I am Bhupendra Lodhi.

I had always wondered how to take a business online and make it a success. I made my breakthrough as I came into the world of blogging in 2017. Through different online marketing strategies, I have grown in the online world. I established my personal blog, https://bhupendralodhi.com on December 1st, 2020. 

We are practicing various methods of digital marketing to enhance our online business. 

I came up with this blog with an intention to share my blogging and online business growth experience in the industry. Here I have published articles about several ways of business development. 

There are various ways to grow your business online if you know the right marketing strategies. That’s why I thought it would be great to share my business development experience with everyone through the internet. You can now learn how to take your business online and the different digital marketing tricks to monetize your website.

How I Started My Blog

When I came into the world of blogging, I tirelessly worked hard towards improving my blog and earning money out of it. But, in a short time understood, more than hard work, I needed a smart plan. 

Thus, began the meticulous planning. I studied the various marketing strategies, worked on my blog’s branding, and figured out the right web design. I had to work on the logo and social media promotions. I needed a business profile for social media interaction. Every started falling in place in due time.

I started my blogging like any other business; I even got a current bank account and registered the website. 

Why did I have to plan things so carefully? 

It was all done to achieve a flawless blog launching. I took the effort to grab the attention of people when I shared my blogs with my friends.

Of course, when I started off with the online business, I had doubts about success. But it did work out nicely, as planned. 

The Bhupendra Lodhi Blog

It was only after a thorough success with the monetization of my blog that I thought of sharing this knowledge with the world. The bhupendralodhi.com platform gets regular updates on digital marketing strategies, the latest trend in the market, how to use each technique to monetize your blog, etc. 

The articles I share over my blog are elaborate. They provide step-by-step guidance on how to take your business online and earn money from it. The articles have been written in simple and easy language so that everyone understands the process smoothly. Once you apply these techniques for your business, you will see it proliferate fast. 

The steps to business development might seem extensive. But when you know them, the application procedure becomes easier. In fact, knowing every step rather than working towards finding them out saves you a lot of time.

Why Did My Blogging Become a Success

Success in blogging is generally time-consuming and discouraging. But once you know the right steps to monetize your blog and get a response, it can be interesting. 

Though it took time to launch them, my blogs were a hit from day one.

Do you want to know why?

I can give you 4 reasons behind the success of my blogging-

  1. I took enough time to learn digital marketing and about myself before I went into the business. So, I knew what I was doing and had the courage I will not leave it midway.
  2. I stopped worrying about the perfect of my blog and its content when I launched it.
  3. I gave my name in the blog for personal branding, and it worked well to keep me at the forefront.
  4. I told my family and friends about my blog only when I started making a good amount of money from the blog. Since my friends and family were not aware of this, I never had to worry about getting dismissed by them. That could not have been very encouraging otherwise.

My Success Story

While you come across professional accomplishments and services while reading others’ “About Us” page, I like to keep it a bit different. I prefer to tell people about my success story. 

I believe everyone can earn high with an online business. I learned the techniques working hard. But you can follow my success story and grasp the knowledge faster.

When I started blogging in 2017, I had already gathered a considerable amount of knowledge about digital marketing, e-business, content writing, etc. I was prepared to use this information to start my business and take it high.

I got used to the expansion of my blogging business. I was making good money in less than a year. The trick was very simple. I delivered strong content and created an attractive design to grab my readers’ attention. 

I wanted to create a platform where people could engage themselves and learn. Slowly the social media marketing techniques paid off. 

I slowly understood I could make a difference if I spread my knowledge in the online field instead of holding them to myself. Hence, I finally thought of starting this blog. My years of learning gave me the courage to start a personal blog and influence people.

When I started this blog, I had put in all my knowledge about digital marketing and online business development. By now, I already knew the tools that would help me with success. It didn’t take me much time to use the tools and SEO techniques to get the target audiences’ attention.

I faced limitations with a different blogging platform and finally confided in WordPress. On the 1st of September 2020, I finally launched this blog for my readers. I engaged in affiliate marketing techniques to earn from commissions right from the start.

I have started this blog with an approach to entrepreneurship. The start-up approach towards a blog is a proven way to a successful blog. 

From the very beginning, I had planned to scale the business, like other start-ups. Of course, I couldn’t invest 100% time in it, so I had to try the most effective technique to earn from day one.

I understand that the online market is a competitive platform for a blogger. But I wanted people to look at my blog like a start-up rather than just a regular blog.

To scale my blog in the start mode, I took a detour from the standard blogging route. I was not following the regular path of writing, promotion, or content sharing. I had my full focus on how I scale the business.

My scaling techniques had three major goals to accomplish-

  1. Building a Domain Authority by obtaining backlinks
  2. Stimulating the organic growth of my blog traffic
  3. monetizing my website in 3 months

6 Months of Scaling Up for The Perfect Blog

I may have launched this blog recently, but the preparatory phase began six months back. The 6-months phase of scaling the blog consisted of hard work towards gathering all my knowledge and incorporating them into its preparation.

In these 6 months, I followed these 6 steps-

  1. I created and instigated my website through WordPress, added a few pillar-blogs to it, and finally, set the e-mail marketing funnel to it.
  2. In the second step, I looked out for freelancers to contribute with content with e-mail outreaching techniques. I got a few companies for outsourcing my content as guest posts.
  3. I aggressively outsourced unique content and encouraged guest posting so that I can publish them instantly upon launching. It will help me build the backlinks I require.
  4. By now, the backlinking got my blog posts to the 2nd or 3rd page of Google. So, now I am investing in making my blogs SEO-friendly and compete with my competitors.
  5. The SEO activities helped me to increase my Google rank further page 1. Then I started adding the affiliate links for monetizing the blog.
  6. The final step is all about repeating the activities from step 2-5. Each time, I need to add fresh content and stay updated with the latest technologies.

I had worked astoundingly so far. In less than a month, I have started earning a good number of backlinks and handsome money. The amount is sure to grow exponentially if I repeat the process.

I can easily check my growth curve with the WordPress analytics present with the website’s admin profile. The metrics look very promising. I can meet my expectations in no time. 

You can do it as well. 

You can also start your blog like me and start earning about $20,000 a month in 6-9 months. You just need to follow the footstep of an entrepreneur.

My Goal from The Blog

I started my blog to spread the knowledge I gathered about blogging in 3 years. I have shared all my knowledge on this platform. I was given detailed information on vast marketing techniques and how to start as an entrepreneur. My blog will keep all the readers updated with all the latest techniques.

My goal is to help you grow as an entrepreneur in the online market. The plan doesn’t end there. The ultimate objective is to let everyone enjoy what they deserve – the freedom to time. 

How would you like to earn millions every year without working too hard for it? 

Blogging can take you to that range. It is just the initial hard work and scaling up of your business. You will always get your money from time to time from affiliate marketing and guest posting. 

When I say without working, I don’t really mean you give up on your blogging. You have to invest in some time to it daily to maintain your SERP. Optimize your site regularly to hold your position. Stay updated about your competitors to ensure your content is strong enough. 

When you try to take your business online, it is essential to keep your readers engaged at all times. Your website will cease to make money if you are not updating it regularly with new blogs. You can always outsource content but do it regularly.

When I started my blogging career, I didn’t get this handholding. But I want to do it for others. I have documented my blogging journey and added all step-by-step guidance to build a strong blog. If you are following them, success is sure to follow you.

I know the majority of the bloggers consider blogging as their side-job. Most of us have a full-time job, aside from blogging. But you can earn more than your full-time job with blogging. I will share all the latest strategies and marketing tools on this platform to ease the path of earning and hasten the process.

Furthermore, I love connecting with budding bloggers. I feel I can help them with their ascent with the knowledge I gathered from my years of struggle. 

Staying Updated

You will come across many influencer podcasts who started blogging 5-10 years back and are successful now. If they have written about how they started their blogs and gained success, it is now an old story. 

There are new approaches to blogging now, and you need to stick to the trend to grow fast. 

Staying updated with the latest technologies and marketing strategies is the only way to hold your Google rank position. I intend to publish new content every week with prevailing blogging strategies.

Blogging with Me

Do you want to know more about digital marketing and blogging? Do you want to learn how to monetize your website or blog in no time? 

Stay tuned to my blog https://bhupendralodhi.com

I will update my website with blogs on the latest digital marketing trends, tools to find the perfect keyword, and step-by-step guidance to set up your website. 

If you follow my blog posts regularly for some time, you are sure to get an idea to prepare your own blog and make money out of it.

If you want to discuss more about me and how I got my current success, reach out to me at Email Address: bhupendralodhi729@gmail.com

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