AnyDesk vs TeamViewer

AnyDesk vs TeamViewer: Which Remote Software is The Best?

Remote access software has a key role in many business organizations and home-based organizations all around the world. Ever since the pandemic has rosed up to such an extent their utility and significance have increased exponentially. AnyDesk vs TeamViewer, here is a brief description below.

They account for a variety of tasks such as transferring files from one pc to another, software troubleshooting, and accessing files from a distant location.

At present we have a plethora of software systems available, that allow you to control a computer remotely via another computer or even a mobile device.

But the main question arises that what are the best applications to use? To answer this question, today we will be comparing two of the most leading remote access software—AnyDesk vs TeamViewer.


AnyDesk is a remote desktop access software developed by AnyDesk Software GmbH.

AnyDesk remote access software was launched in 2014. It provides various features such as cloud-based access, unattended access and is ideal for transferring files quickly without any trouble.

AnyDesk vs TeamViewer

AnyDesk is easy to use remotely and locally at any time with the help of any mobile device. It has many advanced features that support fast and secure file transfer over the internet as well as LAN. Its tabbed browsing experience and hidden menus make AnyDesk easy and safe to use.

It is available for almost all the operating systems ie Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, etc.

Special Features:

Whitelist: Users can choose selective users or devices and grant them access to a certain system so they don’t have to ask for permissions repeatedly.

Mobile to PC Remote Control: The users can access a remote system with a PC, iOS, or Android device with the help of the AnyDesk App. Users can also perform those tasks on their Mobile devices which are generally carried out on a PC.

Remote Server Monitoring: AnyDesk users can monitor all the workstations on a server and perform different functions across a local network.

User Interface inspired by Widgets: In the latest update of its software, AnyDesk has enhanced its user interface, the new look is inspired by widgets.

2 Factor Authentication: 2-factor authentication includes the verification of a password and a QR code set up by the host computer which is an enhancement to the security measures taken by the software.


Download and Installation: The Downloading size of the software is just 1.1MB which makes it one of the lightest remote access software available in the market.

No Session Limit: There are no pop-up timers, hence one can continue work without any interruptions, unlike much free remote access software.

AnyDesk Mobile: The AnyDesk application is also customized for mobile operating systems such as Android, IoS. It is available in the form of AnyDesk Android, and AnyDesk MacOS for android and IoS devices respectively. This is one of the most important advantages as it makes the remote accessing of multiple systems much easy and handy.

Chat Feature: Enabling the chat feature, users can chat back and forth which is important for instruction giving and operating


Copy and Paste: Many Remote users are unable to copy text from the remote machines and paste it into their device which might be an issue. However, it’s being reported that this bug has been fixed in the latest version.

Resolution Glitches: At times, the adjustment of the resolution of the remote desktop doesn’t work properly.

No Browser access: Users are required to Install the AnyDesk software on their local device if they need to access or make any changes to the system files. Browsers can’t be used to access system files for various security reasons.

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AnyDesk vs TeamViewer

TeamViewer is a remote desktop access software developed by TeamViewer AG.

It was first launched in 2005, and its features grew step by step making it more compatible, easier, and handy to use.

TeamViewer is proprietary software. It does not require registration and is free of charge for non-commercial use.

Special Features

API: Its application programming software makes multitasking across various systems very easy, hence operation handling, file management, and communication between host and computer become easy.

Customizable branding: It allows users to add their company logo and custom colors, and helps in synchronizing the users of your computer and contact lists.

Interaction Tracking: it provides two modes of interaction ie touch interactions and mouse interactions.  

TeamViewer Support System: Team viewer also provides users with a variety of support systems as per their needs and concerns. These include Instant IT solutions (mainly used by users of personal), corporate IT solutions (for team management), Industrial 4.0 Solutions for industrial purposes.

Instant chat: By enabling the instant chat option, end-to-end encryption secured messages are available.


  1. Download and setup: TeamViewer is light in size hence takes minutes to download, install and setup. It’s available on both windows and macOS.
  • Browser Supported: Since it is browser supported as well, users can now use it as an extension in their web browser and need not download the software. They can use the software by signing up and setting up an account (or they can use it even without an account if they prefer), ie you need not necessarily signup to the software. You just need a connection ID and password to access its features.
  • Mobile App: TeamViewer also has a mobile application which makes its interface super easy and handy to access. The mobile application is easily available on Playstore and Appstore.
  • High Compatibility: Compatible with all major software like Windows, macOS, Linux etc.


Connectivity Issues: TeamViewer requires heavy usage of data, and has to be connected with an active internet connection.

Server Limitations: TeamViewer can not work when connected to proxy servers. Every system has to have the same version of the software which the host computer has.

File Management and Sharing: Users have been facing the problem of sharing heavy and larger files.

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AnyDesk vs TeamViewer

AnyDesk vs TeamViewer

It’s important to look at some key points before taking a decision on which Remote access Software would be the most compatible with your needs.

For corporate sectors and organizations which tend to look for fast navigation, remote server monitoring, remote desktop control, and an interactive dashboard AnyDesk is the best option available in the market.

For users who are using the remote access software for personal uses and works are looking for attributes like secure file transfer and sharing, communication modules, and cloud-based access, etc, for which TeamViewer fits the best in the situation.

PRICE  Rs 9,627/-Rs 16,200/-
OPERATING SYSTEMWindows  macOS  Android  Linux  FreeBSDWindows  MacOS  Android  Linux   iOS & iPadOS   Chrome OS   Windows 10
ORGANIZATION TYPEMid-Market  Enterprise  Start-upsMid-Market  Enterprise  Start-ups  PSUs  Agencies   
TRAININGThrough detailed training manuals and documentationThrough Live Chat Online, Supporting Manuals & In-person


AnyDesk interface provides the users with Quick Commands and better Navigational Properties, and an easy way to able users to share comparatively larger and heavier files.

TeamViewer, on the other hand, provides better Communication tools and works really smoothly for Light File Sharing.  


TeamViewer AES session encryption and end-to-end encrypted chat securities provide additional security. It also enforces a two-step security feature for its sessions.

AnyDesk’s framework also provides users with a secure ecosystem for remote desktop connections. It uses bank-standard TLS 1.2 encryption technology for securing user’s data and RSA 2048 asymmetric key for every session.


TeamViewer has a slight upper hand in terms of compatibility as it supports almost all client versions. 

Whereas, AnyDesk is compatible only with a few versions of Windows.

AnyDesk doesn’t support iPad OS 

TeamViewer is compatible with iOS10 but AnyDesk only supports iOS11 and the later versions.


The starting plan of AnyDesk is priced at around Rs 9,637/year. Whereas, TeamViewer’s single-user plan is worth Rs 1350/month.

Costumer Review For Free Services:

According to a detailed study conducted by us on various genuine customer reviews, we concluded that free services provided by TeamViewer have an edge over that of AnyDesk.

Costumer Review For Paid Services:

Companies prefer AnyDesk in case of the paid services.


As both of the software systems are the leading products in the market of remote access desktop software systems due to their efficient services and user-friendly interface, it is very tough to declare any of the two software as a better one.

Both of the software have their own pros and cons, and their own different ways of setting up, functionality, and, target audience.

After a deep look and research over customer reviews and application reviews, we infer that it all depends upon the consumers that are using the software.

Users should keep in mind their ultimate goal and the end purpose of their organization, their own requirements, and which software suits them the most and fits their pockets the most.

What is remote access desktop software?

Remote access desktop software is software that is used to access a desktop or desktop interface of a remote computer locally.

What is the annual price plan of Anydesk?

Rs 9,627/-

What is the annual price plan or Teamviewer?

Rs 16,200/-

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