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Affiliate Marketing Tools : The Top 17 Options for 2021

Do you want a flexiwork schedule? Do you want from any place you like? If yes then Affiliate Marketing is best option for you and It is time you understand the affiliate marketing tools and be your own boss then.

Everyone loves the concept of working from home or any place of comfort, at a time that is suitable for you. You can’t get that comfort in your 9-5 office job. But if you choose to be an affiliate marketer you are pretty close to the dream of a flexible work schedule.

Being an affiliate marketer is not an easy task if you don’t know the tools well.

We understand the need for the right tool for your desired success. Hence, we will discuss the top 17 affiliate marketing tools that will beat the other digital marketing process and attain the success you deserve.

Top 17 Affiliate Marketing Tools for success in 2021

We have listed down the trending affiliate marketing tools in 2021. However, you must understand that the online world is ever-changing and new tools are coming up every day. It is always best to go with the trends.

1. SEMRush

SEMRush is our pick of the day when it comes to the best tool for affiliate, or rather any kind of online marketing.

So, why SEMRush?

Well, it’s our favorite of course, but not without reason. Whenever it comes to researching a keyword or fixing errors with the SEO of the web content or even studying the competitors, SEMrush has proved to be our best tool.

It is a tool every affiliate marketer must have if they are looking for a high ROI by creating compelling content. When it comes to analyzing your competitor’s data and on-page SEO problems, nothing beats SEMRush in its performance.

How do we use SEMRush in affiliate marketing?

The process of using this tool for your benefit is very simple-

  • Do some search engine research and keyword research by using the tool. If you know the niche of content, it becomes easier to search for the keywords and lookup suitable competitor content in the search engine. Choose only those that have high performance.
  • Once you have published your content after keyword research, monitor the keyword performance of your content daily with the help of SEMRush.
  • Run regular SEO audits with the tool to eliminate issues in your website that can impact your rankings on the search engine.
  • Monitor the press releases.

2. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is our 2nd preference when it comes to SEO advice. We always prefer to add Yoast SEO to all our websites and blogs. It is the best SEO plugin, which when added to a website, delivers newfangled SEO features on every web page.

The features that makes Yoast SEO our favorite are-

  • You can customize your blog meta description and title tagline.
  • There is a scope of customizing the canonical weblink.
  • The tool gives you an opportunity to create and customize sitemaps.
  • There is also an option of customizing meta robots.

The best part about using Yoast SEO for affiliate marketing is that it can be availed for free. However, if you go for a paid package of SEO services, you will receive 24×7 customer service to help you sort various SEO problems. Moreover, the paid option gives you advanced redirect management. Having this redirect manager will help you to manage all the broken pages and even remove the 410 pages. This will help you to improve the search engine results.

3. Grammarly

If you are into content writing or blogging or any similar form of writing on digital platforms, you must have come across Grammarly.

You must be thinking how can Grammarly help with affiliate marketing?

Well, it’s a must-have tool for every marketer, who wishes to attain success with regular content publishing. You need to post strong content regularly on your affiliate’s website if you want your success, and those content have to be error-free. Grammarly is the only spell-checker tool that will help you with perfection.

Grammarly is not only about checking the spellings of what you write. There is more to it.

It makes your content grammatically correct. A grammatically correct with proper spellings can have a lot more impact on your affiliates’ readers.

The majority of the people go for the free version of Grammarly for their regular spelling and grammar checks. But if you want more, for example, advice on sentence framing, synonyms of repetitive words, etc., you must go for Grammarly Premium.

If you are using this tool, we recommend you to download the Grammarly app on your PC or device and also get the web extension for smoother operation.

4. Flippa

If you are starting an affiliate website and want your business to take a leap of success, Flippa is the best solution. It is one of the most essential tools for beginner affiliate marketers.

Flippa serves more as a marketplace for website bidding. Every individual using this platform gets to sell or buy other websites, same as other e-commerce platforms.

If you are an affiliate marketer, Flippa with help in your SEO growth with strong backlinking when you buy a site from it.

However, there are a few points you must note here about buying a backlink-rich website. There had been several incidents where the affiliate marketers got penalized by Penguin’s algorithms update from the previous site owners had black-hat linking practices. You must run a complete backlink audit before you buy a website from Flippa.

5. ShareASale

ShareASale is our favorite resource when we look for an affiliate partnership. Affiliate marketing is all about building relationships and developing a business partnership with other websites for sales purposes.

We confirmed on ShareASales, after testing through a list of affiliates, that includes CJ Impact and Affiliate.

This tool is an excellent tool that helps in connecting advertisers with publishers when they look for a sales drive. The process works very simply as the publisher gets paid for every sales drive they initiate for the advertiser, like making a phone call or lead generation or even the traffic the advisor’s website gets from the marketing activity by the publisher.

You can easily earn quite a high commission on every sale if you coordinate directly with an advertiser. But this tool works a perfect stepping stone if you are new to the affiliate market.

6. Ahrefs – affiliate marketing tools similar to SEMRush

As their banner says, you don’t have to be a pro with affiliate marketing and other SEO techniques to gain high traffic and business. Ahrefs is one of the best affiliate marketing tools we have over here that works very similarly to SEMRush.

Unlike SEMRush, Ahrefs focuses highly on backlinking rather than on-page SEO tactics. when you are using this tool as an affiliate marketer, you will be getting a lot more detailed insight about lost, old, and new backlinks. You can even track the backlinks development of your competitor and note the websites that are linked with your website’s broken pages.

The primary features that makes Ahrefs one of our favorites in this list are-

  • Chance to review lost or old and new backlinks related to your website
  • Opportunity to build new backlinks y reviewing your competitor’s links
  • Distinguish websites that link with your website’s broken pages and reconnect them to the correct webpage.
  • Research the trending content from your competitors in the market that has the best performance. Consider their ideas for content for your web content and give it a new dimension.

Both SEMRush and Ahrefs are great SEO tools. But it’s not really wise for every business to invest in both.

So, who should go for Ahrefs?

We always recommend Ahrefs for affiliate marketers who are in competition with larger websites. Whereas, SEMRush is meant for the market leaders.

If you are not sure which one is ideal for your website, you can get the trial packages of both of these tools and see which one suits you the best. All you need to do is observe how these tools get used by your marketing team to develop strategies. The decisions become simpler after that.

7. Hemingway

Like Grammarly, Hemingway is yet another SEO tool that can help you improve your content or can be used as a tool for reviewing the content. If we consider the version of Ernest Hemingway, this tool is capable of aiding you in simplifying the content you create for your website.

Sounds strange? Of course, when we say you need to write compelling and engaging content, you must have thought of using great terms, poetic language, etc. to make your content attractive.

Well, you must remember while writing content, none of your readers take interest in using a dictionary to understand the meaning of your content. They prefer simple language, to-the-point discussion, and crisp content.

When you have Hemingway, you know how to simplify the complex and compound sentences you write in your article. The tool points out simpler synonyms of difficult words and adverbs that can be replaced.

So, we have covered the tool for your grammar check and simple language. you must have some tool to check for dupe content. After all, search engines reject dupe contents.

Our next tool is all about checking duplicity.

8. Duplichecker

Plagiarism is considered a legal offense in the online world. Hence, if you want your content to be appreciated, we recommend using Duplichecker. Every affiliate marketer must use this for plagiarism checking.

It is a tedious job to keep the authenticity of your content. In fact, for many, this might seem like a breach of trust towards the content monitoring team of the website. But it is always good to check with Duplichecker if you want to rank high in the search engines. Even an accidental plagiarism case can end your website with serious criminal charges.

9. Google AdSense

No discussion in affiliate marketing is complete without understanding Google AdSense.

Of course, you like to earn revenue on every referral. But won’t you like it better if some tools offered more?

Google AdSense offers its users a second source of income along with business scaling opportunities. You need to understand how it works. If you are new to using affiliate marketing tools like AdSense, then this guide will help.

Once you add Google AdSense to your website, it automatically creates several blocks on your website. These blocks are usable by other websites upon payment for advertising purposes. There are different ways to add a payment to your site for every ad displayed on your site-

i. Cost Per thousand Impressions or CPM:

This is a process where you earn a flat amount against every thousand web page views an ad receives. The rate of pay can vary anything between $1-$3 per thousand views of an ad. The amount can increase depending on the niche of ad you choose.

ii. Cost Per Click or CPC:

The concept is very similar to Pay Per Click advertising technology. Google AdSense pays you for every click you receive on an advertisement on your website. The rate of pay per click is variable based on the industry or niche. However, if you need a standard income, a rate of $1 per click or a 1% CTR or click-through rate can be considered a benchmark here.

10. Sumo- one of the affiliate marketing tools for lead conversion

So far we have been discussing driving traffic to your website. Of course, it is necessary to generate more leads. But it is best for your business when those leads to become your customers.

Visitors coming to your website for the first time from your affiliate’s link will of course be hesitant about spending their money and purchasing your product or service.

The best way to grab these business is by selling them your product when they are ready to buy.

Excessive sales push spoils the game.

You need to scale your business slowly by building a strong relationship. And, how do you do that? Create your visitors’ e-mail list. This will help you get repeat clients as well.

Sumo is the key to make that happen. It is the digital marketing tool that not only allows you to drive traffic to your website but also aids in converting them into your customers by capturing their mail id. The tool when installed on your website automatically captures e-mails and creates a database for you.

If you are not convinced of its effectiveness, you can use the free version in the initial stage.

11. WPEngine

Who doesn’t know about WordPress hosting system? Well, WPEngine is the affiliate marketing tool for a website that doesn’t have a strong IT or development background. It offers more than just web hosting benefits.

Though you will find the charges for WPEngine a bit steeper than those of HostGator of GoDaddy, the features you get here, make up for the pricing.


  • Website backups are scheduled regularly such that you get to access the website’s older version when needed.
  • Get a free SSL certificate for every affiliate site they host.
  • Advanced protection or security plan for every website.
  • You get browser caching over here for enhanced website speed

You must remember that website speed is essential even for affiliate marketing purposes.

However, there are other hosting options if you find WordPress to be too expensive-

12. AdThrive

AdThrive is an improved alternative for Google AdSense.

It s fine to start with Google AdSense and earn a dollar or two against per 1000 visitors or clicks. But it is never enough if you want your business to be highly successful.

This tool works with your SEO team and helps in optimizing your advertisements for improved performance. The process is not very difficult but a time-consuming one-

  • They use analytics for understanding the advertisers’ motto and demand for high performing websites.
  • They act on the affiliate process after a thorough study and improve the CTR of your ads.
  • Higher CTR helps in the generation of higher revenue.
  • They always help in outranking your competitors by studying their affiliate techniques.

13. WP-PostRatings

A website’s search engine ranking is highly dependent on the CTR it gets upon displaying the search engine results.

So, how can you boost CTR to your blog or website? By getting ratings.

WP-PostRatings, when added to your website, adds a rating process to the website or blog. When your visitors rate your website, the ratings are displayed in your metadata.

Now when a searcher looks for a blog on a particular niche or based on particular keywords, they will not only come across a keyword-rich meta description, they will also see your rating. Imagine which one will have more impact on the visitors – the blog without rating or the one that has 5-stars?

If you are well-versed with affiliate marketing tools, you can get it done by using Schema Markup. But if you are new to this, you will need to WP-PostRatings.

14. PB SEO Friendly Images as affiliate marketing tools

Pascal Bajorat came up with this brilliant affiliate marketing tool, PB SEO Friendly Images, that helps in reducing your burden of adding an Alt text to every image you add to your content.

When you add PB SEO Friendly Images to your website, you can simply visit the Go-to menu and set the alt text you need adding to your blog images. It works automatically after that. Your images keep getting popular based on their alt text, whereas you can improve your content.

The tool offers other services like, syncing your alt text, overriding the title, etc.

15. Shortcodes Ultimate

What is the difference between a good blog and a great blog? It is the readability factor that makes the difference.

You can improve your blog post by improving the readability. Shortcodes Ultimate will help in intensifying the readability of your article. The website owner can use this tool in developing custom-designs for the blog.

If you fall short of design, refer to the design features listed in the tool menu.

16. Last Modified Timestamp

Revamping your site is the best way of improving your website’s search engine rank. This means you have to keep updating your old website content from time to time.

WordPress websites faced a critical issue with website revamping. The Timestamp plugin often reduces the effects of website revamping. When such issues occurred, viewers came across weird meta description or the publishing date.

The question that prevailed now was that, how can you prevent such occurrence?

We got a solution by using the Last Modified Timestamp plugin. This tool helps in changing the date of publishing back to the last date of modification.

17. Tiny PNG

Did you know your website’s bounce rate goes up by 50% upon every 2 seconds delay in website loading. This will definitely lead to loss of revenue for the website.

So how can you improve your website speed with affiliate marketing tool?

Image Compression with Tiny PNG is an effective process that will help in improving the website speed. When you compress the image on your website, surplus image pixels get removed, reducing the file size. Reduced file size ensures increased website speed, and hence more traffic.

But, a question still prevails here. What kind of picture quality do you get after image compression?

When you compress with Tiny PNG, picture quality remains unhindered.

Final Thoughts on Affiliate Marketing Tools

We have shared a full list of affiliate marketing tools in this article. Having any of these tools with your website will help you get the desired success.

There are other tools that helps affiliate websites to reach to the peak of success-

  • Google Analytics
  • WordPress plugins
  • Google Search Console
  • Insta Page and many more

Each of these have their own contribution towards affiliate marketing success.


What do you understand by affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a sub-category of online marketing that involves the success of your website based on the performance. Here you earn your revenue in form of commission from your affiliate by sharing their website links through your site.

How much can you earn from an affiliate link?

Affiliate marketing typically helps in earning a standard amount of $1-$5 per share or per 1000 visitors to the affiliate website. But the amount varies with the content niche. If you have managed to create compelling content and gathered huge traffic, you can even earn up to $1000 per annum from affiliate marketing, just by working 20-40 hours in a month.

Can anyone do affiliate marketing if they don’t have a website?

To become an affiliate marketer, you don’t have to own a website. You need to understand the affiliate marketing tools that will help drive traffic to your affiliate’s website or use social media marketing technologies to get more audience. The more traffic your affiliate receives, the better commission you can expect from them.

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