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11 Best Astrology Software and Apps in 2021

Are you interested in reading horoscopes and reading astrological charts? Because today we bring you a list of the best astrology software for your phone.

Astrology has always been an important part of Indian tradition, we name our children according to their horoscopes. Our ancestors have studied the sky and mapped out the world according to them. Although remembering all this information in your head becomes very difficult which is why most modern astrologists use astrology software to keep track of various astrological events and charts.

Such apps can easily predict events accurately for the next 3 years which would ordinarily be considered a very difficult task but thanks to technology we can access this information in a few clicks.

Why use astrology software?

The older way of practicing astrology involves reading somewhat complex charts, mapping out the night sky to figure out which phase they’re in, all of this can be quite intimidating for new enthusiasts and can be time-consuming even for professionals.

In an age where you can get any information in a few clicks why not use astrology software? With software, we can easily predict various phases extremely precisely. Apart from this professional astrologers might charge you a fee to read your charts whereas most of these apps are free and allow you to read charts.

With a little help from the app, anyone can learn how to read charts, no need to schedule appointments with astrologers anymore.

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Best astrology software

1. Astro.com

astrology software

Astro.com is an online chart reading website. In case you’re unsure about reading charts and want to just dip your legs in the world of reading horoscopes, this is the place you want to be at.

With almost all functionalities available including saving charts available online for free, you can experiment with chart reading, Personal daily horoscopes, and much more without any commitment.

You can save up to 1000 chart data by setting up an account.

You can run and save birth charts, charts, transits, and much more. They also have quite a few insightful articles listed on their homepage which can help you understand the subject further.

2. Co-Star Personalized Astrology

astrology software

Moving into our selection of astrology software for phones we first up we have Co-Star Personalized Astrology. This app has quite a few bells and whistles. First off, this app is powered by AI ( Artificial intelligence ).

This app delivers you with a daily horoscope created by an AI ( Artificial intelligence ) which uses data from NASA, yes the same NASA that launches rockets into outer space, to provide you with an accurate horoscope.

Co-Star does not stop there, Co-Star tries to fully understand you before generating your horoscope by asking you when you were born accurate to a minute! This way you can start to see how personal this app gets when generating your horoscope.

Although if you are not impressed by these features you can always take insight from other human astrologers available on the app. Apart from this, you can always try reading your natal charts to determine your or your friends’ personalities and also track your compatibilities on the app.

You have to try this app out for yourself to realize its true potential.

3. Horoscopes – Daily Zodiac Horoscope & Astrology

astrology software

With over 1 crore downloads Horoscopes – Daily Zodiac Horoscope & Astrology sits second on our list of best astrology software.

This horoscope app gives you a quick horoscope that you can read on the go, you can even add your friends to this app and track your compatibility with them.

Mostly popular for its compatibility feature this app also delivers some cool horoscopes. You can view your horoscope for yesterday, today, tomorrow, next week, the remaining month, and much more.

The app even sends you daily notifications to keep you updated about your horoscope. This way you can quickly peruse your horoscope for the day as soon as you wake up.

Although one feature this app lacks is natal charts. I would recommend this app to people who are interested in reading their horoscope, good for beginners.

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4. Horoscope and Tarot – fazi.pl

astrology software

Complete with an 8 ball and tarot reading, this app is the complete package. You can read about your horoscope, moon phases, Chinese horoscope, birthday horoscope, Mayan horoscope, Egyptian horoscope, and so much more. This app has anything and everything that you can think of.

In a rut and want some quick advice? You can always turn to your trusty 8 balls on this app. You can read runes and more about your ching all without having to download another app.

In case you want some advice, you can turn to the angle oracle on the app. You can even measure compatibility using this app.

For all the features on this app, there is but one drawback: none of the readings is personal. All these predictions are written beforehand and might feel gimmicky more often than not.

Nonetheless, this is an amazing app and has an endless list of features, you should consider checking this app out in case you’re doing this for fun.

5. AstroUniversa – The Horoscope & Astrology app

astrology software

This slightly under-rated app is probably exactly what you need. Apart from having all the regular bells and whistles, it has a read-aloud feature which can help people with limited vision and makes it a cool feature overall.

Along with accurate and detailed horoscopes based on your zodiac sign, you can also view which numbers are lucky for you and more on numerology.

The app offers daily and yearly horoscopes. You can check out your natal horoscopes, and character horoscopes.

Complete with a celestial chart this app produces a detailed report on your character and life. You can check what your biorhythm index is from day to day and track them as well. You can view your Bio-Phase for the current moment, day, week and months. You can track your bio-phase for up to 3 months in the future.

It has a numerology calendar as well which shows you how your day will be based on numerology. You can get life numbers and their interpretations as well.

Another neat feature is being able to switch between dark and light modes, this helps reduce eye strain and adds well to the user experience.

astrology software

Coming in at number six we have Astro-talk, this software is a made-in-India psychic reading, tarot reading, Vedic astrology, palmistry, KP astrology, and Kundli app.

This app is perfect for people who want a more Indian astrology experience. This app is more than just an astrology app, with special emphasis on talking to professional astrologers this app acts as a platform.

Along with daily horoscopes, you get a free Kundli, horoscope matching as well. You can read more about astrology on their blog posts or you can talk to verified professional astrologers or attend their live sessions.

To talk to verified professional astrologers you have to first add money to your in-app. You can choose one of the astrologers from the list in the app. You can ask for a chat session, call session, or a detailed report. You can even shop for spells, rudraksha, and other easy remedies from the in-app shop called AstroMall.

This app is more suited towards people who are looking for professional advice rather than casual hobbyists.

6. Ephemeris, Astrology Software

astrology software

At ₹3,299 this app seems to be slightly on the more expensive end, more aimed at experts and serious hobbyists this app has more information than you’ll ever need.

You can check Indian Ephimers, Local Ephimers, Western Ephimers. You can calculate planetary position, Horoscopes/Astro charts( Kundali ). You can also view Planetary transit, retrogradation, and combustion.

You can track planetary positions based on days and this is very accurate. Although Some users do complain about some of the readings being off.

Even though this app does provide you with some pretty cool charts and insight into your Kundali, I would personally not recommend this app to a lot of people since I find the User Interface sort of difficult to navigate around. 

This app might be worth it for people who like to are into reading charts. I feel like the app lacks features such as human interaction, being able to talk to experts who could explain the charts to me would have been an amazing feature that I’m missing on this app.

It’s a pretty solid app otherwise.

7. TimePassages

astrology software

Developed by Astrograph TimePassages is a chart reading-horoscope app. It packs in a daily horoscope, Charts, and the ability to track various phases.

All you need to do is enter your birthday and the app instantly generates your personal charts and their interpretations. You can monitor your sun, moon, and rising sign.

You can find interpretations of almost everything on this app, which makes this app amazing for beginners and enthusiasts.

You can check out your friends’ charts and signs and daily horoscopes as well. You can check your compatibility as life partners, friends, family, or even as clients.

It has got all the basics covered while having explanations for everything which is what makes me think that this is a great app for beginners and enthusiasts alike.

8. AstroMatrix Birth Chart Synastry Horoscopes

astrology software

AstroMatrix features at number 9 on our list, it has all the basic features and more. It is a Personalized Astrology Birth Chart, Synastry Chart, Tarot, and daily horoscope app.

Coming into the app the first thing you see is a quote for the day and a retrograde calendar right below that. Moving ahead from there you can check out your daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes. It gives you an overview of the predicted challenges that you might face. Right below that you can track important events.

You can access a moon calendar as well that describes the different meanings associated with the phases of the moon.

You can view and save charts as well and look at your natal charts as well.

Apart from this, you can also have a look at your Draconic soul report, Secondary progressions report, Solar and Lunar returns, Retrograde Calendar, Tarot card readings. Apart from this, you can have multiple users on this app allowing you to track more than one person’s horoscope in Vedic/sidereal time while viewing western astrological concepts.

All in all this app seems to be well thought out and has quite a few bells and whistles. I would recommend this app for all levels of enthusiasts and hobbyists.

9. KP Stellar

astrology software

KP stellar advertises itself to be one of the most accurate KP astrology apps for the people who follow the KP system.

Full to the brim with charts and information this app allows you to read your natal charts, Horary charts, transit charts, ruling planets, house rotation, the four-step significator, Naadi significator, KP significator, and so much more.

A turn-off for me was the fact that this app does not give personalized horoscopes or tarots.

Although this is a great app, I do see people complaining about the number of ads shown. Apart from that, the app seems great, has a lot of information.

10. Divya Chakshu

astrology software

With a focus on Indian astrology, Divya Chakshu provides you with Indian-style astrological charts and events.

This app helps you calculate all the important dates and is available in various styles. You can customize your astrology chart to South Indian, North Indian, and northeast Indian styles.

This app does not provide horoscopes and lacks finish in general, the User Interface is very lackluster and can be improved.

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Side by side comparison of astrology software

Rating Daily Horoscope Price Charts available Western Astrology Vedic Kundli
Horoscopes – Daily Zodiac Horoscope & Astrology4.2YesFreeNoYesNo
Horoscope and Tarot4.5YesFreeNoYesNo
Ephemeris, Astrology Software4.5No₹3,299YesYesYes
KP Stellar3.5NoFreeYesNoYes
Divya Chakshu4.3NoFreeYesNoYes

My opinion

In my opinion, Co-Star would be my recommendation to people who like western astrology, For those who like Vedic astrology I’d recommend Divya Chakshu or Ephemeris, Astrology Software.


How to install astrology apps?

Follow the links in case you are on android or search for apps on the Apple app store

How accurate are the Horoscope readings?

It varies from person to person. There is no scientific backing to these readings but many people claim that it’s accurate.

Do I need to download an app to read my Kundli?

You could try using an online website to try and read it or you could select one of the apps in this list to read your Kundli

What are natal charts?

Natal charts, also known as Birth charts are charts that represent the arrangement of stars in the sky on the day you were born.

What is tarot reading?

Tarot reading is a method of predicting the future using tarot cards.

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