Fiverr

Fiverr has already earned worldwide fame of being the largest platform online for freelance jobs.

When you are with Fiverr.com, you don’t really get the software. You simply get a login and hire services professional whiteboard animators and explainers. This is a platform that can guarantee you speedy delivery of your videos.

You must be wondering, how is this better than getting software? Well, firstly, this is cheaper than getting the software. You can simply sign in under the minimum payable package and connect with millions of video creator to do the job for you. Plus, you don’t have to be a pro in creating animation videos. You can easily hire a pro from the video creator profiles you come across.

When you hire Whiteboard animation Explainers from Fiverr.com, you get complete video making support, even voice-over support. With the pro software, you can create a video, add scenery, and background music. But, when it comes to voice-overs, you always need a professional for that. But Fiverr works as a single platform for both videos and voice-overs.

Key Features:

  • Get to choose the gigs online by comparing their fees, location, service quality, and experience.
  • Review the video maker’s portfolio before hiring
  • Make changes to the video for quality enhancement even after submission of work by the animation creator
  • Safeguard your invested payment in form of an escrow. Your money is not disbursed to the freelancers until you have received the desired whiteboard video.

Service Charges:

You get a basic login and hiring authority for free. In general, each video creation over Fiverr.com costs about $5 against each recording project. However, if you want to increase the flow of animation creators to your profile, I recommend you join their Pro Program. The annual Pro Plan costs about $500 for a year. But in return, you can get different video making services like whiteboard animation, voice-over artists, content writers, etc.

The Service changes can go up as high at $10,000 in Fiverr.com


  • Get access to millions of experienced professionals to help you create your animation
  • Scam changes are reduced as you are only provided with profiles of professionals who are verified by Fiverr.com
  • Hire animation creators from any corner of the globe
  • Hiring genuine professionals is easier wit Fiverr profile certification badges.
  • Pay for each of the projects only upon receiving satisfactory work
  • Payments can be rejected upon nit meeting requirements.


  • Making Whiteboard animation is cheaper for you as a person than hiring a professional
  • You cant choose the background or background music until the time of preview.

4. Animaker

Animaker is a software that is suitable for professionals, amateurs, beginners, and even non-designers for making whiteboard animation. Like Renderforest, Animaker also comes with a freemium and premium version.

If you are new to video making, you can use the free version of the software with multi-function tools, and create flawless videos. In just a few minutes, you can learn how to create live-action short videos.

The basic tools help you create videos in a few clicks. However, one must remember that the beginners’ package will only help in making 2-minutes videos. If you want more, you need to switch to the premium versions.

When you get Animaker software on your system, you get access to billions of characters to choose from. With all the tools, you can create a powerful persona and ensure smooth storytelling.

The software has a huge library, consisting fo more than 100 million videos and pictures, and 1000+ templates to choose from. They have templates for every occasion. One of the most remarkable features that make Animaker one of the best, is the video facial expression giver.

Along with an accurate facial expression, you also get auto-lip syncing and background gradients.

Animation Styles:

When you get Animaker for your Whiteboard animation videos, you can prepare them in the below styles-

  1. Whiteboard or Notepad Animation
  2. Blackboard Videos
  3. Glassboard
  4. Stitchboard

Each of them come with their specific characteristics, features and video making tools. Get one software and feel free to use any style of your liking.

Key Features:

  • With the Premium software, you can edit, create and upload all 4K quality videos
  • Better scope of adding images, texts, background, music, and special effects to your videos
  • Get all 4 styles of video making with the upgraded software
  • The software is popular among 1000+ brands in the world
  • Resize the video you make according to the requirements of different social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and more
  • Create short videos and GIFs, instantly with custom colours, font size, video backgrounds, and texts


Animaker comes with 3 major software plans.

  1. The beginners in the field can start using the Free Plan as a trial phase. However, one must note that the free plan comes with water-marked videos, so you have no scope of customization or commercial use over there. Plus, with the Free Package, you whiteboard video downloading capacity gets restricted to 5 videos in one month. Also, if you have a plan to upload YouTube videos, it will be restricted to SD quality when you use free software.
  2. The second plan is the Starter Package that is available for the personal or small-team purpose at $19 per month.
  3. The third plan is the Pro Package, meant for startup organizations and enterprises. This one starts at $39 per month.

All the plans you get under Animaker are billed annually, except for the free packages.


  • With features like live editing of videos, you can enjoy real-time monitoring of the videos
  • Create intuitive characters with 20, facial expression, 15 facial features, and 10 slots for accessories
  • Get automatic lip sync with voice-over features
  • Executive cumbersome animation in simple clicks by using the “Smart Move” feature of the software
  • Connect different animation videos and makes changes in their expression simultaneously
  • Make professional videos with camera and screen effects, audio files, and top-quality transition
  • Pricing is economic


  • Upload only SD YouTube videos with free package
  • No scope of customization with the free plan

5. Camtasia

Camtasia a professional whiteboard video editing tool that is widely built for Windows and Mac devices.

The software has earned its fame, mainly because of its screen recording features and the animation templates that were created beforehand. Creating a video with Camtasia is an easy task.

If you are not familiar with the software, you can get an online tutorial on how to use the software from the tutorial videos available on site.

All you need to do is record the screen of your desktop or select a template from its menu, add special effects and your Voila! Your video is ready!

Not satisfied with the standard videos of the website? You can make changes to them with the option for customization. With every animation whiteboard, you get custom-templates and special effects options to choose from.

You can drag and drop these options to the video builder tool and create professional-quality videos.

There is a big library of audio files consisting of background music and sound effects that can be added to your video without any royalty charges.

If you want to add a persona; touch, you can always use tools for recording and editing your own voice before adding it to a video.

Key Features:

  • With every screen recording, you get to add camera effects like zoon-in and out effects.
  • Make interesting animation videos by adding quizzes along with them. This makes your video more attractive and encourages students to concentrate on their studies.
  • The video builder tool comes with excellent features like the drag-and-drop platform, text transition, special effects, and sound effects.
  • More scope of personalization.


Do you want to get Camtasia for screen recording and whiteboard animations? The software doesn’t charge you monthly or annually.

You can start using the software only after you get their license. The Camtasia license for a single user costs $249. However, if you wish to upgrade the software, you only need to pay $99.50.

If you are not keen on investing in Camtasia just yet, you can always use the 30-days trial edition of the software that is available for free. Once satisfied, simply switch to the license model.


  • All downloaded files are in MP4 format
  • You can directly upload your animation videos to Screencast, YouTube, Vimeo and even your personal website
  • Chances to add transitions in between scenes and slides
  • Record your voice-over and enjoy smooth editing
  • Access to more than 500 images and photos from the stock
  • Get the subscription of TechSmith to access the stock videos
  • Check your video after every editing to keep their track along with the playback previewing option
  • Enjoy great annotation and special sound effects
  • Enjoy 30-days trial package for free


  • License upgrading charges are a bit high

6. Doodly

Doodly is a relatively new software for different styles of animation creation, that has taken over the world. With Doodly, you can create Whiteboard, Glassboard and even Blackboard animation videos.

This is one of the cheapest animation creator platforms with Drang-and-Drop doodle features, that creates whiteboard animation in less than a minute.

Videos you obtain from Doodly are highly useful for facebook marketing, Instagram Marketing, Twitter Marketing, office occasions and even for sales.

Open the video creator, select a choice able image, drag it to the builder tool and drop it to add to your video, choose your own canvas and get automatic doodle videos.

To add more to the features, they have their “Smart Draw” technology that helps to custom-draw paths with the point-and-click tool. So, with Doodly, you can draw and upload any image you like.

Nowadays, Doodly is widely used to create animation videos with different hand types that vary in gender, size, colours, and ethnicity. You get to choose your own hand for promotion.

Key Features:

  • A massive library consisting of 200 characters, 20 backgrounds, and custom images
  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac devices
  • Multiple software installation on different devices is acceptable
  • multiple resolution video importing allowed, quality ranging from 480p-1080p
  • Real-time recording and lip-syncing features
  • Multiple hand selection features


They have 2 major subscription plans available for the users-

  1. Standard Plan costs $20 per month
  2. Enterprise Plan costs $40 per month

All bills are raised annually. It is always more economical if you choose the annual plan instead of the monthly plans, you will ve able to save about 49% of your expenditure.

The above-shared rates are valid only when you choose an annual package. If you want to get a monthly package, the price increases to $39 and $69 for standard and enterprise plan respectively.


  • Adjust the quality and size of your video files between 24-60fps before the final download after editing
  • Get free lifetime updates on the software
  • The software offer guaranteed money back within 30 days of subscribing if you don’t like the service
  • Add royalty-free soundtracks on your videos.
  • The drag-and-drop video builder tools make animation creation very easy
  • Choose from stocks of more than 200 characters, each available with 20 different poses
  • Upload images that are relevant to your video theme and create professional-quality whiteboard animation


  • HD resolution videos are not possible
  • Get 2D videos mostly
  • Free Software package is not available to the users.

Important Features to Note in a Whiteboard Animation Software

We have discussed the 6 best whiteboard animation software available in the market. Each of them has its unique features.

But there are many more in the market. What features should we focus on when selecting a good one?

Of course you need to check the user-friendliness and pricing as mentioned before. But along with that, just to ensure create professional videos, you need to check for voice-over support features and the library for media storage.

The bigger library, the better is the software and higher are your chances fo customization.


Here we have the 6 best Whiteboard Animation software to look up to in 2021 to create professional-quality animation videos.

Regardless of the type of video you wish to create, start by using the free software. You need an option that allows easy editing, wide array of images, soundtracks and background to choose from, and definitely comes within your budget.

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