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Top 15 Ideas That Help to Attract New Customers

If you are running a business and not getting desirable number of customers to purchase your products, it is basically meaningless.

No matter what type of business you run. How big or successful you are can be determined by the customer flow you have. Of course, customer retention is something we all focus on. But you need to make the customers first. That’s not all. You can’t just stay satisfied with your old clients. One needs to obtain new customers as well.

Let’s first briefly see the common techniques small business organizations follow to gain customers in the first place. Let people have clue on the existence of your service / product in the market.

The basic steps are –

  • Identify your client base
  • Find out where the customers reside
  • Understand your business thoroughly
  • Be prepared to provide satisfactory answers to any query your prospective customers have.
  • Try responsive marketing strategies to get direct feedback from customers.
  • Get into partnerships with other companies
  • Follow up is essential for every business.

Now that you have fresh customers to start your business, you need to focus on retention and also acquiring more new ones. Here we will discuss on the top 15 ideas to attract new customers to your business.

15 Ideas to attract new customers to the business

If you want to enlist your business amongst successful running companies, you need to follow few of the below tips for obtaining customers.

1. Create your own website

It’s the 21st century. If you don’t have an online presence of your business, its unlikely for you to secure as many customers through retail business. No matter what size of business you run. Since internet is the new influencer or ruler of business market, you need to have your website to connect to customers, competitors, probable business partners and more.

Even if it is a single page website, go ahead and create one. Ensure your webpage is informative and keeps people updated on your product or services.

As a matter of fact, people all around the world prefer to depend on google search to look up any topic. Thus, being online is the online is the only way to reach out to all. the agenda doesn’t get over here. Owing the great dependence on smartphone searches, you need to create a website that is mobile-friendly.

Ensure you have a website that provide the below information upon searching –

  • Your company description as a summary
  • Details of the services you provide
  • Products and their prices
  • The contact details of the concerned person
  • Business address.

In short treat your website as your online representative.

Also, as you create a website don’t forget to make it SEO friendly. You need to have keyword-rich web content to maintain your rank in the search engine. Your SERP will determine your visibility to your customers.

2. Indulge in cold calling

The digital world, more dependent on CRM and similar lead generating process, generates more leads in a faster way. But one must also give a shot to the conventional cold calling. This is an ideal strategy for short-term lead generation. This might consume time, but it’s effective in case of smaller business organizations.

3. Social Media customer engagement

In our present day scenario, social media plays a vital role for business marketing. You can attract a huge number of new customers with proactive social media marketing. You can easily reach out to customers from different verticals of business from different corners of the world.

It’s known worldwide that these social media platforms are ever growing and offering excellent for digital marketing-

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Snapchat

More social media websites are coming up slowly now days. However, it’s Facebook that’s leading the market. Facebook is standing as the platform that harbors almost 25% of world’s population i.e. 1.86 billion people as its user.

Can you image the vast spectrum for marketing Facebook and other similar platforms can offer! With these platforms you can easily reach out to potential consumers in no time.

These are forums where you can keep your consumers engaged with attractive product tweets. Enhance their interest in your products and build customers.

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4. Indulge in online advertisements

As discussed earlier, people are becoming more internet dependent for all their information gathering. Their preference has changed to YouTube, e-magazine, e-newspapers etc. over regular television or physical newspaper and magazines.

Going online is the new trend for every activity.

This gives clear indication that you need to take your advertising activities online as well.

You will come across different platforms for advertising online. But Google AdWords Program is the probably the popular most in the market. Since millions, rather billions of people go to Google for their searching activity, Google is the most preferred platform for every marketing activity.

While you prepare your online advertising contents, remember to input catchy phrases and words along with keywords that people generally type while searching in Google. This ensures better visibility of your brand. You can also try e-promotions in social media platforms. If you are into Twitter marketing and Instagram marketing, then try the hashtag trending to reach out to more people.

5. Local business listing

You can register your business free of cost with local business directories online. This will surely give you exposure when people search for certain type of businesses in business directories. You can enlist your details like contact information and address in these directories for easy reference.

In popular online business directories like Bing Places, Google Places, VConnect, Yahoo Local etc. you get enroll yourself for free as business personnel.

6. Blogging as a guest

Guest Blogging is a great way of generating promising leads for your website or business. Also get SEO-friendly inbound leads of higher quality.

As an when you write quality content for others’ blogs, you announce your personal presence to the audience this blog caters to. If you write attractive blogs, you can generate potential consumer from there as well.

To have a better start with the lead generation, try to join popular blogs that already have high online traffic. This might be a small start but slowly it will build your legitimacy and help you expand.

7. Advertise in digital and print search corridors

Social media proliferation has led to a content givers’ explosion on the platforms like online channels, YouTube, print magazines and newspapers, blogs etc. They address almost all possible topics that they might interest the world population.

Whenever an advertisement focuses on a particular topic, it creates a search corridor in the online platform. These corridors harbor contents on that topic only. So, the viewers find it easier to locate the business based on specific titles.

People look for specific advertisement sections or columns where their desired item content will be visible.

You can try to identify the publications thatin such corridors that cater to only your preferred target clients. This can be an effective way of advertising and promoting business.

8. Indulge in a reward or referral program for existing clientele

Getting a reference from existing clients is not an easy thing to achieve. Sometimes it can happen automatically, but majorly, a motivation or incentivization plan works positively to generate reference lead.

Who doesn’t like to get rewards?

Start a rewards program that provides your existing consumers with free or discounted products on every other customer they refer to you.

You need to plan a reward program that is attractive enough to stimulate their interest in providing references.

Let your customers be your advertisers. You can easily convert your customers to your marketers. This not only helps in obtaining new customers but also in converting the existing ones into more loyal ones.

9. Word-of-mouth business marketing

Word-of-mouth is probably the most common and oldest marketing strategy taken up businessmen for years. Even in the tech-dominated market, this method preferred over paid advertisements for business growth and customer inclination.

If you have successful made your customer satisfied and happy, the person is likely spread your name in his known circle like family and friends.

As a human nature, we tend to go for a brand that is appreciated by our friends, neighbors, colleagues or family. The same is applicable here too.

Having a satisfied and happy customer is the best advertising or marketing tool. People will avail your service from trust. 2 tricks that helps in positive word-of-mouth spreading are –

  • Provide consumers with effective and value for money product that makes it easier for them to appreciate.
  • Indulge in creating excellent experience for the customers.

10. Advertising with social media influencers

Piggybacking on social media influencer is a great hack to reach out to numerous people.

Firstly, go ahead and create a business that is great in customer service and excellent products. Then, try and approach social media influencers or celebrities who have thousands or followers noting their every activity.

If you can reach out to influencers and convince them to use your service or product and provide feedback, their followers get to know about you too.

How to convince an influencer to indirectly promote your product or spread word about it? The below steps might help here-

  • Follow the influencers online.
  • Monitor their service requirements.
  • Understand their service necessities.
  • Slowly interact with the influencers and start engaging them with your contents.
  • Build a relationship with regular conversation.
  • Try to provide them with free goodies offer on spreading the news about you r product.

Word-of-mouth from influencers against free services can do wonder in relation to marketing.

11. Podcast Sponsors

As your business grows, the pressure of acquisition of new customers in an efficient manner increases with it.

Podcasts are the new marketing tool in the social media dependent market. These podcasts already have pre-qualified customers and topic niche in them. The number of listeners in podcast is increasing slowly over time.

You can avail podcast as below –

  • Join a guest podcast.
  • Try sponsoring podcasts to arrange for website referrals.
  • Begin your own podcast.

We however suggest sponsoring podcast as the best marketing plan to attract new customers.

This helps in cost reduction on one hand and maximizing your business exposure on the other.

By sponsoring a podcast, one can get unlimited access to the customers pre-qualified in the podcast.

12. Offer free goodies

“Free”, the term itself is very attractive. Every consumer love to enjoy free goodies. Offering free products to consumers as per pre-defined terms and conditions can do wonders for your business.

Firstly, by offering free items you announce your presence in the market.

Secondly, with every sale, prove that you are offering an extremely useful product.

Finally, this sends a message to consumers that they can avail an interesting product for free in a risk-free manner.

Once clients use your product and understands its value, they are sure to return for more, even at the expense of money.

The word “free” can be attractive, but it can’t be a forever offer in a business. You need to pre-determine terms like the number of people eligible for the free goodies, the time period for which this will be offered, etc.

13. Offer deals and discounts

Deals and discounts work in a similar manner as free goodies for business promotion and obtaining new customers.

Majorly consumers consider different offers as great way of procuring products and save on expenditure.

Consumers usually end up buying products in excess than requirement when great deals are on in the market.

This increases brand publicity and attracts more customers to buy your products from the market.

14. Begin Contests

Like offers, the idea of winning in a contest often works perfectly for acquiring new customers in business.

If you roll out a contest where the winner gets the chance to avail free and discounted products, more customers are likely to participate in it and purchase your products.

People like to win and hence contests are always attractive.

15. Building a relationship like “host-beneficiary”

This is a great marketing tip for small business organizations. To grow fast one can, form a host-beneficiary relation of any well-established business concerns. You can get access to their strong clientele.

The basic way host-beneficiary strategy to attract new consumers are-

  • Define the expected audience precisely.
  • Find a business locally that caters to your niche of market.
  • Provide your potential business partner with clear and attractive offer.
  • Hight the hosting plan and benefits to your business partner.
  • Provide your host with offer letter that help them use your product offers among their client base.

All these steps will eventually lead to generating client base from your business partners.

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We have discussed on the best ideas to procure new customers for your business.

You can choose any of the below ideas and apply it in your business for growth.

We hope you will like these Ideas that help to attract new customers.

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If you any question regarding these ideas to attract new customers let us know in the comment section.

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